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This is a little late, but better late than never right? For the last couple of months I have been co-hosting a podcast with zzUrbanSpaceman and Freamwhole. I say it's a little late because we have already recorded six episodes and published five!

This post is mostly to inform my friends who haven't heard about the podcast yet.

The reception so far has been really great. It's been a lot of fun making the show and it's great to hear people like it so far. We have had some cool guests like WebChimp UK and Xtowers. We talked about challenges, regional stacks, and lots of other fun stuff.

If it sounds like something you're interested in, please check us out at
Posted by Crandy on 26 January 16 at 07:30 | Last edited on 26 January 16 at 07:34
MuddyAmoeba You guys should have publicized this more. I listen too your first podcast and was impressed. Included some good insight to behind the scenes at TA, some lively discussion on challenges and I liked the knobs and disco news items.
Look forward to catching up on the rest of the podcasts I've missed.
Posted by MuddyAmoeba on 27 Jan 16 at 03:14
Crandy Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked it.
Posted by Crandy on 27 Jan 16 at 03:23
The Ju1ce I'm loving the podcast, Crandy! Keep up the great work.
Posted by The Ju1ce on 06 Feb 16 at 19:45
The Ju1ce I'm loving the podcast, Crandy! Keep up the great work.
Posted by The Ju1ce on 07 Feb 16 at 02:43
Spazpol I just saw this... lol... sorta like starting to listen to your podcast after 7 weeks....
Posted by Spazpol on 22 Feb 16 at 01:55
Lucky32468 Thank you the shadow Jago help. I was just able to pick up a code for a fair price. Thanks
Posted by Lucky32468 on 27 Mar 16 at 00:40
Crandy Any time! toast
Posted by Crandy on 27 Mar 16 at 01:35
PhillipWendell Just found the podcast and listening to them in order on my commute. Up to episode 6 - great stuff!
Posted by PhillipWendell on 09 Sep 16 at 22:06