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I'm doing a test for now to see if I like it. I changed my dlc setting to include all. It's weird having my stats drop a bit, but considering

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PermalinkThe Random Game Selector Challenge! (Game #2)
Before talking about my next randomly drawn game, I figured I'd give my thoughts on Iron Brigade. After completing it, with dlc, I can honestly say the game was just okay. It wasn't great, but it wasn't the worst either. It was actually a bit more difficult than I was expecting, mainly due to the dlc. The survival achievements were a pain, and even the campaign missions from the dlc had a huge jump in difficulty. Luckily, to reward you for your efforts, the game also gives you much better weapons when you beat waves in survival. Hence why I saved getting gold medals on all of the base game missions as my last achievement. The weapons from the dlc made the gold medal requirements incredibly easy. Overall, including the dlc, I think it took me 20-25 hours.

Previous stats for Iron Brigade - Current Stats
Gamerscore: 50/250 - 250/250
Achievements 6/23 - 23/23
Completion Percentage: 26% - 100%

So I guess that means it is time to pull another game!
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Ugh, why did it have to be another tower defense game, that also requires coop. I really contemplated a re-roll, but I didn't feel as though it was in the spirit of the challenge, and would ruin the point if I re-rolled anything I didn't want to play. Still, I really wish it was something else.

I was actually really excited for the game, when I found out it was coming to Xbox One, and even more so when it was confirmed to be a GWG. I wanted to play it right away, but never got the chance to. This will actually be one of the games on the list that I haven't started yet. I do want to restate that I said that I'd try to get each completion, but if not, at least as much as I can accomplish before the next game. Now there is no time limit on these games, but if I feel as though I am no longer progressing due to difficulty, or need of an online partner that simply isn't available, I will move on. I don't see that being a problem with this one, as it seems to be more of a time consuming one instead of a difficult game.

Current stats
Gamerscore: 0/1000
Achievements: 0/50
Completion Percentage: 0%

Previous Games (Right now I only have one, but I figured I'd keep a list for those interested)
Posted by IronFistofSnuff on 18 June 17 at 19:19 | Last edited on 20 June 17 at 02:51
MattiasAnderson Oh man! lol I know this feeling when people vote on games I really don't like or don't look forward to at all. I tend to pick them as soon they get enough votes. lol

I just cant stand looking at them on top of the list.

But its tough sometimes to find the motivation. But my voting thing has helped me a big deal because I feel people are showing curiosity in what I am doing. You are one of the people I can thank for that.

Would be nice if you make a complete list and if it is long you can put it in spoilers. Then I and the others can see what could be next.
Posted by MattiasAnderson on 18 Jun 17 at 19:50
IronFistofSnuff That's not a bad idea, I think I can share the link to the google doc, and then you can see it.

It'll probably be a while before my next game, this one is at least 60-80 hours :/ .
Posted by IronFistofSnuff on 18 Jun 17 at 19:57
danwood11 When you start the grind on endless mode, if u need an extra player, i may be able to help as i need to get to level 100 (currently 49). still in GTASC though so time is limited for me
Posted by danwood11 on 19 Jun 17 at 00:37
mortioccini I really like your method in picking games to complete. I think I may approach my collection this way,
Posted by mortioccini on 19 Jun 17 at 20:41
IronFistofSnuff Nice, it's a nice way to force yourself to get through a game that you haven't played in a while or a game you haven't given a chance yet.
Posted by IronFistofSnuff on 20 Jun 17 at 02:48
AnDo0 PwnZ This is genius. I literally can't bring myself to play a ton of the games on my profile. Being forced to play them would be a godsend haha. If you ever need someone to boost a dead game with shoot me a message, I have a lot of clean up to do. Just looked at my achievement % today and it's shameful compared to it's former glory.
Posted by AnDo0 PwnZ on 30 Aug 17 at 00:52
IronFistofSnuff Cool man, I haven't done much in this one. I've fallen out of achievement hunting, not sure when or if I'll get back to it.
Posted by IronFistofSnuff on 30 Aug 17 at 02:36