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I've not got a day off this week but I will try and squeeze in the Weekly Recap post later on! Might

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Welcome back my dedicated blog readers! It's been another usual week of work but as always, there's still plenty to type and talk about. E3 took place earlier on this week/weekend but I've already spoke plenty about the different conferences already which you can check out with the following links: Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Bethesda, and Ubisoft. Plenty of news came from the event and the usual suspects on the TrueAchievements Podcast spoke about it as well so make sure you give that a listen if you haven't already.

As per usual, work has been the ever-lasting dominant force of the week and to make matters worse than usual, I'm currently halfway through a ten-night stint! cry I knew it was likely to happen as I had last Sunday and Monday off. My "default" nights off are Friday and Saturday and if none of the management can be "bothered" to edit my hours, I end up with those two nights off. It doesn't bother me a massive amount as it's just part of the swings and roundabouts of getting random nights off each week. Although obviously I can't help but think about how shattered I'll be by the time my nights off come around!


It's been a bit of a slow week this week understandably. My two nights off where spent watching E3 stuff, falling asleep, and chipping away at HITMAN so my nights off weren't as productive as they could've been. I've rattled off Episode Three: Marrakesh for HITMAN and Episode Four: Bangkok for HITMAN and made a start on the Peggle Nights for Peggle. The main highlight of the week on the gaming front for me was beating my now-second-best achievement streak (Dat Boi Treezy Win Streak - 168 days from 17 Nov 15) a couple of days ago! I managed to set a new record with One Night in Bangkok in HITMAN in which I also streamed my successful attempt too. Seeing as I have so many easy-achievements in the bag (streak-keepers), I've decided to keep the streak going and see how far I can get.

The only other game I played this week was Shuffle Party (WP) which I've played a few times on different breaks at work. I currently just need to complete all of the challenge levels, earn three stars on each one, and also purchase all of the items from the pro shop. I also had to use a streak keeper from the app NFL on Xbox One on Wednesday for reasons we will get into next. Next week, I'm just going to keep chipping away at HITMAN, the Peggle DLC challenge levels, and maybe even The Surge if I get it as a gift for Father's Day. wink


The Bus Station itself is like Marmite - You'll either hate it or love itThe Bus Station itself is like Marmite - You'll either hate it or love it

I spoke with one of the Training Managers at Preston Bus last week and had arranged to come into the Depot on Wednesday to talk and practice the upcoming tests I'll be taking as part of the Category D license process. I got there at about 8:30am after finishing work, quickly using a streak keeper, getting the three kids ready and then dropping them off at school and nursery. I thought I'd only be in their for half-hour to an hour but didn't end up getting out until 11:30am! I guess I can't complain though if I want to get a job with them!

Being completely honest, I've revised for the license once so far for about three hours and this was on the same day I received the various books and two DVDs. Without knowing when I'd be taking the real tests, I just couldn't be bothered revising without a time in place. With such a shit amount of revising done so far, I wasn't feeling to confident about the three mock tests the manager had in place for me. However, yours truly didn't do too bad at all! For the Mock Theory Test, I managed 89% with the pass rate being 85%. Still a bit closer to the pass than I would've liked but a great start never-the-less. The second test was Hazard Perception which was the reason I failed my Car Theory Test all those years ago! I passed my practical first time with just three minors but only passed my theory on the second attempt due to getting a poor score on the Hazard Perception part.

I was allowed to have several practice runs at it first which actually helped give me a better understanding of what to do. Basically, treat anything that could be a hazard with a yellow circle round it. For example, when a car's making its way to a junction connecting to your road or a pedestrian is approaching a crossing, picture a yellow circle around them. Then, if they pull out dangerously, it's a hazard and I should click as soon as possible!

The fastest the click, the better the scoreThe fastest the click, the better the score

The problem I have with this style of tests is that I think too much. In my opinion and probably over-confidence with this sort of thing is that I feel like I'm ahead of the system. Then, wherever you go wrong in the actual tests, it doesn't tell you which really doesn't help for potential future attempts at all. Also, the Mock Test clips I had were so easy and annoying. It was like basically playing a game of spot the prick who can't drive. laugh To my surprise however, I managed to pass first time! Although it was uncomfortably close to the pass rate of 68% as I scored 35/50 to give me 70%. This will definitely be something I need to practice more at and become more comfortable with. My real-life hazard perception is off the charts. I'm highly aware of my surroundings, very naturally use my mirrors all the time and know what and who to be on the look out for. I guess I just need to treat it more like real-life and just relax and calmly click when the time is right.

