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PermalinkSpecial Offers and Free Stuff (14th February 2017)

Last week I said I will continue posting any deals that I find that are not listed in This Weeks Deals, so here they are.


This Weeks Deals filter by Xbox One

Deals with Gold until 20th February 2017 (Gold Exclusive)
Battle Islands: Commanders
- Bonus Supply Drop 85% off
Dear Esther: Landmark Edition 50% off

Spotlight Sale until 20th February 2017
NBA 2K17 Achievements 35% off

Recent Price Drops (not all regions)
Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers 33% drop

  • XBOX 360

This Weeks Deals filter by Xbox 360

Spotlight Sale until 20th February 2017
Xbox Live Arcade
Goosebumps: The Game (Xbox 360) 33% off
Monster Jam Battlegrounds 33% off

Recent Price Drops (not all regions)
Dragon Age: Origins
- Awakening for Dragon Age: Origins 50% drop (has achievements) [BC]

[BC] = Backward Compatibility on Xbox One


Limited Time Offers
Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition 63% off until 20th February 2017

Free Games on Origin (not Xbox Live enabled)
Mass Effect 2 FREE for a limited time, includes:
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 16 February 17 at 05:06
K1LL3R BEEZ For anyone tempted by that sale on 2k17, don't bother. They haven't fixed the unobtainable yet (despite the fact that it works on PS4), it's not as good as 16 was gameplay-wise, and is well over a 200-hour completion.
Posted by K1LL3R BEEZ on 16 Feb at 06:25
Slazare Your blogs are way more useful than the sales section.thanks for the heads up :)
Posted by Slazare on 16 Feb at 09:26
MNRussell Second that, I'd also love to read more about your gaming insights, you articulate very well and I would enjoy reading such a blog
Posted by MNRussell on 16 Feb at 11:27
brent1221 Is there a good site to see WP discounts or do they not have weekly sales? Does anyone know?
Posted by brent1221 on 16 Feb at 14:30
misfit119 I almost never see sales on their store anymore, at least for the Xbox Live enabled games. Seems that ship has come and gone for the most part. Most games you can get GS from are freemium games now.
Posted by misfit119 on 16 Feb at 15:39
Handydarkness Any chance you could revert to the old way? You did a great job compiling all relevant sales by platform. My personal preference as well for viewing pertinent sales.
Posted by Handydarkness on 16 Feb at 16:12
xxx AL I liked this blog a LOT. Sometimes i would hesitate to buy a game on sale. I would wait until Monday evening to read your blog to see if there were anything better coming up in a few hours. I can't do that anymore. The ''official'' list of games comes out on Tuesday only. shock
Posted by xxx AL on 20 Feb at 15:37