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First off, thanks to everyone who sent messages of congrats, I appreciate it. I think it surprised most of you and myself really as it was never my goal to overtake Stallion83. Since being #1 in TA for a while now (maybe 1 year?) I was sitting on a bunch of easy games while inching closer in gamerscore. Couple that with a 5-day long weekend with no distractions it was as good a time as ever to try.

I'm pleased that I could snag #1 even if it may be short-lived by not changing my play style, which is completing games. That has always been my goal and still is what keeps me playing. I didn't want to start a bunch of games for the points, I wanted to maintain the way I have always played. Hats off to Stallion though, after almost 3 days of me playing sub 5 hour games he was still managing to stay ahead.
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This is the likely near future for me as today I'm back to juggling work, family and my favorite hobby: Xbox achievements. Plus, I'm horrible at updating my blog, so when someone random is looking at this 2 years from now, just member! And if you don't know what member berries are, please check them out. Hope these make an appearance in the upcoming South Park game.

Because this is TrueAchievements and we all love statistics:

Started Tuesday (27-Jun-2017) afternoon with Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan and finished up Sunday (02-Jul-2017) afternoon with ACA NEOGEO WORLD HEROES 2.

  • Statistics

TA: 29,854
Gamerscore: 24,150
Games Started: 24
Games Played: 28
Games Completed: 23
Achievements: 428

  • Q&A

To answer some of the questions I’ve been getting:

No, I won’t be applying for the Guinness World Record.
No, I don’t get a sponsorship or anything free. I buy all my own games and memberships (Xbox Live, EA Pass, TA Sub). I did get an Xbox One when they were launched and Xbox Canada did give me a bunch of swag when I did the 1 million live at their booth at FanExpo in Toronto.
No, Stallion and I have never had a gentleman’s agreement for me to stay #2.
Yes, I do have a job.
Yes, I am married, 21 years in fact.
Yes, I do earn more than my wife, but honestly if she made more I’d be fine with that.


Big thanks to those of you who take their own personal time to write walkthroughs, you folks are invaluable to the community. I hate to mention names because I know I will forget some, but here goes a few at least. Sorry for the wordiness!

Thanks to LifeExpectancy and his Energy Cycle walkthrough which put me over to #1, he is always available to give me tips in Neverwinter as well. He writes some awesome blogs too. Super helpful nice guy, speaking of super nice and helpful, I’ve used countless Sangriaz guides over the years as well, as I’m sure most of us have.

Many people give their own time to help with achievements as well, like Minecraft sessions (thanks Itzz Sh0wt1m3) and any difficult XBLA co-op sessions (thanks K4rn4ge, lucas1987and MattiasAnderson), and random join now sessions for Gamerscore (thanks Eagle 0ne).

Then there’s the people who drag me through annual installments of Call of Duty because they are really great at these games and know that I am not. (thanks KriSpy CharMZ and NJDuke007)

Thanks to zzUrbanSpaceman, Freamwhole, Crandy and Proulx at the Zed To Zed podcast for having me on a few times now, it’s always a great deal of fun, and I hope to do it again soon.

Gamers Be Like… guys and gal having been putting up great reviews and achievement guides as well, and I’ve had the pleasure of playing with both Bond OO7 and A 2rue LeGacY a few times, most recently with GTA V heists.

Thanks to planting42 for keeping it interesting with the GTASC and other events even though I don’t often compete any more. I still follow along, and one year might join in again.

Thanks NBA Kirkland, The Globalizer and Chunkeh Munkeh for always having something interesting to say on my feeds. Kirkland is a great promoter of the achievement community and always positive. Globalizer pleaded with me to play Skate 2 DE co-op with him which I absolutely sucked at. He dragged me though the whole thing never complaining about my poor skill, and I got to know a really cool guy. Chunkeh has always been supportive of this community we have going and manages to keep his priorities straight with a young family.

Thanks to the guys from the old 360Voice site, especially Fshguy, Kaens and Buckswana. I never got to meet too many from that community but I certainly plan on attending Achievement Fest some year. I think SpeleoFool may be a 360Voice guy but I didn’t meet him until more recently, we’ve had some great discussions around setups, and got to play GTA V Heists together, in Japanese no less!

Thanks YODA12320 for his informative status updates on game sales, I always check these!

Thanks Shadow Kisuragi and frenchdawg for their help in all things Window Phone, you guys are dedicated.

Thanks Matt DB87 for always finding the imports and sending them over and all the usual guys who always buy them from me after: MightyMango, General Tynstar and CoolKidJoe. Mango we still have to finish Rugby GFWL boost someday.

Thanks Ryot Control for being an awesome guy with awesome friends like ImayB3urDad (whom I still call Irish), Botafogo007 and tjayars even though we don’t get to game as much together anymore. That Gears 2 JP weekly horde that took a year and a half will never be forgotten.

