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Finally beaten Kameo's time attack levels, thanks to a retired friend. Cheers Robot Genius!

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PermalinkThe never-ever part of my games collection

If you get a chance to browse mine, you'll note some suspect titles. Now I realise that with the grindy, obscure, easy or downright bad (whatever the case may be) games that are there that doesn't exactly narrow it down. :P

The ones I refer to are:

Quake 4

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Fifa 13

Of all the games I've yet to play, these will never have a place on my gamertag.


The first 2 have leaderboard achievements. Enough said with those. That said, I was close to starting one with a friend in the near future but it looks like that's one bullet dodged. I like a challenge but with just one xbox...not worth it.

As for the others, I'm terrible at them! Guitar Hero more so than Fifa but it's a very close decision.

So yes, in the event you see me playing any of the aforementioned games stop me before I unlock an achievement! All very unlikely considering how much conscious thought I put into avoiding said games but just in case.

Anyway, that's my never-ever list. If you have one, what games make up yours?

Thanks for reading!

Posted by Connolly800 on 02 July 15 at 01:36 | Last edited on 02 July 15 at 01:40
JamP0und32 Guitar hero 5 is one of the easiest ones to finish next to band hero, I would say just practice and you'll get there. Maybe start with band hero as that's easiest. If you ever need someone to play them with I love playing them so i'll help where I can.
Posted by JamP0und32 on 02 Jul 15 at 11:10
Srfsmurf I do have some of those myself, but they are packed into a box, carefully stored away so I will not play them. One of them is Quake 4, which I actually bought two copies. I was asked to boost it with someone I met here on TA, but the sessions never happened, so it was a total waste of money. Now I have two brand new copies of them :(
Posted by Srfsmurf on 02 Jul 15 at 14:58
Connolly800 Jam,

Thanks for the offer. I MIGHT take you up on that sometime but if I ever did play it I'd start it on a dummy account to get a feel for the game first. I assume the right type of controller is a must too?


Damn it, getting tempted again already! Quake 4 was the one I was talking about..if you find one more person (with 1 copy) would you let me know? If we had a dedicated group I'd be interested.

There I said it -_-
Posted by Connolly800 on 02 Jul 15 at 15:04
Srfsmurf I don't have time to play it, because of life commitments. I have to many other games in my backlog that I would want to play instead anyway. But I'll let you know if I hear about someone who want to play it. I'll even donate my two copies for the cause :)
Posted by Srfsmurf on 02 Jul 15 at 16:59
Connolly800 Same here Smurf, far too many games sitting there to be played. I'd still be happy if I never started Quake but if there's a possible chance to finish it quickly with friends I'd do it.

No worries though. :)

You have a box of unwanted games, I've got a brother I offloaded GRAW and Quake to!
Posted by Connolly800 on 03 Jul 15 at 10:09
Bridge188 Unfortunately I've got the first three on my tag!
Posted by Bridge188 on 09 Dec 15 at 15:38