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Hello and welcome to the special E3 edition of the GTASC stat recap. This time we'll look at a few highlights and touch on things that were missing as well as check in with the TA Playlist, the Alphabet Challenge and the Games with Gold on offer currently before diving into our Overachiever interview and the stats themselves.

So. E3. Great source of news and gaming goodies to tide us over until the fall when most of them will reach our consoles. See the TA hub for E3 news here: E3 2017

Most of the announcements have been made at this point so there are likely to be few surprises moving forward. We now have the official name for the console - Xbox One X. Its been priced at $499 US which is in the range that most were expecting. I'm not sure I consider it a hugely premium experience when it costs the same as the Xbox One did at launch years ago. When you take into consideration what is packed into the console itself and the fact they've managed to shrink it even smaller than the One S - its quite a feat. The biggest questions that we still have are: What happened to the announcement that this console would support Virtual or Augmented Reality games? There was no mention of VR or AR at all during the MS event. Another question folks have is will they start the Kinect adapter program again for folks that bought early versions of the console bundled with one. Finally, we are wondering how these 4K texture packs will be delivered. What are we looking at for download requirements? How big will these packs be? For the folks on capped connections or those with not stellar speeds, this is a big question. Also, is a 1TB drive realistic when you consider how fast the internal drive fills up on the existing console with Games with Gold games alone?

We've been given an onslaught of new games to look forward to - and been given fresh tastes or release dates for things that have been in the pipeline for some time. Here are a few that got my interest:

Crackdown 3 and Cuphead both given release dates! I didn't see any real city destruction demo'd at E3 in Crackdown 3. Did they drop that to get the game out the door or is that functionality still there? I've tweeted the devs to see if I can find out. Cuphead still looks amazing but insanely difficult. What does the platforming crowd think of it?

Forza 7. Its racing and its super sexy and have you seen the new weather? Lightning does look amazing. Faces are still a bit off but this kind of graphics are nearly spot on. They did a car unveil at a game announcement?

Anthem. BioWare knocked this out of the park. It seems like part Mass Effect, part Destiny and part Titanfall. This world looks amazing. Is this why Andromeda shipped a bit broken?

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. A New Wolfenstein - in Amerika. This looks really good. Sort of reminded me of Homefront in a way but that's probably to be expected seeing a foreign force occupying the country. It was teased early on by Bethesda but the trailer looks great.

Kingdom Hearts 3. I've been waiting for this forever. I loved the original and have been waiting for this to make its way to the console for a very long time. Had to laugh when someone in chat was complaining about the Japanese voices for the Disney characters. I'm pretty sure it will ship with something we're familiar with. In any case, this is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Black Desert. This is a new to console MMO. It really looks beautiful. Appears to be quite a combat focused game. Seems its been on the PC for a few years so this should be a fairly well developed world to join when it launches on the console.

Assassin's Creed Origins. Taking it back to the Golden days of the Egyptian Empire. Here's hoping taking a year off has helped them bring some life back to the game. Quite the amazing look to the world. I like the functionality of Siwa and think they have something going for them.

Destiny 2. The Guardians still need you. Apparently more than ever. Will the grind be real or will it be real fun. Not much to tell from what I've seen so I'm waiting until I see more.

Ace Combat 7. One of the first games I played on the 360 was Ace Combat 6. My first real experience using the boosting sessions here involved grinding out the online for that game. It was one of the games that got me into the flight genre (although I'm equally psyched for the chance to play Crimson Skies again) and after seeing what they've got in mind for the next installation - I'm ready to grab it.

Was there something you liked that wasn't mentioned above? I'm sure I overlooked something in this brief look and wasn't able to catch all the shows I wanted.

Available through June 15th (tomorrow!):
X1: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
MS Link
360: Assassin's Creed III
MS Link

Available through the end of the month:
X1: SpeedRunners
MS Link
Multiplayer content pack for Phantom Dust (No achievements)
MS Link

Available June 16th:
X1: Watch_Dogs
360: Dragon Age: Origins

Sunset Overdrive is in the hotseat this month. So far 408 gamers have started the game and 1,265 gamers overall have unlocked 9,145 achievements in it.
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Alphabet Challenge is still cranking along. As of now nearly 3,800 gamers have unlocked their 'A' achievement. 1,385 have completed their alphabet. There is plenty of time left. If you want to join in and haven't registered, don't worry! Registration is open throughout. Its like spelling for the GTASC but easier since you can use not only Apps but Challenges as well.

