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Countdown to 2014 Deals - Day 15Permalink
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 17 December 13 at 02:15 | Last edited on 26 December 13 at 03:08
MetabolicFlames Got any info on the other days of the sale?
Posted by MetabolicFlames on 17 Dec 13 at 07:47
MaseJ Pretty happy I didn't cave when X-Men Destiny was on sale the other week. Cheers HHD
Posted by MaseJ on 17 Dec 13 at 09:19
sunbugsie Thank you for this smile
Posted by sunbugsie on 17 Dec 13 at 10:27
Arron114 Cheers for this, You're my new source of reference.
Posted by Arron114 on 17 Dec 13 at 11:05
Killerfox Uru My backlog is going to grow even more, lol.
Posted by Killerfox Uru on 17 Dec 13 at 11:31
NickMon68 see now what would be cool is if you can indicate what of those are an easy 1000g roll
Posted by NickMon68 on 17 Dec 13 at 12:36
matdan Awesome DoTW pity I do not have Gold membership :(
Posted by matdan on 17 Dec 13 at 13:40
PrettyColt21109 Aussie 'deals' suck fucking rapist shit once again. Microsoft are pathetic.

Hopefully we don't get drip-fed cum drops throughout the length of this sale and see something worth getting.
Posted by PrettyColt21109 on 18 Dec 13 at 03:35