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Gaming Trivia #33: Grand Theft Auto VPermalink
It's been a while since I last done one of these. So, let's start 'er back up with TA's 2013 Game of the Year, Grand Theft Auto V Achievements

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- With a budget of approximately $265m this is the most expensive game made to date.

- In the beginning mission "Fresh Meat" Trevor is going to meet up with Franklin and hops over a small fence and trips, sending him into a rage at Franklin who laughed at his accident. This scene was accidentally improvised, as Trevor's voice and motion capture performer Steven Ogg actually did trip over the fence and Shawn Fonteno (Franklin) broke out laughing as a result. Steven Ogg completely improvised his freak out reaction. Look closely at Franklin and Trevor's faces during this scene, they are visibly trying to hide laughter and smiling, since the motion capture software also captured their facial expressions.

- Pay attention to Michael whenever somebody is talking on his right side, he shifts his body more towards that person. This is due to Michael's voice and motion capture actor Ned Luke being deaf in his right ear in real life. Also, Ned Luke put on 25 pounds to give Michael the feeling that he has been "out of action" for a while and has put on some weight.

- Rockstar hired real life criminals to voice various criminals within the game in order to add authenticity. One voice actor was only let out of prison the day before he went in to record his lines.

- The GTA V world is bigger than the total size of the worlds from Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas combined.
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