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Since I've gone on a tear lately in regards to completions -- 12 in the past two weeks -- figured I would share my thoughts on some of them. I couldn't tell you why it's been like that lately, suppose I'm being like Dwayne Johnson back in his WWF/WWE days and having a "Just Bring It" mentality.

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Then again, it could be due to the fact that I've gone back to my roots and gaming in a way that most appeals to me where other facets aren't dictating my pace or anything like that, such as contests and streaks.

Anyway, there are only two games I want to bring up among those 12 completions in that two week span:

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round
Just Dance: Disney Party 2 (Xbox 360)

First off, funny story in regards to Dead or Alive. Now, I'm not normally into fighting games, but since it became more free -- well, there was always a trial -- and an opportunity for a manageable completion, I figured I would give it a shot. It started out easily enough, mostly due to my buddy Jim and his guidance, but then the combos started to become trickier and demanded more precision.

As Dawn was sitting next to me when I was going through the Tutorial, apparently I was downright abusing my controller. laugh She had made a comment about how rough I was with the controller and I really was. Typically, I'm more of a finesse kind of guy and prefer my movements to be smooth and what not -- you know, the transitions. For whatever reason, I'm guessing my movements needed to be done drastically and quick to get these combos down. Dawn was obviously not used to me playing in that manner and after the comment, I became more conscientious on how I was playing and noticed how my sudden, clanking analog movements and firm button presses were louder than normal. I guess I just didn't realize how ferocious my interactions were before the comment and I just had to chuckle to myself on that realization.

I was, like, "Daaaamn. I am being rough on these controls."

Fortunately -- because I know all of you are concerned for its well being -- the controller survived my abusive treatment and is still intact to assist me on my next journey.

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For the other game, Just Dance: Disney Party 2, major props to Dawn. She's the perfect kind of partner to have if you ever want to get something done to where a second player is needed, especially on Kinect. In fact, she's came a long way from when we first started to game together. She did learn from the best after all. wink

For example, we did every dance first try. As much I hate to read these "got it first try!" comments, we actually did, so I needed to say it. One of the more tougher dances, "Rotten to the Core," we actually got pumped up and congratulated each other when we passed it on our first attempt -- we knew it was tough because we played the Xbox One version previously. Admittedly, we probably got way too excited over something trivial like that, but whatever. It made us both happy -- which is the most important part -- and everything else was smooth sailing after that.

I'm not sure what our next project will be. We may tackle Leedmees, as according to JJB, it's a relationship tester. Ha! We did start it as part of a previous Bean Dive, so we won't be caught off guard with the game style. Of course, we may decide to start The Gunstringer instead, but I would prefer to do a bit more cleanup before we do. I've been making some good progress as of late, so would hate to stump that by starting a new game.

Well. That's really all, folks. I know, I know. A bit of a shorter blog compared to the last one, but I just wanted to share those stories with you and let you be apart of my simple, humble life.


Wait. What's that? You thought by judging the blog title, it was going to be about something else?

laugh Oh, no no no...

I hate to disappoint, so I'll mention a little something something. Let's start off with me making an educated guess here. Even though I find that the moderators on this site do one of the best jobs on here compared to other sites, apparently I antagonized enough people that my last blog was reported and a little piece had to be edited out.

It is what it is though. Mission accomplished, perhaps? Ha. I'm kidding. At least I know that my official follower count doesn't include stalkers.

At any rate, the truth hurts to some, I suppose. Then again, after reading over that blog again, I fail to see what the others got all up in arms about. It was just an opinion and I'm assuming that more than one person completely misunderstood what I said since a moderator had to reach out to me -- I can't imagine just one complaint would have warranted action. Personally, I would loved to have seen the details and reasoning behind those reports (can only imagine a bunch of unreasonable, whining type of behavior was included). But, that's the thing: if the offended failed to reach out to me to iron out the details and would rather get all butt hurt over nothing instead of trying to understand my point, then so be it. I can't help that and it's their fault. Sorry it ruined anyone's day, but sensitivity seems to run high around here at times.

Hm. Come to think of it, I suppose I'm far superior at mental warfare than the ones that pretend they are because I know it frustrated anyone who wanted to leave a comment last time and couldn't.


Well, should probably quit while I'm ahead. 48 hours are almost up and I'm sure mostly everyone has forgotten what happened last weekend. I know I am.

And, look at there - I have a pocket full of cash too that I saved by not going to Indie. wink


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Posted by Mr Granstaff on 14 December 15 at 17:44
JJBDude48 Pleeeeease do Leedmess! :)
Posted by JJBDude48 on 14 Dec 15 at 19:44
Mr Granstaff @ JJBDude48 - OK, OK... Geez. laugh May not get around to it this year, but probably soon. Got a few other projects I'd rather get out of the way first.
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 14 Dec 15 at 20:03
JJBDude48 I suppose you want to try and get full rating on each level. But there's only 10 or 12 of them (can't remember) to do, could be as quick as an hour to do! :)
Posted by JJBDude48 on 14 Dec 15 at 20:41
Mr Granstaff @ JJBDude48 - For real? Hm. That doesn't seem so bad, or you could be setting me up. Ha.

I don't know if we'll manage an hour, but we'll definitely take our time with it though.
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 14 Dec 15 at 20:56
gamerboyTHXtss Yeah he's right. I played a few levels in singleplayer. I saw there were like 30 levels singleplayer and about 10 in coop.
Posted by gamerboyTHXtss on 14 Dec 15 at 21:08
Mr Granstaff @ gamerboyTHXtss - Wow! I just assumed the co-op would mirror the SP levels. Very cool indeed. I may hop on that sooner than later then since Dawn has been more willing to help me as of late.

Hm. She must not want to be on the Naughty List. wink
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 14 Dec 15 at 21:10
Riconoclast Blog's shouldn't be censored in anyway or form. If people don't like it they don't HAVE to read it.
Posted by Riconoclast on 14 Dec 15 at 23:49
Mr Granstaff @ Riconoclast - Absolutely. While I'm not one to usually question authority, I was quite surprised they had to intervene. With their reasoning, I really do get their point of view, but on the other hand, I understand your point of view as well. "It's mine, my own!" laugh

Additionally, if people don't already like me, then what makes you think you're going to like my blog? Why read it? Meh. I've given up on trying to figure that part out logically.

People will find a way to complain just to... complain.
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 15 Dec 15 at 13:23