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Ok microsoft did pretty good with reversing their stand even though they only did it not for the reasons they should have.Putting that aside for a moment.Will take a closer look what this means.First off it's good we got the ability to play our games offline back with no check ins.Sure most of us play online even when we do single player.It is nice to have that option back for us.I'm sure plenty of us gamers are rejoicing.Even if they hadn't back tracked on this I could of lived with it.

Now the 2nd part the ability to sell and play used games freely.This is a major victory and more importantly the more important one.To be able sell,rent,borrow,etc without fees to play used games.Considering their is alot of us who play used games or at the very least let our friends borrow our games.Otherwise they would of bent us over so they could charge us for everything.Only giving us freebies when they wanted to.

Onto the bad part of the changes.As much as I bitched bout what they did prior to the changes.They had some good ideas that I wish they had kept.This next part is as I understand and I may misunderstood what they were saying.The ability to download a game from a disc and no longer needing the disc and being able to share the game.Which by the way at the very least they should of done this with the 360.You download the game and bam even if the game gets scratched up to hell you can still play w/o it.But sadly to give us what we wanted they decided to axe this feature.Which is a shame it truly is.

Then we have what I also understood as a user marketplace.So we can sell the games and what not.That would of been good to a extent.Since most gamers are a whole lot more in touch with what a used games price should be than alot of others.But this feature wasn't worth giving up used games or borrowing games.But it would of been a interesting feature none the less.

Though in typical Microsoft fashion they are like we will give you what you want since you spoke our language but it will cost you.The reason they will say is cause of the no always on feature that is why they cut them.Sure the transferring a downloaded game to a friend would needed a net connection or always on.But downloading a game to your console shouldn't. I'm sure if they were clever enough they could gave us a user marketplace so we could sell one another games and such.But again that would require them caring for us as customers and not the almighty buck.To give us the best console experience possible without making us bending over for the pleasure.

I wish to touch on one more topic in this before I close.Before they changed I hardly saw anyone supporting what they did.Yet after they changed it back to what it should of been from the get go.I see them all come out of the wood work.Saying stuff like the trolls and whiners complained now they set us backwards in gaming.Ummm Hello they didn't listen to them.They listened to the money and they saw that the previous set up wasn't gonna make them the most they could.So they switched tracks to get the maximum profit.I can guarantee you if the xbox one preorder were the same or greater than the ps4. Even with the majority of the gaming community complaining.They wouldn't changed one thing.

Ultimately in closing I say to microsoft it's good you changed but you should kept the used game system the way you have it now.Probably shouldn't done the always on feature.But I'm sure alot more could of swallowed that if you hadn't combined the two.Especially with the kinect camera as a mandatory.Your timing sucks in that regard when we recently heard the goverment spying on us.In the end I'm not sure you have done enough to convince me to get a xbox one but your odds are alot better now than they were before.
Posted by Primal IX on 23 June 13 at 06:37