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PermalinkAsking for advice concerning an excessive games backlog.
I have been collecting games for well over a decade now. I have two previous gamertags on Xbox Live. The first one I abandoned because I was an active alcoholic/drug addict when I had that tag, and I wanted a fresh start after too many times of being a fucked up asshole on online matches. The second one I am keeping around as a dummy account, and I still use it to see if I want to commit to a game fully before diving right in. This is the account I am doing most of my gaming on now.

I own over 800 games between six different consoles. I have probably completed the SP on only 100 of them at least once. And SP is the kind of gaming that I vastly prefer. Mainly because I like getting lost in a game, and I like being experimental in my gameplay even if it means I fail miserably at times. I also like doing a first playthrough of any game without using a walkthrough of any kind.

I am fully committing my free time to three games currently. Saints Row on the 360, Clicker Heroes on the One, and The Guided Fate Paradox on the PS3. I am having a blast with all three of these games, actually. Even if Clicker Heroes is going to take me an eternity to get to level 3600 due to the fact that I am reluctant to spend real money on it.

The thing is I keep adding to my backlog. I see the XBox Deal of the Weeks and the PlayStation Flash Sales and the used game shops, and then my wallet opens faster than a hooker's legs at the sight of a suitcase full of Benjamins.

I do not want to neglect my social life, and I do want to keep my job. I also want to experience every game I purchased. Therein lies the dilemma. I own more than I could possibly ever complete the SP on in a reasonable amount of time, and yet I keep adding to it because I am addicted to the thrill of the new purchase at a good price. I replaced buying drugs with buying video games when they are on sale. It is equally addictive to me. Even if it is considerably less destructive. I am not dipping into my 401k, so I still am able to be a responsible adult on top of all of this.

So..... Does anybody else have any experience in this area? The thrill of hunting out good game deals, leading up to backlogs that are excessive?
Posted by CompleteKurisu on 19 April 17 at 18:35
planting42 Don't stop enjoying them. At some point achievements take a different meaning and you buy things just for them. Never stop doing that initial playthrough free of any other input.

Oh, and make that backlog bigger wink
Posted by planting42 on 20 Apr 17 at 02:46
skylinesend I have a ton of games I'll never play, mostly due to Games with Gold. I play what I want and try to complete what I start, but if I can't finish it (unless it's like Guitar Hero and I just can't play well enough to complete it) I don't sweat it too much. The important part is to have fun.
Posted by skylinesend on 20 Apr 17 at 11:51
Kbeau73 I've got about 300 games in my backlog and only one gamertag to my name. I don't consider myself a completionist but I would like to attempt to knock off as many achievements out of the games on my backlog as possible.

I too have been in the habit lately of picking up games because they're so cheap. I picked up a couple the week before last fully knowing I'll more than likely never get to them. I just can't pass up a game that is less that $5. lol

As long as gaming doesn't interfere with your job or family I'd say keep the course. :)
Posted by Kbeau73 on 20 Apr 17 at 20:20
CompleteKurisu Yeah, I really am not hurting anybody, and games/achievements are all about fun and recreation for me. Being uber competitive is not my nature. My job is high intensity (social work involving individuals with disabilities tends to be that way), so when I get home, I want to fuck around and relax with my games.

Yeah, picking up really cheap games is something I have gotten into the habit of doing, myself. Often, it feels like an issue of quantity over quality, but I have stumbled upon some real gaming gems that way, so it is not all that bad.
Posted by CompleteKurisu on 20 Apr 17 at 22:26
WhataLumpV2 I can offer you advice how I'm approaching my tag with hundreds of games to repeat.
Step #1. Make a big list (copy mine then add your own collection to it).
Step #2. Work out what has multiplayer on it.
Step #3. Do a little research and see how long the multiplayer will take to complete.
Step #4. Create a Diary and plan ahead. Schedule sessions and book your time.
Step #5. Ignore all of the above and play what you like when you like.

My diary runs like a military campaign. You can access it via a link in my biography. Copy it and amend it for your own use. It's on Google sheets so all can see it via a link.
Posted by WhataLumpV2 on 21 Apr 17 at 19:34