The last test didn't go too well though as it was a pretty chunky set of case studying. I failed the first time round and passed on the second attempt. My weakness was exposed here as I didn't have a clue about time regulations and things of this nature when it comes to drivers. All in all though, it was a good session and it gave me a great idea on what to expect when the real day comes!


Any fellow gamers who can still find decent time to game and also hold down a full time job and be a daddy, I salute you! toast It's not easy being a gamer and a dad at the same time! Even though gaming is our main interest and hobby, unless you do your gaming outside of the house, you know that you'll always be looped into the usual cycles of the house. Whether it be clothes washing, washing up, hoovering, and all that other shitty must-do's around the house, gaming goes straight to the bottom of the list, especially if your other half has anything to say about it!

Gaming with my headset on? I must've had time to play something multiplayer!Gaming with my headset on? I must've had time to play something multiplayer!

As mentioned already, I'd been hinting at my missus and kids buying me a copy of The Surge. However, GAME wants £45 for it and that's just outrageous, especially when the last time I looked at the game on Amazon, they only wanted something like £38. Either way, it's a pretty dear-do for a Father's Day gift so I just asked for £10-20 of Xbox LIVE credit and maybe a pack of Lamber & Butler Silver as well. I'm not going to be doing much, if anything, for Father's Day anyway as I was working last night and I'll be working tonight. The highlight of the day will be going to sleep. sleep


A new one for this week as I gave a target way more than he bargained for as he inspects this old-school Tuk Tuk he intends on using as a Golf Cart:


Claudio Barata, also know as Chob was putting the work in this week with the barrage of headlines that needed doing from E3. Well, almost all of the news team was but the particular story that caught my eye and had the most excited was the reveal of the Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Coming to the Xbox One.

Crimson Skies Cover

After containing my initial excitement from the announcement, I had a quick search for some of the more-popular titles that released for the original Xbox. To be honest, I wasn't that impressed with what I found. The Xbox 360 was the first Xbox console I had I never checked out any titles from the OG Xbox. The likes of the two confirmed for OG BC haven't interested me at all and the likes of Ninja Gaiden, Halo and some of the other popular games don't interest me either. Before the 360, I played on the PlayStation 2 and before that it was the PS1. Almost all of my friends were the same as they also rocked PS consoles or maybe Dreamcasts and N64's. I was hoping there would be more titles that were released on PS1 and Xbox at the same time but there wasn't much, if any that I'd found.

I'll obviously keep an eye on the OGBC to what comes of it but without any achievements to unlock, I'm not going to bother with it at all. Sure, there could be some classics to play but if I'm going to be playing older games, I've still got a fair share of 360 titles to play from my backlog as well as popular games that I also don't own!


Rick Ross shines again for me this week with another song from his latest album Rather You Than Me. The whole album is hard as hell and one of the more notable songs from the LP is Idols Become Rivals were Rozay goes in on Birdman who old school hip-hop fans will also know as "Baby". Ricky Ross released an official video for the song just a few days ago where he shows off his highly luxurious lifestyle while exposing Cash Money Records' co-founder Bryan Williams:

Despite the slaughtering of Baby, will it actually bring us any closer to seeing The Carter V from Lil' Wayne? Or does that nasty piece of work Martin Shkreli really have his dirty, fraud-filled hands on the album?


I forgot to take a new screen again this week! angry I've got to step my game up with this. I tend to remember to cap a clip as this is easier to do but I'm just not used to saving a screen! Please enjoy another flashback of my beastiness in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition as I cause pain and misery for the Locust in a match of the awful Blitz mode on the classic Clocktower map:

I think I'd hit the cap for points in this match!I think I'd hit the cap for points in this match!


Last but not least, I managed to stream this week! I worked on the Drop the Bass in HITMAN while I had the house to myself. Check it out as I popped the achievement as well as a few others and yapped away as I like to do:

Thanks for reading as always guys and please comment on what you'd like to see from future blogs or if you're happy just checking out these weekly recap posts!

Posted by Dat Boi Treezy on 18 June 17 at 05:29
ChewieOnIce Good to hear the bus stuff is progressing. Hazard perception was my downfall too. I was over cautious and clicked far too much.

Happy Fathers Day fellow gaming Daddy!
Posted by ChewieOnIce on 18 Jun 17 at 15:50
Dat Boi Treezy Yeah man happy father's day! Have you milked it for all it's worth? I did alright with a new game to be honest! laugh

No pressure for the actual tests though! I really don't want to fail any of them as even though I can attempt them again, it's just going to be more waiting time added to the clock. The sooner I can kiss Morrisons goodbye, the better!
Posted by Dat Boi Treezy on 18 Jun 17 at 15:57