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As weeks/Months go by I find myself logging onto TA less and less.

So I ask myself what has changed. Content, Features, News, Walkthrough's, Layout. No none of them in fact the site itself is pretty much exactly as it was when I would log on numerous times daily.

This leads to one explanation then, it must be the users.
Homefeeds used to be full of comments and banter that made me laugh daily. Instead it is now full of comments such as Congrats, Well Done, Enjoy or some random bollocks in Dutch.

Then we get the updates such as McFatty Y61 is celebrating their 2 year anniversary on TA. Really what's the point, like anyone on here is celebrating the anniversary of joining the fucking site.

Don't get me wrong here, the site itself has some great help for nearly all achievements and should be commended for that, although I would still like to see gamertags for anyone who down votes a solution. Some are plain shit and deserve down voting, but others are just down voted by Morons, so name em and we can all Troll them, after all I'd guess 99% of all down voters have never contributed to the site.

But back to the fact most of you are Dull as fuck. Yeah I know you are busy gaming and not here to enter into pointless banter, but lets be honest it takes little more effort to write Pikey Fag than it does to write Congrats.

Perhaps its just me and the rest of you like living in Dullsville, then we can all continue as we are. Or maybe its really the site that needs to evolve, it may be getting stale and needs an injection of something new.

I have ideas but unfortunately most of these involve you getting banned potentially.
I doubt anyone will have an opinion on this anyhow, so I best get back to doing what I'm paid to do before the boss sees what I'm up to.

On the achievement/game front, I finished some games, I unlocked some cheevo's but on the basis there is nothing else to read, I'm sure everyone already knows.
Posted by ukinspro on 18 September 13 at 12:32
KeLvInD You forgot to mention the massive amounts of laugh and smile and balls on a plate -:)

Other then this i agree the site isnt evolving anymore and is becoming nothing more then a achievement encyclopedia (wiki) and a place to reserve a spot in a boosting session (online dinner reservation sites). Although some sessions can be fun when an idiot is hosting who doesnt have a clue what to do -> guaranteed laugh on all the trolling in the session party &educational as well by learning new swear words in multiple languages. But its not an active community that shivers with energy anymore.

I see 2 options here:
1. Change the policy rules, fire the kindergarden cops and give the community (wakey wakey) some more freedom of speach and stuff to initiate.
2. Use the staff and some pro's to make it more interesting with real gaming news (before its found on other major websites like ign!) more gameplay videos, more contests, proff previews, a platform for developers to communicate with players.... Ah well you get the idea.

As for feeds i can give u an advice start farming simulator and i'll garantee you some banter and bad words. Another advice would be to let ta post random feeds from dumbasses on your to reply to as it isnt fun to post on a feed that doesnt lead to a rampage but goes along in silence.

Ps if you really insist i can have a crack at your feed daily if it makes you feel a little bit better?
Posted by KeLvInD on 18 Sep 13 at 15:17
wisegurl316 Well congrats homo cock knobbler for finally writing something worth reading. Havent read anything this good since cboy got removed..not once but twice. I prefer the wonderful party bantering myself. Much more amusing since cboy got a mic, opto got a sitter, ghostly got rid of the playstation network and hitman (pikey) that's all I gotta say there. Who needs a true achievement feed when I can have a live comedy show daily...

If I get removed for writing under ur comments...since u have such a following of trolls...I will miss you my creamy slap dick.

Yours truly
Posted by wisegurl316 on 18 Sep 13 at 18:10