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Females in juvi become super athletic bi-sexual hackers with meaningful tattoosPermalink
From everything I've learned in movies, TV and video games, this is always the case.

I'm playing mirrors edge right now and there's more info on Faith's juvi time available online. I didn't go online to find out more, but there is some pattern here.

Maybe our best computer programming teachers are teaching in female prisons? I really don't know that much about the subject.
Posted by Bboy360 com on 27 June 16 at 22:27
Doominatorx6 You got any ink, 360?
Posted by Doominatorx6 on 27 Jun 16 at 23:04
Bboy360 com No ink on me. Not my thing.
Posted by Bboy360 com on 27 Jun 16 at 23:50
LuckyKant Great research.
Posted by LuckyKant on 28 Jun 16 at 00:12
Bboy360 com Thank, I've watched that Girl with the Dragon tattoo, TV show call Revenge, and Mirrors edge. I know there are lot more as well, but can't name them.
Posted by Bboy360 com on 28 Jun 16 at 00:24
Bboy360 com Did you go to prison? There you'd probably learn hacking.
Posted by Bboy360 com on 21 Oct 16 at 13:26