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Ginga Force Equipments GuidePermalink

This guide is an attempt to explain the various equipments available in Ginga Force. The game provides a wide array of equipments, and the strategical choice of equipments is one of the enjoyments of this game. That's the reason I wrote this guide in hope that it would be of some help for players without a knowledge of Japanese language.

Feel free to draw any material in this guide if you are going to write guides / solutions for this site (but not for other sites, please).

Don't get overwhelmed by the amount of materials here. You won't need this if you were playing the game without problem. If you got stuck and want to consider your equipments, this guide is for you.

Earning CRs(credits)

Equipments need to purchased at the Parts Shop to equip them. By playing chapters, you'll earn the in-game currency CRs to purchase equipments.

There are a couple of ways to earn these CRs quickly. First, finishing a chapter in story mode for the first time gives you a good amount of CRs. This can be done for each difficulty. Also, training simulators (chapter X and Y) usually gives better CRs than normal chapters if you can go level 20 or further.

Unlock Conditions

Unless an equipment is available for purchase from the beginning, each equipments have some conditions to unlock them. In Parts Shop, the locked equipments shows unlock conditions rather than the comments of the equipments.

Most of these conditions can be divided into the following two types. If you understand these, it won't be hard to see the conditions even without a knowledge of Japanese language.

1. Finish a certain chapter on a certain difficulty (or harder). For example, Heavy Ion Gun (the 2nd of the Main Weapons) is unlocked by finishing chapter 4 on easy (or harder) difficulty. Because this condition specifies only 2 things, the difficulty and the chapter, I suppose it's fairly easy to tell the condition.

2. Owning the equipment one level below of the same class. For example, Beam Machinegun (the 7th of the Main Weapons) requires you to have purchased Mini Beam Machinegun (the 6th). You'll also see that Beam Machinegun also has the requirement of finishing chapter 7 on easy (or harder).

This condition is also easy to tell from a lot of question marks stating the condition.

Recommended Weapons

If you are playing your first playthrough in easy difficulty, then the weapons unlocked by finishing a chapter is often the recommended weapon for the next chapter. Especially, if a newly unlocked main weapon is sold at 1,000 CR, that's the weapon this game recommends for use in the following chapter. It might not be the best choice, but still a good choice so don't miss it.

Equipments List

Most of the equipments are of a part in a series of equipments with similar aspects. This guides shows such equipments collectively as a class, and don't go into detail on each equipment in the class. In such cases, only names of the equipments are shown. Usually, equipments in a same class has similar properties. Unless stated otherwise, you can just compare the parameters to see the difference between them.

The names of the equipments are directly translated from their Japanese names, so some might sound a bit strange in English (^^

Unlock conditions are omitted when they are of a combination of the 2 types described earlier.

Main Weapon

In this game, main weapons consume energy with time. In other words, they consume energy whether they are firing or not. So without supplying energy with power-chips, the main weapon will run out of energy eventually. They can still attack without energy, but much less effective.

Also to be noted is that weapons deal more damage while it has more energy in stock. So it's best to keep the energy level as high as possible, but that's not an easy task usually.

Each main weapons are rated with 3 parameters.

1. Attack: how strong the weapon is.
2. Fire Rate: rate of fire.
3. Energy Efficiency: if this parameter is high, the weapon costs less energy to operate.
(NOTE: if you had a glimpse of earlier version of this document, it might be saying the opposite. That's wrong and current comment is correct)

Ion Gun (class)
Indicated by blue weapon icon with 2 upright arrows. Ion Gun shoots straight forward with rapid rate of fire. A standard type of main weapon. The 1st weapon of this class is the initial main weapon when you start the Story Mode.

1. Ion Gun
2. Heavy Ion Gun
3. Ion Blaster
4. Heavy Ion Blaster
5. Demolish Ion Blaster

Beam Machine-Gun (class)
Indicated by purple weapon icon with 3 arrows. Has a slightly wider firing arc than Ion Guns. Also the attack value is higher, but with lower rate of fire.

1. Mini Beam Machine Gun
2. Beam Machine Gun
3. Heavy Beam Machine Gun
4. Bee Hive Beam Machine Gun

Beam Cannon (class)
Indicated by blue weapon icon with a broad arrow. Fires a very powerful shot, but the rate of fire is extremely low.

