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PermalinkCompletion #1012: Aaero
Game Preview:

Shooting + Rhythm. It brought me back memories of Rez. One of my favorite games on Dreamcast / PS2. I really enjoyed this game. The game does a lot of things well, although it is not without faults. Some earlier tracks seemed too hard compared to the later ones. The mechanism of using right stick to aim made it kind of hard to aim center. (Maybe changing the control so the aim is always on screen, but holding down LT or RT is used for lock on and release fires the missile?) I struggle to find faults to be honest, and these minor annoyances don't really distract from the fun.

It should take an average gamer around 15 hours to complete the game. I'd give this a difficulty of 5/10 due to Alpha Centauri on the Master difficulty being one bitch of a track.

Posted by Sangriaz on 19 April 17 at 07:42
Alahert Aaero is great! Do you have another goal for number of completions?
Posted by Alahert on 19 Apr at 13:22
Sangriaz Yeah, it is a great game. I don't have a goal. Just decided to keep the completion blog posts going.
Posted by Sangriaz on 19 Apr at 14:18