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PermalinkKids don't need school.
Just found this video a couple of minutes ago. The guy explains why the school system is dumb and not preparing kids for the future--don't be misled by the title.

This second video which I found a couple months ago while writing an essay of how college was a scam and a total ripoff, has a guy explaining why college is a scam and a total ripoff.

Additionally, I have an unexplainable uncontrollable urge to convince you why Patria became a revolutionary in the book In the Time of the Butterflies. Because, ya know, that'll help me in the real world. So here's my English essay that took me all weekend to write--I can't wait to use it in the real world (had to take screenshots to prevent the plagiarism detector from going off. You can click into the images if you're having trouble reading them).

External image

External image

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And finally, I took a screenshot of my grades so far for this year--because just because I don't believe in the school system doesn't mean I'm going to give up having a good life just to prove a point. I'm not that dumb! Well, actually, I'm smart enough to be taking 3 honors classes, a math class 3 grade levels ahead of 9th grade curriculum level, and a before and an after school class, so I mean I can't be that dumb, right?

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Posted by KinectKid333 on 19 March 17 at 23:59
Jblacq I'm sorry... I couldn't resist...
Posted by Jblacq on 20 Mar 17 at 00:18
KinectKid333 I guess a more appropriate title would be something like "The school system needs to change" or whatever, but if you want to make it in the real world, you need to know how to do good marketing. Considering you're probably not in school anymore, you probably wouldn't have clicked on this blog if the title was "The school system needs to change", because you don't care anymore since school doesn't really affect you that much. But the key to good marketing is hiding the bait (also knowing your audience). If you are blatantly obvious, like some buzzfeed articles or youtube videos, sure you might get a few views or clicks, but I'm pretty sure most people on this site wouldn't click on a blog that said "COLLEGE=SCAM? SCHOOL SYSTEM IS A LIE?" because this is a pretty small community and I'm sure it'd just annoy more people than it would attract to read this post. Mini-rant over. toast
Posted by KinectKid333 on 20 Mar 17 at 00:20
KinectKid333 Curses! Sniped by Jblacq again!
Posted by KinectKid333 on 20 Mar 17 at 00:21
KinectKid333 @Jblacq The essay part was partially for irony and partially to continue to prove my point, and the grades was just because on my "cheating in school" blogs lots of people were like "omg you hate school you must be an idiot" and I'm like "orlly? please tell me more about my life." so I didn't want to have to deal with that again.
Posted by KinectKid333 on 20 Mar 17 at 00:29
Jblacq My post was just a rib... nothing meant by it. wink

People say, "Why should I go to school? I'll never use this stuff..." While you may never need to know what year the War of 1812 happened, what's the chemical formula for di-hydrogen monoxide, or who wrote Lord of the Flies, learning how to read and retain relevant knowledge is very important. Also, depending on what you end up doing for a job/career, knowing how to write a good report/e-mail is a good skill.
Posted by Jblacq on 20 Mar 17 at 00:58
Riconoclast There are examples of good emails and reports online. You don't need to be taught how to write those in school if you can find and copy/draw inspiration from good examples that are readily available.

My degree wasn't so much a scam as a piece of enjoyment, I followed what interested me and what I was passionate about without considering whether I'd be able to get a job at the end of it. Life should be enjoyed and stress should be avoided.

I feel to many people fall into copying what their parents/friends are doing without actually considering whether it's right for them and that's why so many people are miserable from copying the status quo.

I reject that status quo myself, I did enough work at school to make my way up to degree level but I never went all out and sacrificed enjoyable life experiences in sake of getting all A's. Tbh nowadays when everyone's getting all A's there is little to actually make a person stand out anyway, GCSE's have become a joke.

Like the guy in the video said there's plenty of pain to be avoided out there, mortgages, marriages, full time work the whole thing feels like one big joke left over from the Victorian era and the majority of people are still ploughing the same old boring furrow that their ancestors did because they don't dare or don't even think to do anything different from the norm.
Posted by Riconoclast on 21 Mar 17 at 00:19