Thanks to Rand al Thor 19, Sillva, Pigimus Prime and StophJ for being staples of the Xbox community and fun guys to chat with. I’ve met Silva (Windows 10 launch party) and Stoph (Pax West), hope to meet Rand and Pig at a future event somewhere.

Thanks to the future #1s: CelticForce, RedmptionDenied, rafaelgrn, and SDREW44 are only a few of this group. The amount of score they put up over the last couple years is insane and dedicated.

Thanks to Nicole and Raj whom both were great over at Xbox Canada and have moved on to cool projects, but we still keep in touch and sometimes meet up at Ubisoft or MS events.

Thanks to TrueAchievement and his team which keeps a wonderful site running daily (thanks TA for the DMs to get my scanning sorted), and Chad and Jessie for being one of the nicest people on the Internet.

And lastly but certainly not least, even though he may not play as often but is still my Xbox BFF and was the only person who knew I was going to try this in June, A 0 E Monkey. Thanks for all the support and the insane boost sessions we’ve done together over the years. That’s one of my favorite times when playing Xbox, and I look forward to more crazy ones.

I love the community here on TA. It’s a great place for us to share our love of Xbox Achievements together.

DISCLAIMER: If I didn’t mention you it’s because I’m rushing to get this posted while still #1. wink
Posted by smrnov on 04 July 17 at 01:20

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InjuryProne19 Very impressive and well deserved. toast
Posted by InjuryProne19 on 04 Jul 17 at 01:36
Ryot Control Glasses up to toast one of the classiest gamers of the achievement community.
Posted by Ryot Control on 04 Jul 17 at 01:39
Our Afflictions Huge congrats man, will be interesting to see you guys battle it out now that you're neck and neck! Hopefully it stays close for us viewers toast
Posted by Our Afflictions on 04 Jul 17 at 01:42
Sillva Legit class act—great job my good man! Love seeing stuff like this.
Posted by Sillva on 04 Jul 17 at 01:42
JeffMomm Great read! Congrats!
Posted by JeffMomm on 04 Jul 17 at 01:43
GTAmissions1 I still have the screenshots smrnov.

Here is the detailed Facebook post I made (it is public) here.

Always nice to see the person behind the account. Knowing that there is always a unique personal side to discussion. And not dodging the very common question (I will admit, I thought the two of you had an agreement for Canada Day 2017 because of the connection).

Congratulations on the achievement smrnov. :-)
Posted by GTAmissions1 on 04 Jul 17 at 01:51
SpeleoFool Congrats! And, yeah, I am a 360 Voice guy. :-) Shout out to all you other old-timers. ;-)
Posted by SpeleoFool on 04 Jul 17 at 02:04
ChknFingrs One of those times I wish I could "like this" but alas, words will have to suffice. This is a pretty great accomplishment. It's now in the history books; #1 TA and Gamerscore- well, on TA anyways! Proud to support Canadian gaming!!
Posted by ChknFingrs on 04 Jul 17 at 02:11
Mephisto4thewin Congrats Smrnov even if it will be short lived. The amount of dedication you have put in over the years and Stallion too is phenomenal. Being so close together probably pushes you both.
Posted by Mephisto4thewin on 04 Jul 17 at 02:17
BigNev44 Congrats Smrnov,

I've always enjoyed a friendly competition between gamers, you've been a inspiration to us all, stay classy and true my friend.

Posted by BigNev44 on 04 Jul 17 at 02:19
Shadow Kisuragi toast

Keep doing what you're doing, as long as you enjoy doing it. Whether or not you're #1 has never really been the goal as long as I've been following along on your journey. Congrats on reaching the top, and the inevitable battle going forward.
Posted by Shadow Kisuragi on 04 Jul 17 at 02:21
CrestfallenSilk toast
Posted by CrestfallenSilk on 04 Jul 17 at 02:27
RedmptionDenied Congrats man. Crazy amount of dedication, persistence, and ability to multi-task like no other while balancing work and family to literally achieve your goals.

Be great to meet you sometime if you ever do make it down for achievement fest one of these years.

And I'll just be glad when/if I finally have more games played than you have completions. :)

Posted by RedmptionDenied on 04 Jul 17 at 02:34
SDREW44 Fantastic Job Mate!!! toast
Posted by SDREW44 on 04 Jul 17 at 02:38
Cannon Fodder06 Congrats!!! Always respected your dedication.
Posted by Cannon Fodder06 on 04 Jul 17 at 02:44
K4rn4ge Well deserved smrnov and no worries, glad to help anytime - thanks for the shoutout :)
Posted by K4rn4ge on 04 Jul 17 at 03:26
Leo Ascendent I honestly never understood the excitement about having 1 million, never honestly cared for you or stallion nor did I dislike either of you, but I give you props for actually playing games versus playing them solely for gamerscore like Stallion and apparently does.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 04 Jul 17 at 03:42
fronkdegronk Congrats!
Posted by fronkdegronk on 04 Jul 17 at 03:51
The Globalizer Haha, nah man, I didn't drag you through Skate 2 DE at all. My wife and I still talk about how fast you picked up the game - it showed me exactly why you're at the top. This insane run through a half dozen or so games every day for almost a week was another clear example of why.

