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PermalinkKiller Instinct: Shadow Lords
I'm getting a lot of questions about how I accessed a Killer Instinct title update that isn't supposed to be out for another month.

The short answer is, I don't know! But before I get labeled a cheater, let me take you through the course of events leading up to this.

First, I didn't sign up for anything, get any emails, or ask for this in any way.

Yesterday, I started Spelunky Achievements , which was Games With Gold not long ago. The game is hard as balls, so I went to the game's forum looking for pointers. The top topic was Spelunky - Hardest game? .

A post in that thread linked to this leaderboard Achievement by TrueAchievement Ratio

I saw the highest ratio achievements on the site were all from Killer Instinct, so I looked at the title update page and saw that only a handful of people had played it, so I assumed it just came out.

I launched KI and the top gameplay option, above "Single Player," was "Shadow Lords." So, I opened that and began playing.

I did not get to choose any characters. Jago was the default captain and Kim Wu joined the party in the beginning. After Day 1, I was given the choice of Fulgore or Riptor. I chose Riptor. By then, I had unlocked

I played through "Day 3," then quit and promptly fell asleep!
After seeing what a stink this caused, I launched the game this morning on Win 10 and the Shadow Lords option was not there. I'll check on Xbox One when the wife isn't watching home-remodeling shows!

A quick preview, The game works a lot like X-Com, but without all the turn-based combat. There are conflicts that pop up around the globe and you must decide which ones to address. You can not do all of them, and which ever ones you skip cause the "corruption" in that area to increase. Once 3 of the 5 areas pass a certain threshold, the endgame triggers and Gargos attacks. It is heavily dependent on microtransactions, as your characters do not heal (much) from one day to the next. You must buy health packs or craft regerative items.

When you pick a mission, you choose consumables and can choose to battle yourself or auto-battle. Auto battle has a % to succeed and offers fewer rewards. Choose to battle and there are often choices to make before the battle. You mat be asked whether to sneak up on your opponent or attack directly. One choice may give greater rewards while the other may cost you some health. There didn't seem to be any connection between "safe" choices and greater rewards. I chose to sneak once and was spotted anyway and lost 20% health. Another time, I chose to break down a metal door and, despite the game warning me that the noise could attract attention, I went undetected.

In the end, I don't know if I encountered a glitch or what, but Shadow Lords was open to me.
UPDATE: Shadow Lords was gone from the menu at first, but I recreated last night and got it back.

When I played last night, 3 profiles were logged in: myself and my 2 kids. Today, only I was logged in and Shadow Lords did not appear. I double tapped the Xbox button on the controller and signed in my daughter. The game reloaded because the primary profile had changed... and Shadow Lords was there!

I double tapped again, logged out my daughter, and the game reloaded under my profile and Shadow Lords was still there! Don't know why this works for me, but there it is.
UPDATE 2: This definitely works and has been repeatable for me. Skipped ahead to final battle and lost :( I was able to choose my 3 team members for a new game. Unlocked:

I think you need to play multiple games, saving consumables, then going for completion runs every few games.
Posted by Redd Five on 25 August 16 at 14:48 | Last edited on 25 August 16 at 17:09
ATCS This worked perfect! Thanks!
Posted by ATCS on 26 Aug 16 at 02:07