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My breaks at work are consumed by Windows Phone games lately. Normally, my breaks would be the perfect time to blog, but I'd rather game instead. Anyway, thought I would take a break from gaming and post something today.

Wait - that actually doesn't make sense. Who takes a break from gaming? Kind of a strange concept.

Well, then. Let's get to it.

Let's address the title. I thought I was a destroyer of words, but it turns out these new friends of Dawn (mine too, I guess) that she met at her job are absolutely brutal! Since our wedding is an ongoing topic, it's only natural that our old friends sometimes get brought up. Anyway, her friends were curious what they looked like, so Dawn obliged and dug up some old photos from her phone. Their comments were priceless!

For instance, they said Cracks Corn IDC looked like a homeless guy whereas Mundane Monday actually looked like a bitch. Even threw out a notorious Family Guy saying and mentioned her gummy smile.


Like I said, brutal. Might have to keep them around. They're funny.

Since the last blog, I've started and completed a considerable amount of games, so I'm going to change up the usual layout this time. That said, don't get used to it. It won't be the standard. Got it? Good.

  • Started & Completed:

Asphalt 5 (WP)

+ Just another racing game. Enjoyed it, at least.


Madden NFL 11

+ I love me some football games. The Madden Moments was a neat challenge too.


Bellator: MMA Onslaught

+ Was granted access to this and boosted the wins with my homeboy, Jon. This also completes another genre for my ongoing project - Mixed Martial Arts. Only 20 more to go! ...I think.


Guitar Hero 5 (WP)

+ The difficulty was watered down in my opinion, but it had a good selection of songs though.


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (WP) (plus all stack variants)

+ This was interesting. I usually never stack, but since they were relatively easy, I thought, "Why not?" Of course, the French version was a pain in the butt. Silly French people and their wine. You're drunk, don't make another game.


Butterfly (WP)

+ This game was just another tramp stamp along with those Hannah Montana games.


Feed Me Oil (WP)

+ Very good game. Highly enjoyed it.


Dream Track Nation (WP)

+ Opposite to the general public's opinion, I actually thought the physics were neat in this game. I didn't love it, but didn't hate it either.


Fast and the Furious: Adrenaline (WP)

+ Another movie tie-in. That equals to a piss poor game. The drag racing mode was somewhat neat.


Star Wars: Cantina (WP)

+ A bit repetitive, but I liked it. Then again, I'm a Star Wars junkie. So much in fact, I know the Emperor's FIRST name. Do you?


Beards & Beaks (WP)

+ Such a shame this game only had two sets of levels. Outside of that, I recommend it. Neat implementation of strategy.


Lode Runner Classic (WP)

+ It's a classic. What else can I say?


Bubble Town 2 (WP)

+ Average puzzle game that was short and sweet. A couple levels took multiple attempts, but nothing mind melting.

  • On the Menu:

iBlast Moki (WP)

+ Funny story. I started this game up by accident since I didn't think my first action in the game would unlock an achievement. Heh. No bother. It should be completed in a day or two.


Adera (Win 8)

+ Was granted access to all of DLC from a friend, so opted to start it the other day. Superb graphics, even compared with today's standard. Just have one achievement left, which could be potentially annoying to unlock. We'll see.


KenKen (WP)

+ This will be an ongoing project for awhile, maybe. It just depends how much progress I want to make towards it in each setting. There's just So. Many. Puzzles. Hundreds of them!

  • 100 Completions - Kinect & WP

Approaching 100 completions in both Kinect Required and Windows Phone titles. Wondering if I would be the first to do so?

With that said, is there a certain game I should strive to do in each platform as the 100th completion? Let me know.

And, with that - let me dive into another phone game. Leave me alone already.

[UPDATED: May 01, 2017]

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Posted by Mr Granstaff on 18 May 17 at 16:36 | Last edited on 18 May 17 at 19:01
JimbotUK I think you should do Jet Car Stunts as the 100th wink wink

Grats on Lode Runner that is a tricky one.
Posted by JimbotUK on 18 May 17 at 19:08
Mr Granstaff That would be a toughie! I think I have access to that one... Need to check. I should do that Kinectimals game on the phone. Too bad I've already completed the retail one for Kinect. That would've been neat to do.
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 18 May 17 at 19:14
Juicyjams I think the obvious answer is a challenging one. Game 100 in both areas should be doodle jump. 2 games and the 2 platforms you want to pop 100 on. Now get to work!!!toast
Posted by Juicyjams on 21 May 17 at 03:02
Mr Granstaff Ooh... Totally forgot about Doodle Jump on the phone! That would be perfect actually since I haven't completed the Kinect version yet.
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 21 May 17 at 18:48