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So it's been awhile since my last blog, just over a year. I guess a few things have happened since then, with the biggest milestone of course being the 1,000,000 gamerscore. It was really fun to do it live at the Microsoft Canada booth at Toronto FanExpo, and MS Canada were real class acts and treated me great. For those that missed it, I used the Diablo III (Xbox One) achievement "Victory and Sacrifice" to hit the 1 million. MS Canada did make a video of the event, which can be seen at: I'd like to say thanks to everyone who congratulated me and motivated me along the way, I'd like to name names, but then if I forget someone I'd feel really bad, so I hope all of you who know me know I appreciate it.

In the last year I've also taken up sponsoring some competitions, which I've enjoyed and is a lot less pressure than taking part in them. The 360Voice Xbox One competition is wrapping up (and should be an interesting finish!). I've been buying extra controllers all year to have available for prizes, on top of monthly Xbox Cash prizes. I'm also sponsoring a monthly prize for the "King of Completions" tournament that Blank Kirito is running here on TA. I'm going to continue with this in 2015 and likely something else.

My own website/blog is sadly out of date. I do keep my games collection fairly up to date and will probably do a refresh soon with all the new games from the last couple weeks. I've thrown around the idea of having my daughter and some of her friends (preteens) write reviews of games because it's hard to get them to do any creative writing for school and I thought this would motivate them. I've had a few reviews submitted so far, so I need to get that up and running at some point.

So I gave up on Xbox One Challenges. I held the #1 spot for a long time, and then decided I really was not enjoying them. An example of a work week, "Can you write up this change request by Wednesday?", "Can you develop that change by Friday?", etc, etc. Challenges: Can I do 10 wake racing boosts by Wednesday? Can I spend 2 hours on Saturday doing a Forza challenge? Schedules = work. I have to say as soon as I committed to not doing them, I was much happier. And gaming makes me happy, scheduled gaming just sucks. Plus I was keeping all my games in case a new challenge would appear. As soon as I decided not to do this, I had all my pre-orders from October/November completely paid for with trade-ins. I'm not trying to put down challenges, if you are in to them, that's cool, but I've decided they are not for me.

Hopefully another year won't pass before I get around to blogging again...
Posted by smrnov on 03 July 17 at 00:45
n1ckKz Again, congrats on the 7-figure milestone, well deserved.

I don't often blog much, to tied up with gaming laugh As for challenges, i've not really dabbled in to them much (Or Xbox One come to that) But i've started to take a minor interest in them but only on a 'get them if i can be bothered' basis.

Keep up the gaming smr! Hopefully 2 million next? toast
Posted by n1ckKz on 21 Nov 14 at 19:46
Matt DB87 Ya I think we have plenty to do other than challenges. I never cared about them.

I don't do competitions or tournaments, but I hope yours go well.
Posted by Matt DB87 on 21 Nov 14 at 19:53
BLYAST Good stuff smrnov!
Posted by BLYAST on 21 Nov 14 at 20:08
The Mascal I did try for a few challenges, but then I realized that there was no point. I totally agree with you: Schedule = work.
Posted by The Mascal on 21 Nov 14 at 20:10
NBA Kirkland Agree on challenges. Of all the new achievement features MS could have brought for next gen... smh
Posted by NBA Kirkland on 21 Nov 14 at 20:41
Mr Granstaff Crazy. Since we've became friends, I was wondering when you would do another blog and behold - one surfaces! Ha.

I haven't dived into next-gen quite yet, but I knew I wouldn't care for challenges or unlocking achievements in apps. Seemed a bit pointless to me, but to each their own.

Always been huge into GS myself, but I see myself slowly transitioning away from that and plan to focus more on higher quality games. I feel like I would have an even better time playing the AAA titles versus something that would grant me an easy GS bump.

Anyway, congratulations on the impressive milestone and perhaps we'll meet up in the digital world one day and find something cooperative to play.
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 21 Nov 14 at 20:47
Beachem Great blog and incredibly impressive milestones. I respect your attitude towards gaming. It's really fun and interesting to follow your gaming milestones. Keep it up!
Posted by Beachem on 21 Nov 14 at 22:02
TriggerMitt I always enjoy following your progress and reading your blog posts! I hope you're able to post on a more regular basis.

Congratulations on hitting 1,100, that's beyond impressive.
Posted by TriggerMitt on 21 Nov 14 at 22:37
Luc1d Dreaming I'm with you on wanting gaming to be fun rather than work, so I only go for the challenges when they give in-game rewards that will help me make progress in the game. Getting your daughter to write some game reviews sounds like a great idea. Creativity is often neglected at school, even though creative thinking helps people become successful in many professions that are not obviously creative.
Posted by Luc1d Dreaming on 22 Nov 14 at 10:45
Lord Midas Congratulations on 1 Million!! I'm still crawling my way to 100K :)
Good work, sir.
Posted by Lord Midas on 05 Aug 15 at 12:14
LifeExpectancy 5 months almost. Better drop another one before a year has passed. :)
Posted by LifeExpectancy on 10 Mar 16 at 15:00
smrnov @Life: More like 16 months I think... I need something blog worthy, I doubt anyone is all that interested in my going through my GFWL and import backlog. I have thought about putting up something for my daughter's video game art, although she's usually so busy she doesn't even do anything for me.
Posted by smrnov on 10 Mar 16 at 17:56
MCRECORDS24 congratztoast
Posted by MCRECORDS24 on 19 Mar 16 at 00:42
Bernman 117 Congrats mate!
Posted by Bernman 117 on 23 Mar 16 at 19:52
PrettyColt21109 Congrats, I always check your gamerscore and stallion's from time to time. I 100% loathe challenges
Posted by PrettyColt21109 on 30 Jun 16 at 04:49
Betons Don't you feel like you wasted your life??
Posted by Betons on 26 Aug 16 at 16:49
TVippy You've finally beat Stallion?? At least in TA points.
Posted by TVippy on 11 Jan 17 at 11:01
NBA Kirkland "You know what would be awesome? Achievements that have no gamerscore AND expire! We could call them challenges!" -Don Mattrick, 2011.
Posted by NBA Kirkland on 11 Jan 17 at 18:36