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PermalinkPersonal Challenge #6 - Release the Kraken!
Oops. I sort of let these personal challenges slide under the radar and should probably get another one in the works. Last challenge was issued out by JJBDude:

Octodad: Dadliest CatchNumber 1 DadThe Number 1 Dad achievement in Octodad: Dadliest Catch worth 231 pointsBeat the game without losing.

Didn't really feel like I was in any danger of "losing" until I reached the last level. I was definitely very cautious when avoiding the fire and taking out the last boss, but managed to prevail and got it FIRST TRY!

(I hate it when people say that...)

External image

Again, I'm very grateful for the code from JJBDude and the well thought out challenge. I expect a more difficult one next time! You got it? wink

As far as the game itself goes, I really enjoyed it. I know I'm pretty hard on Indie games and I still think most of them are crap and not worth my money nor time to play, but Octodad was done well. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I'd like to try out the "two controller" playing style and see how Dawn and I fare at some point. Might be worth a stream should I develop the desire to ever get back into the swing of things since I think it would be hilarious to any viewers.

  • Pending Challenges

In an effort to keep all challenges that were suggested in one spot, here's the list so far.

Kez001 -
Rock of AgesBling BlingThe Bling Bling achievement in Rock of Ages worth 64 pointsGet a gold medal on all maps in Time Trial mode.

Lord Namlig -
Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTYFreeflow GoldThe Freeflow Gold achievement in Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY worth 155 pointsAchieve 24 medals on combat challenges

JamP0und32 -
Viva Piñata: Trouble In ParadiseMaster ChallengerThe Master Challenger achievement in Viva Piñata: Trouble In Paradise worth 129 pointsComplete all Challenges in all Regions

DuelFates -
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityGreat SuccessThe Great Success achievement in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City worth 213 pointsGain S+ on all U.S.S. missions on Veteran or Professional difficulty

SmokeScreen76 -
Full AutoAll Full Auto MedalsThe All Full Auto Medals achievement in Full Auto worth 232 pointsWin a Full Auto Medal in every event in Campaigns

I can't seem to find my original list, but perhaps this is all of the suggestions I've ever gotten since I started this, so this will have to do. Of course, I'm open for even more suggestions, so let me have it!

  • Outside of Gaming

Decided to tackle some house projects lately while getting my priorities back in check. Not that I have anything against it, but I don't have the luxury to spend over 600 hours with one game and neglect important necessities of my life. I prefer to be a responsible adult. At any rate, before I bombard this post with pictures, I can't take credit for all of the work. If it wasn't for Dawn's ideas and the strong assist from my handyman, Wayne, it wouldn't have been brought to fruition.

Track Lighting Installation:

Before installing the track lighting, there used to be this ugly and very outdated chandelier hanging from there. In fact, it had these fake candles on there, but they were magical. Don't understand? Well, hold your horses and I'll explain. At the time, I often joked about how the "wax" would go against logic and gravity. The wax would actually go upwards instead of downwards - yes, someone installed them incorrectly. Anyway, I promptly removed it when I first moved into the house, but just left the electrical mount/housings vacated for the longest time.

External image

Gradually over time, I started to hang Alabama memorabilia on the walls and placed family keepsakes on the mounted shelves nearby. It was always dark in that area of the living room, so decided to brighten it up and install some track lighting. The light ended up complimenting everything quite nicely, but judging by the picture, still needs to be adjusted - just a tad to the right.

It's even on a dimmer switch, so that's an added bonus. The pictures almost feel like it belongs in a museum with it being in the spotlight and all. Ha.

Tiling Steps / Storm Door Installation:

This was one of those projects where it kept being postponed longer and longer. I think what broke the camel's back was that a corner piece broke off from the original tile and encouraged me to tackle it again, but this time, with reinforcements! Wayne moved back into town at this point and offered his services.

External image

Plus, the previous tile was embarrassingly a slip hazard when wet, so I opted to go with some different tile that had some texture to it. And, since Dawn and I enjoy mosaic pieces, that was incorporated into the design. If done well, you can use any discarded tile, so it ends up being more cost effective in the long run. Winning all around.

As far as the storm door goes, the previous screened-in wooden one rotted away basically, so wanted an actual storm door this time around. I just know it's going to be a pain to keep the glass door cleaned from my dog's nose prints though. Ugh.