1. Beam Cannon
2. Heavy Beam Cannon
3. Genocide Cannon
4. Heavy Genocide Cannon

Laser Gun (class)
Indicated by blue weapon icon with an arrow. Fires laser straight forward. The laser is capable of penetrating enemies/objects for a certain degree.

1. Laser Gun
2. Heavy Laser Gun
3. Pierce Laser
4. Heavy Pierce Laser

Wave Blaster (class)
Indicated by purple weapon icon with wavy arrow. Shoots a special shot that penetrates all objects. Note that this weapon can penetrate some special enemy attacks which usually blocks our attack.

1. Wave Blaster
2. Heavy Wave Blaster
3. Penetrate Wave

Spread Missile (class)
Indicated by green weapon icon showing missile. Shoots a powerful missile forward. The blast has penetration capability.

1. Spread Missile
2. Heavy Spread Missile
3. Megaton Spread Missile

Cluster Alpha Omega
Unlocks: finish chapter Y on easy or higher. Price: 100,000CR
Red weapon icon.
This weapon has a special property that enables to recover energy quickly, indicated by its excellent Energy Efficiency rating.

Eschatos Front Shot
Unlocks: having any Eschatos achievement. Price: 10CR
Blue weapon icon, the same as Ion Gun class.
This is the front shot of FV-30MZ Arcum, the plane of Eschatos.

Sub Weapon

Unlike main weapons, sub weapons consumes energy only when they are firing. So you can 'rest' them by not firing them.

Sub weapons have slightly different parameters shown than the main weapons.

1. Attack: same as main weapon.
2. Attack Area: how wide the area covered by this sub weapon is.
3. Energy Efficiency: same as main weapon.

Beam Smartgun (class)
Indicated by blue weapon icon with 2 angled arrows. Fires in wide arc in front of the plane. A standard sub weapon. You have the 1st weapon of this class equipped when you start the Story Mode.

1. Sub Beam Smartgun
2. Beam Smartgun
3. Heavy Beam Smartgun
4. Beam Smart Rifle
5. Heavy Beam Smart Rifle

Shotgun (class)
Indicated by blue weapon icon with 5 short arrows. Fires powerful shots in wide arc, but has limited attack range.

1. Shotgun
2. Heavy Shotgun
3. Cluster Shotgun

Homing Missile (class)
Indicated by green weapon icon with winding missile. Fires guided missiles that blasts upon impact.

1. Homing Missile
2. Heavy Homing Missile
3. Advanced Homing Missile
4. Divine Sword "Mitsurugi"

Tracking Beam (class)
Fires beam guided to enemy. Has high rate of fire and tracking ability. You can try the 1st one (Scorpio) by picking Type-C plane at simulator or Score Attack. As these 2 sub weapons have non-standard unlock conditions, additional info is shown.

1. Tracking Beam Scorpio
Unlocks: finish chapter X on easy or higher. Price: 20,000CR
2. Tracking Beam Gemini
Unlocks: finish chapter Y on easy or higher. Price: 30,000CR

Bumper Buster (class)
Indicated by yellow weapon icon with 2 arrows towards right and left. Fires shots sideways. Since it can't cover front areas, this sub weapon is mainly used for special missions.

1. Bumper Buster Inline
2. Bumper Buster Harmonica
3. Bumper Buster Divider

Cross Gun (class)
Indicated by yellow weapon icon with 4 arrows. Fires towards 4 directions diagonally.

1. Cross Gun
2. Heavy Cross Gun
3. Cross Destroyer

Option Bit (class)
Indicated by green weapon icon. Equip optional attacking units on sides of your plane. This enables you to attack while charging special weapons or using a shield. Type B plane at the simulator or Score Attack has the 2nd of this class equipped.

1. Option Bit - Double
2. Option Bit IV - Quadro
3. Option Bit - Double 2
4. Option Bit IV - Quadro 2

Special Weapon

Special weapons work in a slightly different way than main / sub weapons. They use the SP gauge when in use and this SP gauge will recover by time, not by collecting power chips. Each special weapon class has their own unique characteristics and weapons in a same class can have some specific properties, so I'd like to comment on each weapons.

