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PermalinkThe Random Game Selector Challenge! (Game #1 Selected)
I have a HUGE Backlog that really needs some fixing. I'd like to get to playing some of those games, and attempt to complete them. However it can be difficult to go back to older games, especially when you have a lot of newer games to play. Plus in my case, being a reviewer means I have to play certain games at a specific time, leaving even less time for those old games. So, I did the first thing that popped into my head, I looked up a random game selector. It took a bit of searching around, but I found one that works well, and doesn't require you to use Steam, since obviously I am using this to try to get some older completions on Xbox.

I've just spent the last hour or so putting in all of my Xbox One and Backwards Compatible games into the randomizer. For now, I decided not to include my regular 360 titles, as that would take much longer to list them.

Now for the challenge aspect, I plan to do the first game that pops up each time, until I get the game completed, or in some cases, as many achievements as I can get. Once I've completed one, I will do a blog post about it, and move onto the next random game. I feel like this will be a fun way to motivate myself to get some more completions.

So, now time to reveal the first game drawn!
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

I'm not too excited about this draw, will be challenging, but I have played a bit of it in the past, and enjoyed it. I'm hoping it goes by relatively quickly. There are also some coop achievements in it, so if you are interested in joining in, comments or message me, I can use the help.

I am not sure when I'll start working on it exactly, I'm still trying to finish off a couple other games, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, and I've just started The Surge, although the chances of completing that one is low. It'll be within the week though.

Lastly, for anyone who may want to also participate,
Posted by IronFistofSnuff on 18 May 17 at 07:25
PALOFGAMES Really fun and Cool idea, still have to return Iron Brigade myself. Seems like you have quite a few games on the go. Good luck! smile
Posted by PALOFGAMES on 18 May 17 at 13:37
IronFistofSnuff Thanks man, I do have a lot of games I'm trying to get through, limited time is really messing me up. If you still need to do the coop in Iron Brigade, and are down to do it, let me know. smile
Posted by IronFistofSnuff on 18 May 17 at 17:41
flubberfudge How do I get in this challenge? My backlog is growing as well
Posted by flubberfudge on 19 May 17 at 02:08
IronFistofSnuff It really isn't a challenge you have to get in. Just click the link, and add it to your google drive, then list your games in the slots for it. It will draw a random game every time you open the document up. Feel free to do your own blog posts if you want though. :P
Posted by IronFistofSnuff on 19 May 17 at 02:26
flubberfudge That website makes me angry lol, not even gonna try to get it working..
Posted by flubberfudge on 19 May 17 at 02:51
IronFistofSnuff Haha, you could always search for another site. :P
Posted by IronFistofSnuff on 19 May 17 at 02:55
PALOFGAMES Yeah or use based on what you have already started. As for the offer for Iron Brigade unfortunately I haven't got a lot of free time atm but good luck with finding a coop partner creptor. toast
Posted by PALOFGAMES on 19 May 17 at 14:49
IronFistofSnuff I don't think it'll be too hard to find someone interested, since it was a GWG. At the very least, I could try to dual box it, may be tricky, but it would work.
Posted by IronFistofSnuff on 19 May 17 at 18:52
MattiasAnderson This was a really cool idea!
Posted by MattiasAnderson on 18 Jun 17 at 19:09