Nah, I still love that slobbery mutt! Later in this blog, I show a picture of him assisting me with a Kinect game, so I reckon I can put up with a few nose prints. And, for whatever reason, both pets seem to approve of the new addition (see below):

External image

And, the eventual house decor will be all Dawn. Watching HGTV has really paid dividends. I don't mind forking over extra money for cable now. She's like a sponge with those shows, I swear. She remembers everything. Currently, she's planning on picking out a color to paint the front door and shutters. Hopefully it's not too girly!

Also, she's been into these cooking shows equally as much. Just this week, she cooked up some pork tenderloins and - wooo weee - it was good!

(from that sudden country-like outburst, I'm assuming you enjoyed the meal)

Shed Painted:

After a failed attempt on pressure washing the shed in an effort to clean it up, I ultimately decided just to paint over it. Fortunately, my dad some had leftover paint labeled Plank Wood and the color ended up turning out better than anticipated.

External image

Of course, you'd think painting is easy, especially in the cold. Nope. I mean, there's really nothing to it, but the trim work was the most time consuming part. Anyway, after painting the trim brown one evening, it decided to rain ever so slightly. I would eyeball the shed from time to time before retiring to bed and felt like the paint dried in time and was good to go.

I'm afraid it wasn't. The next morning, the shed looked like Bloody Mary visited and had brown streaks all over! Hm. Maybe it could've been Doo Doo Fred or something? Luckily enough, I needed to slap on another coat anyway and covered it all up quite nicely. However, lesson learned. After looking at that picture, I may end up staining the ramp with some polyurethane as it looks too aged for my tastes.

(I like them young!)

House Decor:

Dawn probably saw something on Pinterest and decided to add some cushion to our wooden stools while adding some flair to it. She often complained how the stool was too hard for her toosh - laugh - but I welcome the padding too. It's quite nice to sit on.

External image

Depending on what we do with the cabinets, we'll probably stain/paint the stools accordingly. Another project down the line along with many others, I'm sure. She's planning on adding some more decor to the front patio area, so that should add even more curb appeal to the house. She may need her own show before too long.

  • Current Events

Completed co-op in Portal 2 with my partner in science, ThreeHaddock, fully upgraded my Jackdaw in AC IV, played through Borderlands again to level up my character some more and trying my damnedest to do well in F1 racing so I can mop up those to online cooperative achievements. I do wish it was possible to do locally as I wouldn't fret about it so much, but it is what it is. It WILL get done.

I'm also dabbling with Asphalt 7: Heat (Win 8) and for only paying ten cents for it, it's one heck of a game! While some of the crashes are overly dramatized, its mechanics are implemented well. I've been enjoying it during my lunch breaks, mostly. Did have a scare when I accidentally looked up a solution for its Window Phone counterpart, which includes two partly discontinued achievements. Definitely had a mini heart attack there!

External image

And, finally, in the fitness world, I unlocked this beastly of an achievement:

Shape UpHow Winning is DoneThe How Winning is Done achievement in Shape Up worth 525 pointsReach a 24x Weekly Objective streak.

As I might have already stated, just in time before my surgery. Not like it would've ended my weekly streak or anything, but I know I would've been out of commission for a day or two, regardless.

Also planning on knocking out a few challenges in Xbox Fitness this week as motivation to work towards some of the more tougher achievements. Everyone should know what achievements I'm referring to. I mean, it may not be too strenuous for me because I obviously tag my dog in if I need to rest while "burning" extra calories simultaneously. My secret is out now. smile

Coincidentally, with this recent blizzard that affected some friends of mine, that workout was actually labeled "Snowstorm." You can't make this stuff up!

[UPDATED: January 25, 2016]

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Posted by Mr Granstaff on 27 January 16 at 14:33
Xpovos Maybe we need to make the challenge this one?

F1 2013There's No "I" in TeamThe There's No "I" in Team achievement in F1 2013 worth 188 pointsWin the Constructors' Championship in Co-op.
Posted by Xpovos on 27 Jan 16 at 15:37
Mr Granstaff @ Xpovos - Ha! I may need to extend the time limit to a month because I'm unsure if a week will cut it. :)
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 27 Jan 16 at 16:37