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PermalinkMultiplayer Madness - Yeah I'm Mad, Bro!!!
Been an eventful few weeks on the multiplayer front, some progress and some progress halted!!!

Crackdown, Dirt 3, Fifa 12, Red Faction, Stuntman Ignition all banished completely or down to some Single Player action left. Test Drive Unlimited 2 all boosting done, just a bit of legit Poker left.

Less than 16 hours of idle boosting remain and this Hackers Dream is just a bad distateful memory. Thanks to my 2nd xbox, been doing a sterling job while I play other equally shit games.

Test Drive Unlimited 2
About 3 more poker tournaments and all emotes should be unlocked. This game has to be full of the some of the worst and most stupid players ever to pick up a pack of cards. From the moron who Folds every hand and once in a blue moon places a bet. The idea of bluffing seems to be lost on these idiots. Then the even worse players who fold even more hands hoping that they can survive to the latter stages by never playing a hand. I'm no card player but 6 tournaments and $5.2m the better it ain't rocket science.
Duel Emote anyone??? (Not you Chadwick, even I have standards)

Current games for Multiplayer action

Wolfenstein - Most the random shit has been organised around our Sugary Friend - Your Fired!!
The long grind of Weapon Kills and XP remain once a few more objectives are knocked Out.

Dirt Showdown - Latest addition to active games, really not sure what all the hate is about for this game, actually enjoying the different game modes and pace of the whole thing, still gets to be a bit of a grind but what Dirt game hasn't been. Special Thanks to WinsGrandPrix for setting me some easy challenges.

Bad Company - Well this has finally gone to shit. Some of us finished, plenty of kills still remain for others, but far more manageable than a month or so back. We could blame the Afghan but on the basis we never helped him, there is not much justification here. So how about the American, not much point either, he's still coming to terms with the fact there are other countries outside of the States. So the blame most be apportioned to Northern Part of England. After finishing his kills, he's been celebrating non stop, you try and get a jar of Peanut butter north of Birmingham, not a chance, like rocking horse shit. Cadbury's have put on extra staff so hoping for a return to normal soon for Snickers manufacturing.
A little mention for Wisegurl also, never had a good session yet!! She joins session goes to shit, don't buy Lotto tickets with your luck, she could enter a raffle on her own and still lose.

There is one thing I will miss about shit sessions and that is crashing servers. Has no benefit to your kills, wastes your evening night after night, and yet never ever gets boring. If it could be made into a game or an achievement then I'd buy. It's usually followed by a torrent of abuse from randoms, which only adds to the entertainment.
Bad Company Game 2 ot of 10 for entertainment
Fucking up everyone else's game - Game of the Year 10/10

New Games added to future Multiplayer
Forza Horizon
Unreal Tournament 3 (Will I ever learn)

Working on Next

Don't care, I'll play anything I have. Note - anything I have before some twat says Quake 4.
The plan is to have every multiplayer achievement done (apart from new games to be released) before the Xbox No One is released. Then I can blissfully play single player whilst MS bend the rest of you over shouting "Now Then, Now Then, How's about That".
I look forward to when they name Rolf Harris. Can Imagine his line to the kids. "Can you guess what it is yet!!!"
Posted by ukinspro on 20 June 13 at 15:12
Jalalabad CBoy So when are you starting Quake?
Posted by Jalalabad CBoy on 20 Jun 13 at 17:35
LGS I Hitman AVP?
Posted by LGS I Hitman on 20 Jun 13 at 17:39
Opto Jock Coming to terms? I still think you guys are full of shit.
Posted by Opto Jock on 20 Jun 13 at 17:47
Jalalabad CBoy MLB World Series. Fail.
Posted by Jalalabad CBoy on 20 Jun 13 at 18:29
Ghostlywoofs The snickers are all mine but i sent a few new brands your way.
Posted by Ghostlywoofs on 20 Jun 13 at 18:29
Ghostlywoofs Oh and when u starting Quake 4
Posted by Ghostlywoofs on 20 Jun 13 at 18:31