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My account was permanently banned by microsoft.
The picture of my ban (which I uploaded here) is not available anymore
so you have to take my word for it.
(My console was not banned)

I was banned because a microsoft employee made it his personal vendetta to crush me
because he couldn't stand the sad truth about himself told by me.

That's all folks...
Posted by Ehrenfried on 16 September 16 at 23:09 | Last edited on 21 December 16 at 00:06
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liner bronson How does something like that happen?
Posted by liner bronson on 16 Sep 16 at 23:19
Rusty Nail zh Yep, interested in that answer as well! That's a lifelong ban!
Posted by Rusty Nail zh on 16 Sep 16 at 23:49
LORDOFDOOKIE69 Unless he's a vampire
Posted by LORDOFDOOKIE69 on 17 Sep 16 at 02:00
CR1SPY666 No! What happened?
Posted by CR1SPY666 on 18 Sep 16 at 01:13
Daky1001 I think this means that the console is banned and not the account but I could be wrong.
Posted by Daky1001 on 19 Sep 16 at 18:04
Dacius Decium Wow! What did you do to end up on a life-long ban? Since you've been censored by TA, send us the unredacted message to us directly via message.
Posted by Dacius Decium on 23 Sep 16 at 18:11
SYst3M0FAd0Wnzz No wonder I haven’t heard from you all this time, that is a shame to hear, guess I have to find a way to get ground control on black ops 1.
Posted by SYst3M0FAd0Wnzz on 29 Jun 18 at 13:34