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After weeks of getting nothing more than the odd 10XP for starting Fifa 12, and the odd piece of genius by my Virtual Pro, EA seem to have fixed the XP system and its raining the stuff. Sliders up and TV's on, its a daily orgy of XP on route to the stupid mosaic.

Apart from that EA you're still a bunch of cocks.
Talking of cocks that 80's classic by Dead or Alive will never be the same, scarred for life I am. For those not acquainted with the 80's classic Hitman can sort you out with a link.

Moving swiftly on or around and around (like a record), the UK relationship with the rest of the world has taken a dip this month. Adding to the current list of Australia, Italy & France, we can now add Brazil, Holland & The Swamplands of America.

Apparently hating on Brazil for having shit internet connections gets you banned from Xbox Live, whilst having a shit internet connection and ruining the gaming experience for the rest of the world is quite frankly OK.
Communications have broken down completely will the poor part of Belgium, this may be part of Belgiums ethnic cleansing policy, although after reading Urban Dictionary last night, clearly there needs to be some sort of cleansing going on. We in the UK just flush it, but these guys are creative as hell. Sick as well.
And finally we upset the Gravey man from the Swamplands of the US. Who spent 5 minutes raging at us because we found his hiding spot on Bad Company. We were using the Party Glitch, the one where you talk to each other. Not sure what's wrong about talking but I guess when your having sex with your Mum no words are needed. Well suck it up inbred!!!

Homefront online, It's still buggered - bastards.

Multiplayer Completions for April
Ms Splosion Man, Fuel, Far Cry 2, F1 Race Stars & Darksiders II

Whats in Store for May on the MP front
Fifa12, Reach, TDU2, F1 2011, NFS Shift, Table Tennis, RF Guerilla, Ace Combat

Looking to start soon:

Ace Combat Assault Horizon (Co-op Mainly)
Bioshock 2
Crackdown (Co-op)
Dante's Inferno (Co-op Trials)
Dirt 3
Happy Wars
Texas Hold'em
The Bigs 2
Too Human

In Process:
Bad Company
Fifa 12
Halo Reach
Red Faction Guerilla
MOH Warfighter

As a final note, I am informed by Hitman that if you get moved on by the council and need to find a new roundabout to park on, you will need your Sky dish re-aligning. Wise words my Pikey friend, wise words indeed!!
Posted by ukinspro on 30 April 13 at 11:11
Jalalabad CBoy Mosaic - played 10 games and fell asleep. Probably my own fault for playing it to the soundtrack of Last of the Summer Wine.

And don't bad mouth the Belgians. The guys are kings of Europe. They are basically a field between Germany, Holland and France for periodical fighting, and someone conned the European nations into being run by a "banana must have the same angle as my dad's cock" rule or else the court of human rights will lick out a Serb. I admire these guys. And back onto FIFA, their footie team suddenly looks good after grabbing a slave boat on its way to the Nestle factory.

The problem with Brazil is that it is a jungle out there, unless you have a Brazilian.


Yeah, Kelvin has been ignoring me too. I asked if he wants to boost a couple of games and had no reply.
Posted by Jalalabad CBoy on 30 Apr 13 at 18:01
LGS I Hitman ^ Shut up pikey
Posted by LGS I Hitman on 30 Apr 13 at 19:02
Jalalabad CBoy Shrek-n-Roll Delisted From XBLA
Posted by Jalalabad CBoy on 30 Apr 13 at 19:06