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  • May Statistics

May’s Period SummaryMay’s Period Summary

It feels weird to tell myself that I’m going to take a break from gaming and then never doing it, usually I have this internal power struggle happening in my head where I tell myself “This is the month” and then end up gaming just as much if not more than I usually do.

But this time I actually managed to stay away, cutting my gaming time the last month by 2/3rds which accounts to about 6 or 7 full days less of gaming; I think that a big part of it is having another project to invest my time into, something other than gaming.

I really wanted to finish Horizon Zero Dawn (As it was the main reason I bought a PS4 in the first place!) so I ploughed my free time on the weekends into it, I think that if I didn’t have Horizon to play the amount of time spent playing would have been even lower than it already is, probably halved.

I finally returned to drawing and I’m working on a project with my brother and friend which is pretty exciting (Hopefully I can share details in the future), it’s put me in a situation where I can focus my energies on being productive and not burning hundreds of hours a month into a game.

I honestly feel so much more satisfied with my life and find myself enjoying gaming a lot more now I spend less time doing it, I guess it opens up a new level of appreciation for the hobby when it’s not the only thing you have to do.

I think E3 this year is going to be an important one for me. When speaking to my brother he asked me “Is there anything you’re looking forward to this year?” and I sadly responded that No, there was in fact not anything I was looking forward to.

We will see if E3 can get me excited for something coming in the future, especially now I own every console and am no longer limited by the different companies.

  • Achievement Highlights/Statistics

OvercookedAll the TrimmingsScorchPSOThe All the Trimmings achievement in Overcooked worth 573 pointsBe awarded three stars in every kitchen

This was a lot of fun to do, I did the first half of the game with my girlfriend and 2 friends – It genuinely makes me miss the old days of Couch Co-Op, nothing quite beats the experience of all being in the same room and on the same console.

After they went home me and my girlfriend continued and 100%ed the game together, it was a lot of fun and shame it ended so soon.

Onto the Month’s statistics:

Month Period: 1st May – 31st May
Total Playtime: 65 Hours and 29 Minutes
Gamerscore: 1,345 Gamerscore (316,090 Total)

Gaming Stats (Xbox One/Windows 10/Android)

Injustice 2 – 9 Hours and 33 Minutes – 9 Achievements
Overcooked – 4 Hours and 59 Minutes – 11 Achievements (COMPLETED)
Forza Horizon 3 – 3 Hours and 7 Minutes – 5 Achievements
Yooka-Laylee – 1 Hour and 12 Minutes – 6 Achievements
For Honor – 5 Minutes – 1 Achievement
Killer Instinct – 2 Minutes – 4 Achievements

Gaming Stats (Playstation 4)

Horizon: Zero Dawn – 29 Hours and 42 Minutes – 39 Trophies (COMPLETED)
Persona 5 – 3 Hours and 9 Minutes – 1 Trophy
Nier: Automata – 1 Hour and 6 Minutes – 6 Trophies (COMPLETED)

Gaming Stats (Xbox 360/Windows Phone/Windows 8)

-None Played-

Gaming Stats (PC/Wii U/3DS)

World of Warcraft (PC) – 10 Hours and 49 Minutes
Warhammer: Vermintide – 1 Hour and 45 Minutes


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