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So I gotts my instagram account open againPermalink
Now that I don't have a windows phone I can do this. I suppose I can make a ton of money with this thing as well. So check my picks from here and check out the people sponsoring me

I guess gaming wise I'm doing steep now. Disappointed Stallion83 got a switch.
Posted by Bboy360 com on 08 March 17 at 05:56
LuckyKant I knew you would be the type of person who likes his own posts.

Why do you care Stallion got a Switch? How does that impact your life?
Posted by LuckyKant on 08 Mar 17 at 09:54
Bboy360 com Yeah, you're right, I shouldn't care if he has a switch. I'm sure nintendo probably gave it to him for free.
Posted by Bboy360 com on 08 Mar 17 at 14:35