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As a full-time EMT and full-time RN student, I don't have the time for gaming that I used to. Still trying to stay productive though. I'm gonna spend this coming summer working on the games below as well as starting some AAA titles on XB1 that I haven't started yet because of school (FO4, TES V, GTA V, and a few more). As always, message me if you are down to boost achievements. I'm happy to return the favor!

Single Player

Mortal Kombat (MK9)

Achievement notes: Finishing up "MY KUNG FU IS STRONGER," which is one hell of an achievement. Currently have 15 characters mastered with 12 left to do. Done after that.

Other thoughts: My wife is tired of watching me grind fatalities and doesn't understand how I can continue the grind. I'm swearing off fighting games for a while after this and Injustice, for her sake and mine.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Achievement Notes: Ultimate Battler is a royal pain in the ass. Going to try to finish after Mortal Kombat by playing without the update. Everything after that is grinding, which will be cake after all ofthe time I put into MK.

Other thoughts: This game got me into fighting games and I really enjoyed it. Wish the difficulty curve of the battles was a little, but whatever.

Alan Wake

Achievement Notes: Need to finish both DLC packs. Just need a few hours to sit down and knock it out, but I won't touch it until I get at least a few more characters done for MK.

Other thoughts: Loved this game. Highly recommended for pretty good execution of an interesting concept, especially considering the game's age.

Ms. Splosion Man

Achievement Notes: Multiplayer x 3, unlock everything from the store, and finish single player hardcore. Should be do-able with the two girls, one controller mode.

Other thoughts: WAY harder than the original, but still fun. I'm a fan of everything put out so far by Twisted Pixel.


Guitar Hero III

Achievement notes: Grinding through the co-op with a buddy of mine in town who is damn good at the game. Will probably boost online after that and see what's left to do.

Other thoughts: One of my nostalgia games, but never one I could get good enough at. Glad I have a buddy in town to help.

Assassin's Creed Series (Brotherhood, III, and IV: Black Flag)

Achievement Notes: Trying to boost all multiplayer stuff, and still need to finish the Tyranny of George Washington on AC III as well.

Other thoughts: It's pretty difficult to get six players in the same place at once to start a game in Brotherhood. Looking forward to having this one out of the way. The other ones should be a bit more forgiving. Might pick up the rest of the series after I finish the multiplayer stuff.
Posted by NickMoore911 on 22 May 17 at 04:05
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LoveMuffin1410 Persistance paid off, you got Brotherhood out of the way claptoast
Posted by LoveMuffin1410 on 21 Jun 17 at 08:05
NickMoore911 Yessir! Also finished Alan Wake, Mortal Kombat, and a few games that weren't even on this list. June has been a productive month!
Posted by NickMoore911 on 22 Jun 17 at 18:51
Armstrong x360a Ms. Splosion Man has online Co-op, right? I'd be willing to pick that one up if you'd like to run through it at some point. I 100% the original, although that was years ago so I would probably need to brush up on my 'sploding skills...
Posted by Armstrong x360a on 12 Jul 17 at 15:09
Armstrong x360a I guess I just started a bean dive so I probably wouldn't start it right away. But I'll pick it up next time it goes on sale if you're down and haven't finished it.
Posted by Armstrong x360a on 12 Jul 17 at 15:10
NickMoore911 Yeah, I'd be down to boost the co-op. Would be easier than the two girls, one controller method. Just let me know!
Posted by NickMoore911 on 12 Jul 17 at 19:39