17 Teams won the 'What Are We?' bonus (for spelling 'Crazy for Xbox' using the 1st character of newly unlocked achievements.) No new Safety Benches awarded.
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If you believe we overlooked your team, please contact zzUrbanSpaceman for your team output.

This period the bonus is back on the Solo side and everyone is tasked with ending the period with a gamerscore gain that's a multiple of 2017. Yes, you will have to 'mess up' your divisible by 5 gamerscore, if even for a few days wink

No new winners.

This period we have all 5 members of Vicious and Delicious as well as the Solo Overachiever with us.
1) Did you play anything you'd recommend this period?
Danno Omen: I actually played a couple interesting games this week but the 2 ill mention are NBA Playgrounds and Deformers. 2 of my teammates might disagree but i thought what i played of Deformers was pretty good and not many people will have even heard of it. Its a bit expensive for what it is though. And NBA Playgrounds is a little ode to the old school of NBA Jam. A lot of fun even if your not a huge basketball fan.
JakeJones04: Probably Rocket Riot. It's a good bang for your (four) buck(s). Typical small grindy achievements involved and actually a bit of fun.
oxy71: No not really
SnipedByAGir1: I really liked Castle Invansion: Throne Out for some reason.
Stevano61 PB2A: NBA Playgrounds. No microtransactions is fantastic, especially unlocking players by simply playing and levelling up. Fun game, even if it does eventually get repetitive.
xx Kenshira xx: Hmm, only game that had replay value was tekken 7 and injustice 2.

2) What are your thoughts on in-game chat?
Danno Omen: I never really use in chat since i rarely play multiplayer anymore and when i do its with friends and were usually in a party. It serves a purpose though and can help you meet like minded gamers if you can get through the screaming kids,but then again we were all those kids at some point wernt we?
JakeJones04: The idea of in-game chat is nice until I think back to my days in COD:MW2 with my buddies and how I would just end up muting nearly 99% of the people we would get in lobbies with. I haven't had much experience with the in-game chat lately.
oxy71: IF I playing with friends in game chat is good, but otherwise no.
SnipedByAGir1: I'm sorta ok with in-game chat. I don't really want to chat with little kids when I'm gaming. Would rather be in party chat with my friends.
Stevano61 PB2A: Don't like it. Much prefer party chat with friends
xx Kenshira xx: I really dislike it. Can't play a game with 1 idiot having their kinect on hearing everything going on in their house, 7 year olds crying because they dont get their way etc. So i usually Open a party and sit in there by my self.

3) What is the next game you plan to buy and why?
Danno Omen: Whatever the next big release is?I have a bit of a problem in buying the next big game and rarely ever getting around to it. I really should stop because by the time i get around to them they are $20. Luckily not much comes out in summer so my next game on my radar is Get Even. It looks quite interesting and a different take on a shooter and i love giving new IP's a chance.
JakeJones04: Whatever quick/easy completion goes on sale next, more than likely. I did, however, pick up Yooka-Laylee a week or two ago. Can't wait to finally play this and many other games in my ever-growing backlog.
oxy71: Sniper ghost warrior 3, like most gamers in this comp. my backlog is getting bigger each day.
SnipedByAGir1: The next AAA game I plan to buy is Destiny 2. I have no idea why, but I could spend a ton of hours happily farming for stuff in the first Destiny.
Stevano61 PB2A: Probably something cheap with points to get weekly score for the team. Who know what my teammates will suggest. I am looking forward to F1 2017 in the near future, especially with the classic cars returning. My teammates are also very worried about the time NHL 18 releases, knowing full well how much time I like to sink into that franchise. smile
xx Kenshira xx: Probably what comes out tomorrow lol. Because i pretty much buy every game that comes out.

