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PermalinkWeekly Achievement Scavenger Hunt (01/25 - 01/31)
The Weekly Achievement Scavenger Hunt (WAHSH)

The weekly achievement scavenger hunt is a little side game I created over at the Achievement Hounds Forums. They are fun little challenges each week to find a specific achievement within your backlog of games. Finding a specific word or matching a theme - nothing ridiculous, but I certainly enjoy them.

Each week, I will hit up for a theme (off a list I have) and that will be the goal of the week. Submissions should be added to the comments on the blog.

You must unlock the required achievement(s) within the week each challenge is open.
Challenge will start midnight (12 am) central time on Monday and run for 7 days. (Central time is GMT -5 during daylight savings, -6 during standard time)

Week of Jan 25th - Jan 31st Theme:

High / Low

Pretty simple way to start this challenge. I am looking for two achievements - 1 containing the word "HIGH" and 1 containing the word "LOW"

They can be part of other words - like HIGHNESS, or LOWLY - but not simply hidden in a word like "slow", "thigh", "below" - those don't count.

Good luck and thanks for participating.
Posted by Freamwhole on 25 January 16 at 14:25
angelsk I have so many direction themed achievements, but I managed to find the following:

TitanfallHigh RollerangelskThe High Roller achievement in Titanfall worth 228 pointsEarn 500,000 Black Market Credits

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: ChinaLow BlowangelskThe Low Blow achievement in Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China worth 100 pointsSlide assassinate 25 enemies.

I'm up for those :) Good idea for a challenge
Posted by angelsk on 25 Jan 16 at 14:50
Freamwhole TA's new search function limits it to only achievements that begin with those words - you may have other easier ones hidden from the search algorithm.

I'll try for:

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14High HeelsFreamwholeThe High Heels achievement in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 worth 44 pointsWin On Their Heels at Kraft Nabisco with Thompson against Lewis, and Creamer in Quick Tournaments

Halo: ReachBanshees, Fast and LowFreamwholeThe Banshees, Fast and Low achievement in Halo: Reach worth 36 pointsHijack a Banshee during the Reach Campaign.
Posted by Freamwhole on 25 Jan 16 at 15:10
Kez001 Was just thinking of asking if you had considered bringing some of your contests to TA for increased participation...
Posted by Kez001 on 25 Jan 16 at 16:54
Freamwhole Got those two achievements last night from my previous comment - DONE and DONE.
Posted by Freamwhole on 27 Jan 16 at 14:37
angelsk Woop - did it :)
Posted by angelsk on 30 Jan 16 at 14:54
Freamwhole Nice work.
Posted by Freamwhole on 30 Jan 16 at 15:43