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So I fell into a depressed state of mind over the weekend and couldn't stop myself from trying to feel better in a way that never fails:

(Yell this with me monotonously and loudly like a robot with broken volume)

I spent $140......got 33 games or something like that. A lot of it was on Steam. A few things were on the 360 and the One. Oh, how happy I was when I decided to commit with the list of games I cut it down to. Originally I wanted to just spend, spend, spend; you know that one arm over your head, cocked back ready to fire, shaking in a tense manner? Found myself with a fist full of quarters ready to chuck at my Xbox One. That's how you successfully make a purchase. That or your shove dollar bills through the disc loader. I didn't, though. Cut it from over $200. I was happy!

Then....it caught up to me.

I don't have time...

I am getting farther and deeper and darker into a hole that is being dug with a ferocity and speed that I have no control over. After a while, out of the depths you can hear a raspy "my precious" from the well of my despair. And yea! You guessed it, I am clutching my original Playstation 1 because I still have games from THAT generation that I haven't finished or touched. I hate myself. =]

...my hell will be arthritis so bad I won't be able to pick up a controller.

To the sunny days ahead...that I will shut out with the blackout blinds in my room. Just kidding, I kind of can't wait for spring and summer. I have plans of visiting you. All of you. Without warning.

The Monster Under Your Bed, Oinkbat

PS, I'm writing dramatically, but feeling comic, don't take it literally.
Posted by oinkbat on 20 March 17 at 05:27
CATFISH504 Come out from under my bed so we can play...games.

Wow your spending habit is just as bad as mine. Smh it's crazy. But does feel good after.

You ever need an ear you know I'm here!!
Posted by CATFISH504 on 20 Mar at 09:23
GNOMEassassin23 I do the same thing. Buy lots of physical copies of games that are on sale, or have become so cheap I can't pass them up. But they just sit on my shelf and I never have time to play them all. Got some digital ones as well that I never started up because I didn't wanna put them on my card until I had time to play them, which has never happened. I really need to boot up the 360 again and finish some of those games too, but new Mass Effect will be here tomorrow and I have plenty more that needs played.

And if you are gonna hide under my bed, get out here and help with with these co-op challenges in the Family Guy Multiverse game I started years ago. toast
Posted by GNOMEassassin23 on 20 Mar at 16:28
GNOMEassassin23 Are you all fluffy like those monsters from Monsters Inc that hide under the kids beds?
Posted by GNOMEassassin23 on 20 Mar at 16:31
oinkbat I am a bundle of fluff! I'll help you with games if you help me! Let's do this.
Posted by oinkbat on 20 Mar at 18:31
LRD SOTH We miss you little friend!
Posted by LRD SOTH on 22 Mar at 21:38