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PermalinkWhen every game becomes a grind
3-4 years of gaming every day, bar a few weeks off a year for holidays seems to have taken its toll, or maybe it's the grinding of piss poor games that take far longer than the couple of nights Cboy told me they would take.

Apparently with 2 copies I can also finish Quake 4 in 2 evenings, but I have learnt one thing, people lie. OK I knew that bit, and I know not to buy Quake 4.

So is it the games or is it just Xbox burnout, well I think its a bit of both. The main issue seems to be trying to complete MP achievements before the whole of the game industry implodes, at last count I still had 38 games. Some of the better titles are left aside as the MP is either complete or there just wasn't any. A lot of these 38 have high TA ratio's.

High TA ratio achievements fall into 2 categories.
1. Boring as hell, thats the reason they have a high ratio
2. Skill based, few and far between as most of these can be cheated by in game glitch, getting a party of 8 players or shoving a gamesave on a USB stick.

So on that basis I have loads of 1's and naff all 2's. Which leaves me with boosting session after boosting session. To be honest this does make the grind simpler as, once joined it forces me to make the effort. The hardest part is finding new Pikey, Goat, Caravan, Dog Nuts & Brilliant!! jokes to pass the time.

So what to do?
Sell everything, buy a PS3 and discover same issues but less people to take the piss out of. Clearly Not.

Play single player games only. Not really any different from PS3 option. So no.

Try for 1,000GS on Williams Pinball. This is probably worse than the pS3 option, as its only a matter of time before the controller goes through the bastard TV screen. Try explaining that to the Wife why she can't watch some Celebrity Car Crash TV because the Xbox made me kill the TV.

So clearly there is no solution to the problem, well apart from illegal drugs, but after 2 strikes its better to avoid going for the Turkey. So will continue with the grind and in the meantime buy some more games. At least that will cheer me up, well until I put them in the Xbox and realise I've just added to the 38.

So down to the priorities on the shit list

Wolfenstein - In Progess with the Snatch Twins

Dirt Showdown - Couple of sessions joined. Thought this was a Dutch Passport session, but apparently no dirty arses required.

Dead Island - Am renaming this Brain Dead Island, the best part was pre-release with the clever marketing, alas the game does not live upto the hype.

Halo Reach, Looks like the last 4 achievements will need to be swept up legit, as a couple of friends are waiting for the Halo DLC deal, you know the one, it happened a year or two back and everyone else on XBox bought it then. But not Dumb and Dumber - Dipshits

Bad Company - Need to get back to nightly sessions and grind the last 2,000 kills. Tried the other night, but just wasn't the same without the server crash every 2 minues (Good times)

Then the crap I need to find some help with

WRC3 - shouldn't take long
The bigs 2 - anyone for the 2 million Pinball co-op challenge
Dante's Inferno - Have avoided this for too long now. Any one fancy knocking out the challenges?
Posted by ukinspro on 15 July 13 at 12:45
Jalalabad CBoy I need to raise a complaint for your Wolfenstein comment. We are not related. I fucked his mother AFTER he was born. I claim no parental responsibilities. I live by the rule that any hole is a goal. I also had fifteen quid going spare and it was dark.

On Reach, that bastard Spartan has the game too, but I think he gave up on helping others when his cousin blew up the finishing line in Boston. Some kids will do anything to get their jokes heard on sickipedia.

We should get Wolfenstein completed tonight. Tomorrow Unreal and then if we have enough time we could do all the leaderboard shit on Quake 4. We will need to do the rest of Quake 4 the following week, as it needs a little more than 1 session.
Posted by Jalalabad CBoy on 15 Jul 13 at 13:01
ukinspro awesome didn't realise it was that quick, I'll pick up Quake 4 tomorrow. Maybe do GRAW next week as well, apparently you can clear all the multiplayer shit in little over an hour.
Posted by ukinspro on 15 Jul 13 at 13:06
Jalalabad CBoy The trick with GRAW is not starting it. Or USB it. DGC is selling USB sticks loaded with saves. With the cash he is going to build a huge keyboard like in the Tom Hanks classic "Big". Imagine playing Billy Jean on that thing. Oww!!! Check my bad self.

