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PermalinkSo, PS4 or Xbox One?
First, let's talk about price. Yes, PS4 is $100 cheaper, but I love my peripherals and buying a PS4 means I will likely end up purchasing a Vita, the Eye and some Move controllers as well, so in the end if I buy a PS4, I'm more likely to spend more money in the long run then I would on the Xbox One. For both I'll end up buying controllers and a headset, but with the Xbox One, it comes with the Kinect and I have a tablet for a second screen. So Xbox One wins this one, for me personally, in terms of price of hardware. I'll talk more about software later.

Second, let's talk about motion control. I know most people don't care, but motion controls are important to me. I haven't tried the Move, but if it is similar to the Wii controls I'm not really interested. My wife and I would get a lot more out of the Kinect, not only because of the full motion captured by Kinect, but also because we use voice controls a lot. So again, this round goes to Xbox One.

Third, let's talk about the controllers. To be honest, I probably would have preferred the PS3 this gen if it weren't for its crappy controller. The new one looks better and I probably need to try it before I decide, but I am so used to the Xbox controller and like how it works so much (I just picked up a wired one to use with my Nexus 7) so, again, Xbox One wins this round.

Fourth, let's talk about software price. I am very worried about the price of software on the Xbox One, especially with how difficult it will be to trade and sell games. PS4 would win this hands down if it weren't for one small point: I have a ton of MS points. Although those MS points are going away, MS stated that the amount it is worth will be credited to my account. That means I have around $400 tied to my account to spend on Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles (since I got a ton of MS points during the Microsoft Store fire sale). In this case I'm a little torn, but I'm leaning toward Xbox one winning since I don't see myself spending all my MSP on 360 content alone.

Fifth, let's talk about the cloud. I am super hyped for cloud computing on the Xbox One, I think it could have amazing potential. The only problem is, how many developers will actually utilize it? I think devs that are creating Xbox exclusives will definitely use it, but I'm worried that third-party devs won't take advantage of it. PS4 on the other hand has Gaikai and since I've never own a Sony console I would definitely stream the older games before starting the new PS4 titles in the franchise. So, for this one I am torn. Tie for MS and Sony.

Sixth, let's talk about games. For the Xbox One I am excited for Crimson Dragon (loved Panzer Dragoon Orta back in the day and have been waiting for this for a while), Halo, Quantum Break, Project Spark and Titanfall. For the PS4 I am super excited for Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XV, Transistor and I guess Killzone and Second Son look cool too. It looks about even, but the fact that PS4 allows self-publishing means there will likely be a lot of arcade games that I'd be interested in compared to the Xbox One. Having said that, if you know my wife, then you know how much she loves Halo, so to go to a console without Halo, I'd need a damn good reason. This one again I'll count as a tie then.

There's more I could talk about (like how PS+ and Xbox Live are starting to even out, with PS+ being necessary to play online and Xbox Live finally offering free games or how my achievements carry over to the Xbox One, while I'd be starting fresh with trophies on the PS4). However, I think the last thing I'll focus on is the reason I even wrote this blog in the first place (if you've read up to here it looks like I should buy an Xbox One hands down), the big things that Sony did right: being able to trade games with friends, being able to play offline, being able to sell and trade games wherever and whenever and of course, being able to play games after the console cycle has ended and the servers have closed.

I trade games quite a bit right now, mainly because of the AHPM since I'm signed up for Viral games. If I stopped caring about my gamerscore so much this wouldn't be a problem, but lets be honest, if I stick with Xbox One, then I'll probably still care about achievements. Being able to play offline isn't a huge deal for me right now, but in the future if I travel a lot I can see this being a problem. What I'm most worried about is what will happen after the servers all close for the Xbox One, will I still be able to play my games? To be honest, it probably isn't as big of a deal as I make it out to be, since I have a ton of old Xbox games and I never play them (but that might be because they don't have achievements, I'm sure I'll play the 360 for a while after the next gen consoles come out). I guess I'd just liked to have the option to play them if I wanted to, which PS4 guarantees and the XBO can't. The final point then is used games, basically both have said it is up to the publisher so I see this being fairly even in terms of actual fees, Sony does win overall though because Xbox One game retailers have to be authorized, so I might not be able to buy used games on eBay or goHastings, that often have good deals and I'm worried that the lack of retailers selling used Xbox One games will mean higher game prices (as I mentioned earlier). So, in this regard, Sony blows MS out of the water. These aspects alone make up for all the other shortcomings of the PS4, tying it up with the Xbox One in my eyes.

Basically, I'm pretty torn between the two, not sure which one I'll get. I might just buy a PS4 because they're standing up for the rights of the gamer and I want to support that, but I want to make a careful informed decision, so I will take my time. Any thoughts and feedback are welcome.
Posted by BlinkFandangoII on 11 June 13 at 06:35
BlinkFandangoII Just found out the PS4 is region free. That might shift me more towards their camp. Means you can buy games from wherever you want. I am also hoping it plays blu-ray movies from wherever I want too.
Posted by BlinkFandangoII on 11 Jun 13 at 14:52