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PermalinkTDU2 - When I thought the hate was nearly over.... FFS
This whole game has provided me with little to no satisfaction at all. In fact little is somewhat of an exaggeration as to the pile of steaming unenjoyable crap this game is.

From the voice over about how exciting this race is in the solar crown series, to how Stuart and Adam having been caught doing arse stretching exercises behind Tess's car again.

Anyhow after driving 5,000km, doing police chases and buying all the cars the end was in sight. 75 Poker Tournament Hands and some Dueling on the emotes and I could consign the game to ebay for the next unsuspecting victim. But Hold on, No this game is not giving up its completion without one last Fight.

After Unlocking 32 emotes and 15 cocktails the Socialising achievement should have popped, but it was not to be as the stats say you have 14/15 cocktails. So we try and redo some of the cocktails, win with less than a pair, win with more than a pair, check out some nice pairs, Go all in, remove friends, add friends, buy drinks for people, think I've tried it all and nothing, nada, still it says 14/15.

There is nothing on the forums or the internet in general to give me hope, surely I am not the only person to suffer this fate. (Would appear I am) So short of someone messaging me with a miraculous answer (ANYONE?) it appears the Casino DLC must be restarted. Fortunately most can be boosted with 2 players and the Poker Tournaments can be the one small glimmer of fun the game provides. Sadly boosting session probably required for the 6 player table wins but thats only 3 so could have been far worse.

Anyway I'm pissed, I've done everything it asked me and the bastard game is trying to cheat me. (and succeeding as well)
Posted by ukinspro on 25 June 13 at 15:03
Jalalabad CBoy I would recommend putting in Quake 4. I hear that helps clear out glitched achievements.
Posted by Jalalabad CBoy on 25 Jun 13 at 15:38
LGS I Hitman mine says 10/15 but i have 5 more to unlock still
Posted by LGS I Hitman on 25 Jun 13 at 15:58
ukinspro well thats helpful. nobheads
Posted by ukinspro on 26 Jun 13 at 18:19