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PermalinkThe path to 100 complete games, 12 weeks in.
Update 3:

So, 12 weeks done and pace was slowing for a while. Basically to meet the target at year end it means completing a game every 9 days. Which, given my personal life (work travel, and the 2 year old daughter) is going to be difficult. Still we plough on and see what we can get to. The good news is that by completing a further 5 games in the last 4 weeks I find my self at 35% of target with only 22% of the year gone which gives me some wiggle room for later in the year.

I've decided that Tuesday is my favourite clap day of the week (after Friday of course) as its the day the games with gold sale starts and most weeks I pick up a couple of games. Most of them in the £3 to £15 bracket and I've got some real gems' of games (far more than the full price AAA titles), including recently Knee Deep, Lifeless Planet and Wheels of Aurelia.

I've also come to the realisation that going back to the xbox 360 and backlog of 500 games its unlikely to happen. The console is still plugged in and ready to go but i've not used it in 5 months and unless I get a week off and I force myself to, I can't see this changing no matter how much I want to finish the Resident Evils again as well as many others. Backwards compatibility is helping but a large number of the games I have (over 600) are probably going to stay in the cupboard until I money magpie them or something similar. cry

So, back to the Lego Star Wars, Assassins Creed Syndicate and whatever cut price games I can find. Probably try to get to The Cave, Knee Deep, Assembly amongst others this month. COD MW Remastered I had a blast rampaging through the levels, just like on the Xbox 360 missing Intel and generally getting murdered on a regular basis. Still better than Infinate Warfare though..

Still on to this months completions:clap

Thomas Was Alone: Very entertaining. Purchased as part of the Instant Indie Hits (mainly for Thomas) because I'd heard of it somewhere. Anyway, excellent game - great level design and probably the best narration of any game I've played since Bastion. Feels like a game produced by a much larger team than 1 person. Couple of levels were a little challenging (I youtube'd them OK! Don't judge me ;-)) but rates up there with Fireways and Inside as the best games I've played this year (including full price games)

Wheels of Aurelia: Strange. Firstly I got it because it takes 15 minutes to complete and you have to complete it 16 times, so I thought - thats not bad, pretty straightforward. A strange little game, that I went from curious to disliking to eventually kind-of-liking in the same way I liked Virginia - its simple, linear but it has a little bit of charm that makes you eventually quite like it.

6180 the moon: I was having a good day, thought I'd go for my all time record GS in 24 hours so purchased this as it seemed easy. 'Retro' graphics (ie looks like a 30 year old Spectrum game) that I completed, like Three Fourths Home, solely for the 1000 (although at least its a game!)

Her Majesty's SPIFFING: You can see when you play it a lot of effort has been put in. In some places its quite challenging, and in other's its pretty simple. Achievements are easy to get and the game itself you can do in about 2 to 3 hours. The problem is, its trying too hard to get the 'English' sense of humour in place so rather than being funny, in some cases, its excruciatingly embarrassing. But I do appreciate the effort.

Doodle God: Followed a guide. Got annoyed as it crashed on my near the end of one of the challenges. Some amusing moments when you add card to card (apple + phone = Fanatic) but really, like 6180 played for the 1000GS.

And the list in order of enjoyment - I've added a heading to three levels as there's quite a big gap in enjoyment between the top 7, the next 3 and the bottom 3

Highly Recommended:
Thomas Was Alone
Broken Sword
Wheels of Aurelia

Mildly Diverting:
Beyond Eyes
Her Majesty's Spiffing

Only if you want 1000 GS:
Doodle God
Dear Esther: Landmark Edition
6180 the moon
Three Fourths Home

Posted by JCB DUKE on 20 March 17 at 11:14 | Last edited on 20 March 17 at 11:22
IronFistofSnuff I'd switch Her Majesty's Spiffing and Wheels of Aurelia personally. I loved Her Majesty's Spiffing for the humor, but found Wheels of Aurelia absolutely dreadful. By the end of that game, I felt dead. :P
Posted by IronFistofSnuff on 20 Mar 17 at 20:56
JCB DUKE Yes, on reflection I'm putting Wheels of Aurelia into the Mildly Diverting list when I update next. Whilst I was curious to see the different endings, for the middle of the game it was a real struggle.
Posted by JCB DUKE on 20 Mar 17 at 22:51