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Well the list of games with Multiplayer achievements left to do reduces with the completion of Forza Horizon, Grid 2, Halo Reach & Dirt Showdown. Add to that Hitman Absolution's MP stuff knocked out its been a successful few weeks and a much needed rest after boosting the shit out of games such as Wolfenstein, Red Faction, Bad Company the list goes on.

Of course such rests can only be temporary in the quest for completion of all available Multiplayer achievements. So what's still to do/boost on that front.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon - 50 Hours online co-op required. - Got 2 Copies and 2 xbox's so its just a case of when
Bad Company - Less than 650 kills to go to complete this wart. So should see the back of it within a week or so.
Battlefield 3 - To start. Played a bit of the Single Player - Not Impressed
Bioshock 2 - Need to start the long grind soon
Dance Central 2 - actually my daughters game, but need some time when no one is in the house, close curtains, done the white glove and do DGC impressions. May actually never start it
Dante's Inferno - Online Trials - Loaded this up the other day for a bit of a reminder - Now I recall why I stopped. Anyone got a gamesave???
Dead Island GOTY - Gotta play with a few randoms for 15 mins each and online done.
F1 2011 - On the short term list - 35 online wins to boost, co-op driving championship and done, actually quite looking forward to this one.
Fable III - Play with Dolls or some shit like that. Kinda wrong really
Forza 4 - To Start, random online shit and get shafted by a Unicorn.
Game Room - Can I be arsed? Undecided
Gears 3 - Next up for some Co-op game play and then grinding my last ever Gears game. Don't get me wrong, I like the campaign stuff, by MP, fuck that I spent long enough on Gears 1 & 2, so 3 is the final straw. It just ain't that good, so shut the fuck up fanboys.
Halo 4 - Coming soon, well about the same time I see an offer on the DLC
Happy Wars - Someday maybe.
Kinect Adventures - Bring It. Best solution I read was the one where the guy played online and a random rubbed his arse for 5 minutes. Classic
MOH Warfighter - On the horizon I guess.
Moto GP 07 - One achievement left, 2 copies, 2 xbox's so just a case of being arsed.
NFS Most Wanted - A prime example of how to fuck up a racing game. So many old games did the same ideas better. Congrats Dickheads.
Perfect Dark Zero - Still toying with starting this.
R6V2 - Co-op run through planned at some stage and then grind out the XP.
Rock Band - FML - Need more fingers - That's what she said
Shift - DLC to do, switch on xbox & turbo controller, go sleep, wake up 250GS better off and 1600MSP poor. Thanks EA - Wankers
Syndicate - Co-op game play, looking for player 4
TC's GRAW - Imagine my disappointment not to find Benny or Office Dibble in this game.
TDU2 - Casino DLC to start again - Fucked over by a socialising achievement.
Texas Hold'em - Another date for the turbo controller.
The BIGS 2 - This may have to be local co-op now. Oh shit I'm screwed
Too Human - Think there's like 1 MP achievement, just takes a fucking lifetime to get to the stage of trying it. Sure there's a troll in it. Gotta Love Trolls
Unreal Tournament - Like being shafted by an Afghan. Your not happy, but you never seem to learn.
WRC 3 - Shouldn't be too hard to boost
YSFE 2012 - Tried evolving it down McDonalds but didn't get any achievements
Zumba Fitness - Wife's game - Yeah right like I'm really gonna do that. Apparently the online's full of Pole's!!

Leaving Multiplayer aside the TA communities fascination with game cheats and Moderators with Teenage Hormone Issues continues.

After checking the other night it would appear everyone I game with regularly including myself has had a complaint filed against them for cheating. Well apart from one, of course being the thougtful chaps we are we didn't want to leave Derek behind, so we reported him as well. No thanks need. Personally I think its a teenage moderator ploy to pass on their red spots. Well I'm sorry to advise but your whole concept is floored, try washing regular and keep your face away from those arses you keep kissing. Problem solved!!!

Anyhow I wait for my mail from TA advising me of the game I cheated on. Then it can be removed from my gamercard with FIFA 14 - World Soccer Moms Edition.

Still don't believe cheaters should be banned. Its not like they do harm to anyone, and if that's what they wanna do, what business is it of anyone's. Boosting is Cheating.

So other than the games above, plans for the month are basically a new campaign

"Bring back Jalalabad Cboy" - Send messages to any TA moderator demanding his immediate reinstatement. Alternatively get a personality and start entertaining us all.

