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PermalinkEverything going wrong.
Having a really nasty weekend getting an unexpected call having me to drive to another city to fix some things made me doubt I would be back in time to survive Leap Frog.

Getting back home earlier than expected and having a good chance to win both Team and Individual in GTASC I pop

Pinball FX2Secrets of the LairThe Secrets of the Lair achievement in Pinball FX2 worth 356 pointsConclude the final mode: Midnight Madness on the Sorcerer's Lair table! (Single player only)

Pinball FX2PerfectionistThe Perfectionist achievement in Pinball FX2 worth 7087 pointsComplete all the main modes in a single game on the Sorcerer's Lair table! (Single player only)

Pinball FX2Obsidian ObsessionThe Obsidian Obsession achievement in Pinball FX2 worth 3556 pointsCollect all 13 obsidians on the Sorcerer's Lair table! (Single player only)

For a good chunk of points which would put us 10k+ TA in the lead over the second team in GTASC. But I decided to check the Xbox App and for some reason the achievements still say LOCKED in it. Going over to and I can't access my achievement feed due to it taking forever to load.

Now it's only about 20 minutes left before GTASC ends the period so no way I'll be able to try and unlock those again.

Instead I go and POP

Pinball FX2Gargoyle's QuestThe Gargoyle's Quest achievement in Pinball FX2 worth 547 pointsScore a super jackpot in the Gargoyle multiball on the Sorcerer's Lair table! (Single player only)

Pinball FX2Afraid of no GhostsThe Afraid of no Ghosts achievement in Pinball FX2 worth 963 pointsComplete the Sorcerer's multiball on the Sorcerer's Lair table! (Single player only)

Which would put us about 500TA a head of the second team so I hit the Request Update button with some minutes to spare. It updates and... no achievements to be seen. They are unlocked in the game but as the others showing as LOCKED in the Xbox app.

Now it's too late, I do another achievemement to see if I can unlock anything at all and I try

Pinball FX2Giggity Giggity Goo!The Giggity Giggity Goo! achievement in Pinball FX2 worth 42 pointsStart the Giggity Multiball on the Family Guy Pinball table. (Single player only)

Which for some reason pops just as it should but now it's too late, the period has ended and that achievement alone wouldn't have done any good anyway.

Now what would have been a great escape from what happened earlier in the weekend does nothing at all, and all I'm left with now is 2 things that ended up in the shit pile.

Maybe I'm not set out for these competitons at all. It all started out good and I had tons of fun not winning anything before and just playing when I felt like it. But now actually trying and failing due to something out of my control feels like crap.

In the theme of drama queen I might give up on Leap Frog now as well. Would prevent me from ending up in a situation like it again and I can keep gaming just to have fun.
Posted by Kinkimono on 22 May 16 at 13:18
frenchdawg Serves us right or thinking we could finally win a week I guess!
Posted by frenchdawg on 22 May 16 at 14:04
marklynx Gaming should be nothing but fun bro! clap
Posted by marklynx on 22 May 16 at 21:11
KylKo I wanted so badly to help you guys out! 60 hour trip with 24 hours of driving and 16 hours of sleep... all I could manage was what I loaded up on my laptop for leap frog. We're looking good this week though, haha.
Posted by KylKo on 23 May 16 at 02:17