Having wide variety in mechanics, the choice of special weapons can greatly affect the characteristics of your plane.

1. Power: the effectiveness of the special weapon. The actual meaning varies with special weapon classes.
2. Effective Area: how wide the area covered by this special weapon is.
3. Energy Efficiency: same as other weapon type.

Unlocks: equipped initially.
Forms a shield in front of your plane. The most basic defensive equipment.

Counter Shield
Unlocks: available initially. Price: 18,000CR
In addition to the ability of Shield, Counter Shield can shoot back some of the enemy bullets it absorbed.

Counter Shield II
Unlocks: purchase Counter Shield. Price: 60,000CR
In addition to the ability of Counter Shield, this upgraded version have the auto-barrier ability. Auto-barrier works when you are activating the shield and have 25% or more remaining.
(Note: I'm not sure whether this 25% means the durability of the shield or the SP gauge. Perhaps the former.)

Type-A plane at the simulator or Score Attack has this equipment.

Charge Bomb
Unlocks: finish chapter 2 on easy or higher. Price: 8,000CR
Fires a bomb. You can charge it by holding the special weapon button, making its attack area larger.

Heavy Charge Bomb
Unlocks: purchase Charge Bomb. Price: 48,000CR
In addition to the ability of Charge Bomb, this has auto-barrier which activates when you have charged 25% or more.

Ultimate Charge Bomb
Unlocks: purchase Heavy Charge Bomb. Price: 80,000CR
In addition to the ability of Heavy Charge Bomb, this can enlarge by consuming enemy bullets. I haven't used this SP weapon much, so not very sure how this exactly works :P

Type-B plane at the simulator or Score Attack has this equipment.

Half Slow
Unlocks: finish chapter 8 on easy or higher. Price: 8,000CR
With activation, slow the flow of time around you by half. Note that this is equal to doubling your speed, effectively equals to having double DPS (damage per second).

Clearly Half Slow
Unlocks: purchase Half Slow. Price: 30,000CR
Same effect as Half Slow, but without the blurring effect. Note that this consumes slightly more energy than Half Slow.

Quarter Slow
Unlocks: finish chapter 3 on hard and purchase Clearly Half Slow. Price: 50,000CR
Slow the flow of time around you to one fourth. Unfortunately this one has blurring effect.

Unlocks: finish chapter 8 on hard and purchase Quarter Slow. Price: 200,000CR
Completely stop the time flow around you, with blurring effect.

Shell Shield
Not sure about the unlock condition of this. Seeing from the question mark count, supposedly the purchase of Counter Shield II unlocks this. Price is 40,000CR.

Forms a shield covers all direction. Please note that this doesn't mean Shell Shield is better than Counter Shield II in all aspects. Counter Shield II is much more durable than Shell Shield, so in scenes where you cut through the bullet hell with shield, this hardness can make difference.

Shell Shield II
Unlocks: finish chapter 7 in normal or higher and purchase Shell Shield.
Improved the durability of Shell Shield by tightening the area of effect.


Engine is quite a simple parts, it has 1 to 3 speed level which can be changed by pressing the speed change button. The parameters show the speed of each level. Since the speeds directly affects your plane's behavior, I recommend to try as many engines as you can afford.

Totally unrelated to the gameplay, each engine are named after winged deities / legendary beasts.

Tri-Engine Suzaku : speed 20-40-60
From Chinese legends, although pronouncing this as Suzaku is a Japanese reading.

Duo-Engine Bennu: speed 30-60
From Egyptian mythos.

Tri-Engine Yatagarasu: speed 43-49-55
From Japanese mythos.

Duo-Engine Horus: speed 50-75
From Egyptian mythos.

Uni-Engine Wyvern: speed 50
Western fantasies?

Uni-Engine Dragon Wing: speed 100
Western lores?

Extra Item

Extra items provides passive upgrades for your plane and produce effects automatically. Even they're not flashy like weapons, these are very important and a correct choice of extra items is of the same importance as picking up appropriate weapons.

Target Marker
Unlocks: equipped initially.
This item marks the primary target to destroy in the chapter. Until you get familiar with the course of events in a chapter, this item will become a good guide.

