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PermalinkGTASC Week 5 - Session 12
This session took a long time because of illness, but I am beginning to feel better and have some inspiration toward gaming because I took the better part of two weeks off.

Completion Percentage - 43.15% - (High: 43.15, Low: 42.84, Last: 43.09)
Canada Music Ranking - 17th - (High: 17th, Low: 18th, Last: 17th)
TA Music Ranking - 224th - (High: 223rd, Low: 246th, Last: 223th)

Achievements For The Week

Low Completion Percentage Game: Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved Achievements - Another game with good potential that I never really got into.

Disney Game: Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition (Xbox 360) Achievements - I will continue popping an achievement in this game and the Windows 10 version after finishing the XBox One version.

Easy Game: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Achievements - It took about an hour and a half, but I beat Gambit. Next up hopefully will be a quick achievement for beating all the flashbacks.

Game I Want To Finish: Wheel of Fortune Achievements - This really should be called the "Open Game" as I can basically play anything here, but I want to get a few games knocked out this year. I will grind through to 25 wins this session.

Music Game: Guitar Hero: Van Halen Achievements - I will again play this aiming to the achievement where I play all Van Halen songs with all instruments by playing five songs per session. Additionally I need 100 band career stars, 200 guitar career stars, 200 bass career stars (done), 200 drum career stars and 200 vocal career stars. My progress will be 100 vocal career stars (done), 100 drum stars, 200 guitar stars, 100 band career stars, 200 drum stars and 200 vocal stars. Quite a run I know :) As well I will intersperce some Rocksmith 2014 where I am at approximately 410 missions (out of 500).

Thanks for reading!
Posted by KirkSadler on 16 February 17 at 20:00
AlbinoKidELITE Welcome back toast
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