4) What game would you consider your hardest completion and why?
Danno Omen: I dont think i have any overly hard completions. I guess my hardest would be Syndicate. Its a pretty challenging shooter and some tough achievements,amazing game though.
JakeJones04: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters - not because of the difficulty, but because of the many hoops I remember jumping through to complete this. This was when they were phasing out season passes and I couldn't buy one from the Xbox marketplace so I went to every GameStop in the area to find a used copy of the game with an unused season pass code. Finally, I bought a copy on eBay that, by pure luck, had a valid season pass code and I was then able to complete it.
oxy71: Gears 3, not hard but time consuming for seriously 3.0.
SnipedByAGir1: I'd have to go with Final Fantasy XI. I played that game for over a decade (started it on PC). Never thought I would be able to complete it. Glad they took a cue from WoW and enabled solo play in the end.
Stevano61 PB2A: TA score says Project Spark, but honestly it was pretty simple. Ratio says SSX, but that got a decent boost when it was Games with Gold. My hardest completion I'd say would be finishing NHL 13 through 17, so hoping NHL 18 has an easy list for a change.
xx Kenshira xx: I dont believe in long and boring/bad games to be hard, it all comes down to skill. This is a matter of option tho, i get told X game is too hard i cheated etc. Im like it was easy, i can do blind folded. But my hardest completion in my opinion is marvel vs capcom fate of two worlds on xbx 360, i had to pick out a 360 game, due to. In my own opinion i dont believe any xbox one game I've completed was too hard. Granted i did get frustrated a few times in some.

5) Is there anything you won't play? (specific game, platform, etc?)
Danno Omen: Usually i wont play anything unless i'm actually interested in the game,though with the last few years of GTASC,and especially this year i've been a lot more open about the games i buy.
JakeJones04: Not at all - I have no shame!
oxy71: Not a fan of driving games because I stink at them.
SnipedByAGir1: Does it have achievements? I'll play it.
Stevano61 PB2A: I tend to stay as far away as I can from MMO games. Do not enjoy them at all. Not the biggest fan of strategy games either, other than RISK.
xx Kenshira xx: No not really, but im not really a fan of sports games. But I've played a few here and there.

6) Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Danno Omen: Thanks as always to planting for running the competition and thanks to all the teams for making it quite competitive so far even in the earlier periods. Whoever wins this year will have earned it,there is no question about that.
JakeJones04: Thanks planting for the contest and best of luck to all that remain. Go Rafa!
oxy71: It has been a fun competition this year, seems quite more competitive than years past. I just hope we can continue and make it to the end of the year.
SnipedByAGir1: Thanks for putting on this competition Planting. It really brings out the not so good obsessive compulsive in me. My husband is super impressed ...
Stevano61 PB2A: It's nice to be on top after some previous attempts were thwarted. And thanks to my teammates for doing most of the work on it after a busy work week on my end.
xx Kenshira xx: Check out my band
We do tour outside of Australia. And we will be hitting the Uk within the comming months. Here's a live recording from a few gigs ago, we don't record all gigs.

We do have a gig lined up in August we will be headlining a main event. In Adelaide. Our gigging schedule is very open due to writing our 3rd album.

Overachiever: Weredog51 15,522 TA (3,908 TA ahead of second place)
That was close: BoyCalledHero 1,685 TA (safe by 4 TA)
Achievement grinder: Lt Warfarin 9.5174 Ratio
That was easy: FgnZ DeBroin 0.6496 Ratio
Achieveaholic: Weredog51 296 Achievements
Achieveaphobic: Lt Warfarin 9 achievements

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Achievements Earned: 15,365
GamerScore Earned: 526,738
TA Score Earned: 845,992
Bonuses Used: 32
Average Ratio: 1.6061
Avg Score Diff: 77.1036
Benches Used: 5

Achievements Earned: 792,906
GamerScore Earned: 24,266,849
TA Score Earned: 44,436,713
Bonuses Used: 968
Average Ratio: 1.7983
Avg Score Diff: 40.1590
Benches Used: 153
Bonuses Awarded: 1,099

Weredog51 with 15,522 TA, 9,985 GS and a total of 296 achievements.
R10 with 11,613 TA, 3,495 GS and a total of 110 achievements.
rockinroosters with 11,400 TA, 9,240 GS and a total of 200 achievements.