When is the Apprenshit finished? We need to put in more than 1h30 on a Monday and 45mins on a Wednesday to get anywhere.
Posted by Jalalabad CBoy on 15 Jul 13 at 13:24
ukinspro See if we can get Pikey to take a holiday from stripping churches and raiding scrap metal merchants for a couple of weeks and we can try blasting through that one
Posted by ukinspro on 15 Jul 13 at 13:28
Jalalabad CBoy Come on, the kid was brought up on stripping in churches. It would be nice to get that shit done and get into Unreal. What happened to Ghostly?
Posted by Jalalabad CBoy on 15 Jul 13 at 17:25
II Matt45 II Pretty!!!!
Posted by II Matt45 II on 15 Jul 13 at 20:11
a Fi1thy Casual "So what to do?
Sell everything, buy a PS3 and discover same issues but less people to take the piss out of. Clearly Not."

Actually, I did something similar to that and I have found the Sony community is pretty immense, not to mention their network is much better than before. And for $10 less a year I can have anywhere between 2 to 5 games free every month.

And the best part: I could not give two shits about trophies. I have re-learned how to play games for fun - insane right? laugh
Posted by a Fi1thy Casual on 15 Jul 13 at 21:43
Opto Jock Games for fun? Peddle your chicanery elsewhere, you hippy.

This is We'll have none of your nonsense.
Posted by Opto Jock on 15 Jul 13 at 23:40
ukinspro @ No Scope - Is that what you tell your Mum when she's sucking your cock?

@ Empath1c - Have over 100 games on the floor so selling is not an option, but the question is, you sold everything and moved to the darkside. So why you on an Xbox site?
The free games is a nice touch, but is that just quantity over quality there.
Can't imagine the network on PS is that good, I hear they have Italian Plumbers floating about on there telling you every game is glitch-ed in a high pitched squeaky voice - Mario !!!!!

Anyhow I play pinball on the Xbox for Fun, whilst trying for the achievements, the challenge is to see how long I can refrain from Rage quitting. The time spent to Gamescore is a waste of time, but when those final few achievements finally pop, they will have earned their title of "achievements"
Posted by ukinspro on 16 Jul 13 at 09:11
Jalalabad CBoy I think you will find that "Pretty" is what No Hope says when he returns the favour and sucks her cock. There is some crazy shit going down in Kettering. No wonder his father locked him in a basement with a jap xbox (although the dumb bastard was actually trying to gift his step-son a PS3).

Anyhow, it should be illegal to say "Pretty!" if you are from Kettering. The last time 2 people without 6 toes mated was in 1967. A young woman fell asleep sunbathing and a tourist entered, literally. Maybe the sunbathing ban of 67 led to the rapid increase in webbed feet? Who knows.

Back on topic. If you find that achievement hunting has taken all the fun out of gaming, don't go down the PS3 route. You see, completing games on the xbox is like sleeping with different women. Some are really hard to get, require a lot of attention and maintenance. Once you get your end wet, you move onto the next one. Its just nature.

Now the PS3 is for people who are bored of the challenge. You end up going into some BDSM frenzy, where she bends you over and forces you to take a black dildo with a glowing pink ball. The next thing you know you are reliving the moment when Arnie's helmet cracks in Total Recall.

If you are really into gaming just get a PC.
Posted by Jalalabad CBoy on 16 Jul 13 at 09:31
ukinspro No wonder we were told to avoid Wickstead park as kids, thats alarming what they get upto in Kettering. No Hope your a sick puppy.

Achievement hunting is just the foundation block for a good Trolling session. How can that get boring!!

PC's have games - Not having that, thought they were for Porn
Posted by ukinspro on 16 Jul 13 at 09:41
Jalalabad CBoy Just think of PC's as a open brothel. Plenty of things going on, which range from expensive to free.

Yeah sure, sometimes you pick up a few infections, and some only let you in if you have the right equipment. But overall there is much to choose from, and everything is there to play rather than playing hard to get.

Did you know that the Gameboy is actually a cinema in Japan? Tetris was introduced as a Earthquake awareness simulation program. Little did they know it would spark a gaming frenzy around the globe.

No wonder suicides are so high.
Posted by Jalalabad CBoy on 16 Jul 13 at 10:05