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Got All Cheevos from Microsoft JigsawPermalink
Oh yeah!
Wow that was a great long batch of cheevos. Only a true master gamer and over all great person could have 100% complete on that one

599 have completed it (2.86%)

Wow, only 2% have completed this game. Respect yo!

Microsoft Jigsaw (Win 8) Achievements
Posted by Bboy360 com on 05 May 17 at 22:01
Dwaggienite They're called achievements. Not cheevos.

Second, no, it doesn't take a true master gamer or overall great person. It just takes someone willing to do the grind.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 05 May 17 at 22:42
Bboy360 com Life is all about the grind.
Posted by Bboy360 com on 05 May 17 at 22:44