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PermalinkBlog #130 – January Statistics
  • January Statistics

January’s Period SummaryJanuary’s Period Summary

There are 3 things I want to talk about this month so let’s split it into categories!

300k Gamerscore

I finally hit my next big milestone of 300,000 Gamerscore! I always like to land directly on the landmark number but I almost forgot and overshot it by quite a large margin, luckily my friend pointed out how close I was so I could pull back and work out exactly what I needed to hit 300k on the dot.

300,000 Gamerscore!300,000 Gamerscore!

It feels really weird, I stopped caring so much about Gamerscore around 150,000 and instead moved my focus onto individual game completions instead – That being said it is still really cool that I’ve managed to get this high of a number.

At the rate of which I gain Gamerscore I will likely hit 400k in the summer of 2019 – Assuming the world hasn’t been hit with nuclear winter.

Backlog List

It’s been a while since I spoke about the progress of my Backlog, I think the last update was some time back in June or July; I’ve adopted a new system to try and cope with new games as well as trying not to add anything else to my backlog but I will go into that in a moment.

It’s worth mentioning that the backlog itself consists of games I owned and have already started pre-“new system”.

First of all let us list all of the games in my Backlog as it stands at the moment:

Xbox One (8 Games)
Forza Motorsport 6: Apex (Windows 10)
Age of Empires: Castle Siege (Windows 10)
Hand of Fate
Metal Gear Solid V
LEGO Batman 3
Dragon Age: Inquisition
The Banner Saga
The Banner Saga 2

Xbox 360 Games (7 Games)
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Dynasty Warriors 8
Mirror’s Edge
Bioshock Infinite
Sonic Adventure
Sonic Adventure 2
Super Meat Boy

Games to Re-Complete* (4 Games)
*Games that were 100% but DLC Achievements has since been added

The Division
Killer Instinct
Minecraft Xbox 360
Minecraft Xbox One


These are all of the games I wanted to 100% before I figured out a new way to stop adding games to my backlog, I think going forward I will likely approach Dragon Age Inquisition next on the Xbox One backlog and Mirror’s Edge on the Xbox 360 – The most recent backlog completions were Darks Souls 3 and 1 respectively.

Backlog Managing System

Last but not least it is time to go into the new system I am using to keep control of the amount of games I am playing, there are a few exceptions to this rule but so far it has worked for the last 3 months.

It’s as simple as this, I will only allow myself to have 5 active games at one time, if I want to BUY a new game then I need to finish one of the games on the list first as well as limiting myself to 1, MAYBE 2 games purchased a month assuming I can get a completion slot “Freed up”.
As an example, right now my current list looks like this:

6180 The Moon
Bioshock 2 (Xbox One Version)
Killer Instinct 2 Classic
Stardew Valley
Final Fantasy XV

To explain further, unless I 100% one of these 5 games, I’m disallowing myself to buy or start any new games (with the exception of multiplayer only as I don’t care for achievements or games I will only play Co-Op with my best friend – In this case, Halo Wars: Definitive Edition).

So if I want to buy and start Resident Evil 7 (which I desperately do!) then I need to finish, let’s say, 6180 The Moon – This will open up a space for Resident Evil 7 in my 5 game list without adding anything to a backlog.

Ideally I want to only have 3 active games on that list at one time so there is always room for a new release (Mass Effect in March and Injustice in April for example) without having to wait for an extended amount of time.

This might sound like a silly system to some people but it’s helping me manage the overflow of games and lack of time to play them, especially when I’m busier now in my life than I have ever been and if it means perhaps missing a game and not playing it, then so be it.

  • Achievement Highlights/Statistics

Dark SoulsThe Dark SoulScorchPSOThe The Dark Soul achievement in Dark Souls worth 181 pointsAll achievements completed. Congratulations!

This game was more frustrating than it was hard – I felt that Dark Souls 3 was a decent challenge but nearly always fair, however this game felt a lot more unfair and broken. People will tell me to get good, of course, but it’s completed now and done.

The hardest part was definitely Ornstein and Smough on my second playthrough, seriously, screw those guys.

Dark Souls IIIThe Dark SoulScorchPSOThe The Dark Soul achievement in Dark Souls III worth 227 pointsComplete all achievements.

I loved this game, it was probably one of the more enjoyable experiences in recent months and I’m sad that it is over – Without gloating I managed to one shot all but 1 boss (And even then I did it on my second attempt) on all 3 playthroughs so I didn’t find it nearly as challenging as some people have said.

Compared to Dark Souls 1 this was a walk in the park.

Onto the Month’s statistics:

Month Period: 1st January – 31st January
Total Playtime: 176 Hours and 0 Minutes
Gamerscore: 4,855 Gamerscore (300,860 Total)

Gaming Stats (Xbox One/Windows 10/Android)

Dark Souls 3 – 49 Hours and 57 Minutes – 36 Achievements (COMPLETED)
Forza Horizon 3 – 18 Hours and 26 Minutes – 33 Achievements (COMPLETED)
Gems of War – 17 Hours and 55 Minutes – 3 Achievements (COMPLETED)
Final Fantasy XV – 11 Hours and 31 Minutes – 13 Achievements
Halo Wars: Definitive Edition – 5 Hours and 28 Minutes – 24 Achievements
Killer Instinct 2 Classic – 5 Hours and 12 Minutes – 22 Achievements
Rock Band 4 – 1 Hour and 43 Minutes – 4 Achievements
Overwatch – 1 Hour and 37 Minutes – 2 Achievements
Star Wars Battlefront – 1 Hour and 32 Minutes – 3 Achievements
6180 The Moon – 42 Minutes – 10 Achievements

Gaming Stats (Xbox 360/Windows Phone/Windows 8)

Dark Souls – 27 Hours and 9 Minutes – 30 Achievements (COMPLETED)

Gaming Stats (PC/Wii U/3DS)

World of Warcraft (PC) – 30 Hours and 41 Minutes
Diablo 3 (PC) – 4 Hour and 7 Minutes


Until Next Time!
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