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PermalinkBlog #133 – April Statistics
  • April Statistics

April’s Period SummaryApril’s Period Summary

Firstly, sorry for the late blog! I actually wrote out the bulk of it on May 1st but other side projects distracted me and I just never got around to finishing it until now.

As of late I’m starting to feel tired of this gradual back and forth of completing games only for them to pop up again with additional achievements, back when the Xbox One was first announced it was mentioned that new achievements were going to be easier than ever to add to games, some not even requiring DLC as the 360 did! I remember writing a blog and being genuinely excited for this because everybody loves achievements, am I right?

Now I feel like I spend more time going back and completing old games than actually playing new, I have not bought a game since early February (For Honor) yet have still managed to gain over 8,000 Gamerscore from old games and DLC since the beginning of March – I’ve refocused my goal of getting as much of my backlog completed as I can and although this is going well I still seem to be hitting bumps due to games getting new achievements (I’m looking at you Minecraft).

Midway through the month I just burnt out and gave up, I put my Xbox One controller down and have not touched the console for nearly a month now, save for YouTube to watch some shows with my girlfriend.

I will admit that a big part of this was because I was playing through (And completing) Nier: Automata and Bloodborne, the first of which is one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had in years and is definitely the current front runner for my GOTY – However now both of those are done and completed I still have no desire to return to either the Xbox or the PS4 – My total gaming for last 6 days of May totalling to a whopping 2 hours.

Maybe a break is what I need? I love gaming but it has begun feeling more like a chore than something fun I do in my free time, I’m also reconsidering my approach to what I consider “Completed” on games so I don’t end up in this loop of re-completing games that add never-ending DLC.

Also spending massive amounts of time on Re-Masters of games I’ve already done certainly isn’t helping, I’m looking at you 90 hours on Ezio Collection.

  • Achievement Highlights/Statistics

Final Fantasy XVA New BlademasterScorchPSOThe A New Blademaster achievement in Final Fantasy XV worth 510 pointsScored 1,000,000 or more points in Score Attack.

I was a bit worried about managing this when it was first released, not that many people had done it and there wasn’t much information out there – However when I attempted it I found that it was extremely easy and got it on my first attempt, once again re-completing Final Fantasy 15.

Onto the Month’s statistics:

Month Period: 1st April – 30th April
Total Playtime: 186 Hours and 14 Minutes
Gamerscore: 3,395 Gamerscore (314,745 Total)

Gaming Stats (Xbox One/Windows 10/Android)

Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection – 24 Hours and 7 Minutes – 47 Achievements (COMPLETED)
Halo Wars – 16 Hours and 36 Minutes – 20 Achievements (COMPLETED)
Gems of War – 8 Hours and 51 Minutes – 3 Achievements (COMPLETED)
Overwatch – 5 Hours and 11 Minutes – 1 Achievement
Final Fantasy XV – 2 Hours and 37 Minutes – 7 Achievements (COMPLETED)
For Honor – 47 Minutes
Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Android) – 68 Achievements (COMPLETED)
Fallout Shelter – 4 Achievements (COMPLETED)

Gaming Stats (Playstation 4)

Bloodborne – 39 Hours and 20 Minutes – 40 Trophies (COMPLETED)
Nier: Automata – 37 Hours and 37 Minutes – 42 Trophies (COMPLETED)
Dark Cloud – 18 Hours and 10 Minutes – 24 Trophies (COMPLETED)
Horizon: Zero Dawn – 9 Hours and 28 Minutes – 17 Trophies

Gaming Stats (Xbox 360/Windows Phone/Windows 8)

-None Played-

Gaming Stats (PC/Wii U/3DS)

World of Warcraft (PC) – 21 Hours and 13 Minutes
Guild Wars 2 – 2 Hours and 17 Minutes


Until Next Time!
Posted by ScorchPSO on 06 May 17 at 09:42
xPandorasRagex Great job with all your progress :) glad you are able to spend more time with the girl as of late. Good luck with the playstation I know you have been really excited about that!!!! Good luck!!!
Posted by xPandorasRagex on 06 May 17 at 17:06
PALOFGAMES I think the want to complete games and getting gamerscore comes and goes. I know I have stopped on multiple occasions, I have come to the conclusion that gamerscore should be there to improve the enjoyment of title you have fun playing and if you're not then, don't.

Wanting to checkout Nier: Automata myself when I have more time to invest into it. Glad to here, you praise it so highly. smile
Posted by PALOFGAMES on 06 May 17 at 19:00