The monthly competition
"Where's Ghostly" - Best answer wins a Jar of Peanut butter. (need to offload it before it passes its sell by date"

Competition for Fun
"Why did McSpartan report KelvinD?" (Pssss - He hacked Halo 2 - keep it underwraps though) - No not the dutch guy, the Scottish one.
Posted by ukinspro on 09 August 13 at 13:41
Bazzer380 Good work on Bad Company. I enjoyed that one. Shame Ghostly made us give him 10k kills first, then when he got his achievement he sold his xbox and put his account on ebay.

I was hoping Spartan was going to start hosting sessions with his 6 xboxes, or kelvin using his 2, or Wisegurl with her 5. Not sure they want it as much as the rest of the guys anyway. Or are just waiting for people to look away so they can use a DGC stick. Damn spellcheck. I mean USB stick.

Bioshock really doesn't take that long. With all the training you had in Bad Company, Red Faction and Wolfenstein, you will probably see this wrapped up in 4 hours. Then we can start Quake 4.

Count me in for Dante, Fable 3, Game room, Gears 3, Halo 4, rubber glove, white glove, MOH, Battlefield 3, Perfect Dark, R6V2, Syndicate, GRAW, Too Human, Unreal and Quake.

Don't mention FIFA 14 - World Soccer Moms Edition. That is an instant ban.

Anyway, if you get banned that is what you deserve. What right do you have to have more TA than someone with 9000 forum posts? THIS COMMUNITY DESERVES BETTER.

I hope you get banned for a 1.1 ratio cheevo too. Not something hard like black pearling hexic, but something like "play 1 game of each game mode" or something else that requires no skill just the love of trying video games.

"Bring back Jalalabad Cboy" - Won't happen. The guy played games rated 18, spoke about them and is now gone because he didn't say it in a pre-teen friendly way. As for getting people with a sense of humour on this site, good luck. One nicely timed joke and you get deleted. If you read this comment for example, you are a lucky few.

"Where's Ghostly" - I bet you get a call from Barnsley thanks to the prize on offer.

"Why did McSpartan report KelvinD?" - because he hangs around with cool kids now who don't play online games. They complete all the really hard japaction games. However, not sure why half their timestamps are missing for anything with a ratio over 3. Anyway, they love leaderboards. If they don't meet their daily quota of climbing 1 place they start hitting the report button. Never as it looked so bad comparing what is in your underpants.

Stallion83 for president.
Posted by Bazzer380 on 09 Aug 13 at 14:03
Opto Jock Awwww. You guys DO like me! And here I thought nobody cared about my blatant profile glitching, flagrant game saving and balls-out hacking. It's good to know people care.

I thought we were just going to pay some loud mouth Australian to hack all our MP stuff for us? I guess if you want to do it the hard way (that's what she said), I'm in for Bioshock 2, Fable 3, Gears 3, Rock Band (any of them) and GRAW.

I heard Cboy left gaming to join the Antiques Roadshow. Rumor has it, Hitman has been following him in his caravan while quietly sobbing, "volcanoes are brilliant" over and over.

Ghostly was last seen hopping a freighter to Japan. His only possessions: three jars of peanut butter and a suitcase full of really creepy anime that he plans on trading for a Wii U. Rumor has it, Hitman tried to follow him, but ran into some bad luck when he drove his Ford Escort into the ocean.

Spartan reported Kelvin because he was jealous of the size of his gamerscore. Ever since he started hanging out with Asian guys playing shmups all day, he's been very conscious of the size of his gamerscore. After all, everyone knows Asian men have really small gamerscore. Rumor has it, Hitman was uncharacteristically quiet and had no comment on the subject.
Posted by Opto Jock on 09 Aug 13 at 16:25
Bazzer380 The Australian kept increasing his fee. Started off quite reasonable, just wanted a pizza with mushrooms, but then wanted some overalls, then wanted RED overalls, then wanted tips on growing a moustache (apparently "grow the fuck up" wasn't a valid tip), before finally asking for Bob Hoskins to turn up doing a striptease out of the toilet. Messy stuff.

DGC had a better offer. For 1 USB stick containing all your wet dreams, he simply asked to have a dance with your mother. Apparently no woman could refuse a podge-master doing the moonwalk with his collar up (Cantona style).

I wonder if someone will ever turn Ghostly's life into a film?

Hitman wasn't available for comment.
Posted by Bazzer380 on 09 Aug 13 at 17:17