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PermalinkBlog #128 – December Statistics
  • December Statistics

December’s Period SummaryDecember’s Period Summary

I will keep this blog fairly short as I will be writing a 2017 Summary blog later in the day, I just need to dose myself up on tea and prepare to calculate a lot of statistics.

  • Achievement Highlights/Statistics

Rise of the Tomb Raider (Win 10)Extreme SurvivorScorchPSOThe Extreme Survivor achievement in Rise of the Tomb Raider (Win 10) worth 190 pointsFinish the game on Extreme Survivor difficulty

Managed to Re-Complete Rise of the Tomb Raider on both Windows 10 and Xbox One this month which felt pretty good – Weirdly I had very very little trouble with the Windows 10 version and blew through the entire game without any deaths.

However this was not the same for the Xbox One version and I, for some reason, kept repeatedly dying on the final boss over and over again for nearly an hour. Eventually I figured out it was because I skipped some optional tombs which give special buffs to Lara, including the ability to heal instantly from a fatal blow – Something I didn’t quite appreciate until it wasn’t there.

Batman: Arkham CityPerfect Knight - Day 2ScorchPSOThe Perfect Knight - Day 2 achievement in Batman: Arkham City worth 354 pointsMain Story, Side Missions, Upgrades, Collectables, New Game Plus and Riddler's Revenge (as Batman)

Doing Arkham City for the third time to completion has confirmed 2 things for me:

The first is that as much as I love the Batman games I am definitely feeling the fatigue of them now, though this is through complete fault of my own by playing Arkham Asylum 5 times, City 3 times and then Knight & Origins.

The second is that I’m done with re-masters and “Definitive Editions” of old games, I haven’t got the energy or time anymore to go back through games I have already finished once – A good example of this is skipping the Ezio Collection – Although it somewhat pains me skipping an Assassin’s Creed game, I just can’t stomach going through games that I’ve already 100%ed for a second time.

Onto the Month’s statistics:

Month Period: 1st December – 31st December
Total Playtime: 150 Hours and 7 Minutes
Gamerscore: 4,755 Gamerscore (297,005 Total)

Gaming Stats (Xbox One/Windows 10/Android)

Forza Horizon 3 – 42 Hours and 15 Minutes – 47 Achievements
Batman: Arkham City – 34 Hours and 45 Minutes – 30 Achievements (COMPLETED)
Gears of War 4 – 17 Hours and 38 Minutes – 23 Achievements
Minecraft: Story Mode – 6 Hours and 16 Minutes – 24 Achievements (COMPLETED)
Rise of the Tomb Raider – 5 Hours and 57 Minutes – 8 Achievements (COMPLETED)
Dark Souls 3 – 5 Hours and 37 Minutes – 7 Achievements
Batman: A Telltale Series – 5 Hours and 13 Minutes – 18 Achievements (COMPLETED)
Rise of the Tomb Raider (Win 10) – 3 Hours and 58 Minutes – 1 Achievement (COMPLETED)
Firewatch – 3 Hours and 56 Minutes – 10 Achievements (COMPLETED)
Star Wars Battlefront – 2 Hours and 46 Minutes – 4 Achievements
Final Fantasy XV – 2 Hours and 43 Minutes – 13 Achievements
Goat Simulator – 1 Hour and 52 Minutes – 13 Achievements (COMPLETED)
Overwatch – 1 Hour and 16 Minutes – 2 Achievements
Gems of War – 32 Minutes – 0 Achievements

Gaming Stats (Xbox 360/Windows Phone/Windows 8)

-None Played-

Gaming Stats (PC/Wii U/3DS)

World of Warcraft (PC) – 13 Hours and 37 Minutes
Pokemon Moon – 1 Hour and 46 Minutes


Until Next Time!
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