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Full-time EMT and RN student. Schedule sucks, but I will be on when I can! Message to boost.

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Single Player

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Achievement notes: Twp achievements left (God of War, King of the Kill). Boosting single-player matches in Arms Race until I reach 10,000 kills, and letting my console run matches overnight while I sleep to hit 5,000 matches.

Other thoughts: Christ, what a grind. Seriously.

Game of Thrones (Cyanide Studios)

Achievement Notes: Collectibles guide printed to avoid any accidents. Will save before major decisions to complete in one playthrough.

Other thoughts: Dragon Age: Origins with new textures and a pacing problem. Slow cut scenes and dialogue are a drag.

Game of Thrones (Telltale Games)

Achievement Notes: None

Other thoughts: Another heavy hitter from Telltale. Eagerly awaiting new episodes.


Achievement Notes: Need to beat again on hard without dying and wrap up some collectibles.

Other thoughts: Wanting to finish this so that I can move on to 2 and Infinite, neither of which I have yet played. One of my favorite FPS franchises so far
Posted by NickMoore911 on 11 February 15 at 04:25
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NickMoore911 Didn't keep up with this blog, but coming back to it now. Ended up finished CS:GO on 4-18-15 (2 months after post), GoT Cyanide on 05-26-15 (3.5 months after post), and Bioshock on 5-18-15 (3 months after post). Got halfway done with GoT TT and haven't touched it since the last 3 episodes were released. Updated blog incoming!
Posted by NickMoore911 on 22 May 17 at 03:47