Refunct Achievements with 72,770 TA, 55,520 GS and a total of 633 achievements.
Minecraft (Win 10) Achievements with 28,549 TA, 6,000 GS and a total of 237 achievements.
Gears of War 4 Achievements with 25,961 TA, 2,890 GS and a total of 187 achievements.

Refunct Achievements with 55,520 GS worth 72,770 TA and a total of 633 achievements.
Blackwood Crossing Achievements with 13,525 GS worth 14,984 TA and a total of 294 achievements.
The Swapper Achievements with 8,500 GS worth 9,271 TA and a total of 85 achievements.

Refunct Achievements with 633 achievements won worth 55,520 GS and 72,770 TA.
Blackwood Crossing Achievements with 294 achievements won worth 13,525 GS and 14,984 TA.
The Walking Dead - A New Frontier Achievements with 252 achievements won worth 8,480 GS and 9,590 TA.

What makes you, you? in Refunct added 15,166 TA to the leaderboards.
Is this goodbye? in Refunct added 14,735 TA to the leaderboards.
Can we be friends? in Refunct added 14,014 TA to the leaderboards.

What makes you, you? in Refunct added 13,400 GS to the leaderboards.
Can we be friends? in Refunct added 10,800 GS to the leaderboards.
Will you come back? in Refunct added 9,000 GS to the leaderboards.

How are you? in Refunct added 73 achievements to the leaderboards.
Hello? in Refunct added 72 achievements to the leaderboards.
What drives you? in Refunct added 72 achievements to the leaderboards.

Overachiever: Killers of Unicorn Killers. 40,114 TA (11,333 TA ahead of second place)
That was close: Starfish Troopers 5,218 TA (safe by 170 TA)
Achievement grinder: Ninja Squirtles 3.1041 Ratio
That was easy: Vicious and Delicious 1.0631 Ratio
Achieveaholics: Killers of Unicorn Killers. 841 Achievements
Achieveaphobics: Starfish Troopers 130 achievements

Achievements Earned: 22,526
GamerScore Earned: 755,853
TA Score Earned: 1,221,250
Bonuses Used: 25
Average Ratio: 1.6841
Avg Score Diff: 369.9231
Benches Used: 1

Achievements Earned: 932,814
GamerScore Earned: 28,840,291
TA Score Earned: 52,842,217
Bonuses Used: 438
Average Ratio: 1.8885
Avg Score Diff: 368.7589
Benches Used: 35

Weredog51 with 15,522 TA, 9,985 GS and a total of 296 achievements.
SiegfriedX with 12,259 TA, 4,315 GS and a total of 132 achievements.
Naberios with 10,790 TA, 9,230 GS and a total of 239 achievements.

Refunct Achievements with 109,111 TA, 83,980 GS and a total of 988 achievements.
Gears of War 4 Achievements with 62,944 TA, 6,860 GS and a total of 397 achievements.
Minecraft (Win 10) Achievements with 30,371 TA, 6,740 GS and a total of 270 achievements.

Refunct Achievements with 83,980 GS worth 109,111 TA and a total of 988 achievements.
Blackwood Crossing Achievements with 19,350 GS worth 21,359 TA and a total of 428 achievements.
The Swapper Achievements with 15,400 GS worth 16,817 TA and a total of 154 achievements.

Refunct Achievements with 988 achievements won worth 83,980 GS and 109,111 TA.
Blackwood Crossing Achievements with 428 achievements won worth 19,350 GS and 21,359 TA.
Tekken 7 Achievements with 426 achievements won worth 10,280 GS and 15,971 TA.

What makes you, you? in Refunct added 22,635 TA to the leaderboards.
Will you come back? in Refunct added 21,758 TA to the leaderboards.
Can we be friends? in Refunct added 21,541 TA to the leaderboards.

What makes you, you? in Refunct added 20,000 GS to the leaderboards.
Can we be friends? in Refunct added 16,600 GS to the leaderboards.
Will you come back? in Refunct added 14,000 GS to the leaderboards.

Hello? in Refunct added 119 achievements to the leaderboards.
How are you? in Refunct added 118 achievements to the leaderboards.
What drives you? in Refunct added 115 achievements to the leaderboards.

See you next week!
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