HP Display
Unlocks: available initially. Price: 50,000CR
This item shows HPs of every destructive enemies/objects. This is also very useful to understand the structure of levels, but the high price tag might make you think twice before buying it. You can try this out by choosing Type-C ship in training simulators or score attack mode.

Jamming Unit
Unlocks: finish chapter 1 on easy or higher. Price: 30,000CR
Makes your plane harder to detect from hostile radars. I haven't used this, so can't provide details. Note that the use of this item will forfeit the secret achievement of chapter 2.

Unlocks: finish chapter 6 on easy or higher. Price: 80,000CR
Allows you to collide with friendly units. I don't know how it works. As this unlocks by finishing chapter 6 on any difficulty, it might be supposed to be used in chapter 7.

Unlocks: finish chapter 4 on easy or higher. Price: 90,000CR
Destroys rocks or boulders that hit you. Obviously, this item is intended for the use at chapter 5, but for its high price not many people will actually buy this immediately, I suppose.

Power-chip Auto Collect
Unlocks: finish chapter 5 on normal or higher. Price: 80,000CR
While equipping this item, power-chips are automatically picked up without getting close to them.

Nn% Reduction on Energy Consumption (class)
This class of items reduces the energy consumed by your main and sub weapons for the stated amount. I'm not sure whether equipping multiple items of this class has cumulative effects.

Nn% Reduction on SP Consumption (class)
This class of items reduces the SP gauge consumption of special weapons for the stated amount.

Nn% Reduction on Energy and SP Consumption (class)
As its name suggests, reduce both weapon energy and SP consumption with a single part.

Seemingly unlocks by purchasing both of the energy reduction equipment and SP reduction equipment of a certain level. I suppose buying both of 20% energy / SP reductions will unlock 10% reduction of this class and both of 30% energy / SP reduction will unlock 20%, but not sure.

Shell Collector
Unlocks: finish chapter 2 on hard. Price: 120,000CR
Converts enemy bullets erased by special weapons to CRs.

Unlocks: finish chapter 5 on easy or higher. Price: 10,000CR
While equipping this item, you can automatically collect CRs on the screen by just releasing both weapon buttons. You can try this equipment with Type-C on simulator or Score Attack.

Unlocks: finish chapter 7 on hard and purchase Capture. Price: 30,000CR
While equipping this item, CRs are automatically picked up without getting close to them.

Time Extend (class)
This item extends the time allowed to finish in-chapter missions for the stated amount of seconds. The timer for such missions is displayed at the top-left corner of the screen. If you find difficult to meet time limits, this class of items might worth trying.

Unlocks: play Story Mode for more than 10 hours. Price: 20,000CR
Removes the slowing modifiers for diagonal movements (translated directly). I'm not sure what this exactly mean, but I felt my plane a bit agile when I equipped this.

Note that the playing time only counts actual playing time in missions, and also, only Story Mode counts. You can check your playing time at Story Mode - Report. The bottom line shows your total playing time.

Vectored Thruster
Unlocks: play Story Mode for more than 20 hours. Price: 20,000CR
Allows you to 'swing' your weapons' firing direction by moving right or left.

Unlocks: available initially Price: 20,000CR
Equipping this item adds 1 to your life count at the start of play. This extra life is given in addition to life extends you've earned in your previous playthroughs on a particular chapter.

Different name, but has exactly the same effect as Supporter.

Bubble Plate
Unlocks: available initially. Price: 60,000CR
Adds 2 to your life count.

Unlocks: play Story Mode for more than 30 hours. Price: 300,000CR
Makes your plane invincible. While equipping this, scores and some of the achievements are disabled.

I don't know which achievements are disabled while equipping this. At least, hard difficulty Story Mode clear achievement unlocks with this, and it can also satisfy equipments unlock conditions, so I don't think there's much to worry about the 'disabling' of achievements.


This equipment changes the color of your plane. No additional effects.

Not interested? Unfortunately, the visual of this game is not designed well enough that it's quite easy to lose track of your plane. Choosing a good color for each stage will be of some use there. At least, I'd recommend to have one bright color and one dark color, after you have some money to spare.

This is the end of the list.
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