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Goodbye MSPPermalink
MSP have now been replaced by local currency, so I thought I would bid them a sad farewell and record what they were worth so I can compare which countries are the winners and the losers.

This is what 800MSP costs in US Dollars from the Marketplace in the various countries on 21st August 2013.

USA $10.00 ($10.00 USD)
New Zealand $10.54 ($13.20 NZD)
UK $10.56 (£6.80 GBP) - 1200MSP was £10.20 GBP
Norway $11.01 (KR65,60 NOK)
Canada $11.93 ($12.40 CAD)
Australia $11.97 ($13.20 AUD)
Japan $12.17 (¥1,184 JPY)
EU $12.88 (€9.60 EUR)
Switzerland $13.95 (SFR12.80 CHF)
Sweden $14.80 (KR96,00 SEK)

Countries like the US and UK can often get points cheaper by buying pre-paid codes in sales, whereas in other countries pre-paid codes are more expensive even when they are on sale. In almost all countries, MSP cost the same per point no matter what quantity you buy.

Some countries now have different per point cost charges. For example a 800MSP item may now cost less than twice the price of a 400MSP item, or a 1600MSP item may now cost more than twice the price of a 800MSP item. Here is what a 400/800/1200/1600MSP item costs in US Dollars in the various countries as of 27th August 2013.

Australia $4.47 ($4.95 AUD) $8.98 ($9.95 AUD) $13.50 ($14.95 AUD) $18.01 ($19.95 AUD)
Canada $4.80 ($4.99 CAD) $9.60 ($9.99 CAD) $14.42 ($14.99 CAD) $19.23 ($19.99 CAD)
USA $4.99 ($4.99 USD) $9.99 ($9.99 USD) $14.99 ($14.99 USD) $19.99 ($19.99 USD) Plus Sales Tax
Japan $5.09 (¥500 JPY) $10.18 (¥1,000 JPY) $15.27 (¥1,500 JPY) $20.36 (¥2,000 JPY)
New Zealand $5.15 ($6.55 NZD) $10.19 ($12.95 NZD) $15.54 ($19.75 NZD) $20.41 ($25.95 NZD)
Norway $5.39 (KR32,50 NOK) $10.78 (KR65,00 NOK) $16.24 (KR98,00 NOK) $21.55 (KR130,00 NOK)
UK $5.47 (£3.49 GBP) $10.95 (£6.99 GBP) $15.65 (£9.99 GBP) $21.13 (£13.49 GBP)
EU $6.40 (€4.79 EUR) $12.69 (€9.49 EUR) $19.24 (€14.39 EUR) $25.39 (€18.99 EUR)
Switzerland $6.79 (SFR6.25 CHF) $13.57 (SFR12.50 CHF) $20.63 (SFR19.00 CHF) $27.14 (SFR25.00 CHF)
Sweden $6.91 (KR45,00 SEK) $13.81 (KR90,00 SEK) $20.72 (KR135,00 SEK) $27.62 (KR180,00 SEK)

So you can see pricing has gone up in America by the amount of the Sales Tax, has remained high in the EU, has dropped a bit in New Zealand and has gone up AND down in the UK, but has come down considerably in Canada and especially Australia.

But even though Australia generally did the best out of the conversion (most 1200 MSP content now costs $14.95 AUD) Activision have stepped in with a price increase to make sure their content costs more in Australia. For example 1200MSP content like Call of Duty: Black Ops II Revolution that used to be 1200MSP everywhere, has been put up to the equivalent of 1600MSP in Australia. In other countries the price remains equivalent to 1200MSP.

Of course there also the conversion of MSP to local currency.

I had 1750MSP (worth $28.88 NZD) and it was converted to $29.04 NZD (worth 1760MSP) so I am 10MSP up. So I think they round your MSP to the nearest 40MSP and then convert it.
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