Congrats, and I'm just happy to have played my part in helping out on a few hundred oddball points. toast
Posted by The Globalizer on 04 Jul 17 at 04:09
lucas1987 And here I sit doing a little dance because I got a shout out by Smrnov lol. Congrats and hats off to you sir, and thank u for all the tips and suggestions on everything you've helped with. I wish I had better internet so I could help you complete more xbla games. Hope you keep pushing yourself and keep that #1 spot.
Posted by lucas1987 on 04 Jul 17 at 04:43
Mr Corda Congratulations!
You are a gentleman.

Cheers from Portugal
Posted by Mr Corda on 04 Jul 17 at 06:01
N3croscop3 Been waiting for this statement. Congratulations, you performed extraordinary! 🙂 I'll always member. 😁
Posted by N3croscop3 on 04 Jul 17 at 06:37
tornprince2012 Just look at this guy! Instead of partying, he takes his time to thank everyone around and answer questions that reveal him ( yet again ) as a good man. I am honestly happy for you to climb up there, you deserve it more than anyone else.

And your attitude...I wish more people would keep their decency and such a positive mind.
Congrats, bud, and again - I am very, very happy for you!
Posted by tornprince2012 on 04 Jul 17 at 07:12
Bk2DaFuture A awesome read congrats mate. I love the way you play completing games not just getting the quick easy points and moving on! 😁👍
Posted by Bk2DaFuture on 04 Jul 17 at 07:16
Erwo the Elder Great job and I knew you would do it someday!
Posted by Erwo the Elder on 04 Jul 17 at 07:31
aka Kryptonian Congrats! The balls on some people to ask a stranger about his and his wife's finances...
Posted by aka Kryptonian on 04 Jul 17 at 07:38
MattQuin89 Great work, congrats mate.

True gent to thank the people who helped you to the top, rather than claim all the glory for yourself.

Been a pleasure to watch your rise to the top, and I can't wait to see the next-gen just behind you both join the pack! toast
Posted by MattQuin89 on 04 Jul 17 at 07:55
Healtti Congrats to the gang, from Finland. smile

Now the real battle starts. Increasing a lead is more difficult than chasing someone's back. Good luck!
Posted by Healtti on 04 Jul 17 at 08:45
FatMoe smrnov,
been an achievement hunting fan for a while before I finally started in 2014, and since then I've gotten over 350K gamerscore which I know isn't much. You've definitely been one of my biggest inspirations and You writing this just shows how much you deserve everything you have now, though it saddens me that you think it's going to be short lived but I'll forever tell my friends ( the ones that care anyways) that I witnessed the period that smr was at a VERY WELL deserved number 1 spot.
Keep being awesome man, Keep doing what you love, Love and Peace from Egypt !
Posted by FatMoe on 04 Jul 17 at 09:20
Tartan Troot Congrats Smrnov!! :)
Posted by Tartan Troot on 04 Jul 17 at 09:31
frenchdawg Congratulations mate! toast

Glad to have been even a small help. What you've achieved is just incredible, with 200 windows phone completions to boot :P Most impressive though that you've done this all whilst maintaining a full time job and family. Having been working working full time for a year now, I can definitely say it's killed my gaming mojo at times. The fact you've able to keep at it all this time is seriously impressive.

Here's to ongoing gamerscore, completions and me thanking the heavens that you don't fully dedicate your time to windows phone completions laugh
Posted by frenchdawg on 04 Jul 17 at 10:32
Matty Heals Congrats. Massive effort sustained over a long time. I hope we get to hear from you again on the Zed to Zed podcast. They should have you as a guest on the TA podcast this week too!
Posted by Matty Heals on 04 Jul 17 at 11:09
MattiasAnderson Well deserved Smrnov! You have put in a lot of hours into this and to get the number #1 spot even if just for a short time must feel really great.

That's a big achievement!

Did you put the achievement that gave you the number #1 spot in the trophy case? You should I think! :)

Thanks for the mention! I do remember that co op session we had and it was really tough! Glad we snagged that achievement.

Regarding future gtasc! I want to maybe give it a go but more preferable if it becomes a TA sanctioned event giving people a badge. It would be nice to bring you on my team if that happens. Reading that you might sometime join up on it again.

Best wishes
Posted by MattiasAnderson on 04 Jul 17 at 11:11
ReddersTV Congratulations dude! Way to get after it!
Posted by ReddersTV on 04 Jul 17 at 11:36
Vr English Great post smrnov, and congrats, we'll 'member if it changes! :)
Posted by Vr English on 04 Jul 17 at 11:43
gypsymuffin well done man!
Posted by gypsymuffin on 04 Jul 17 at 12:37
DadIsAZombie Well done smrnov! Truly a remarkable achievement.
Posted by DadIsAZombie on 04 Jul 17 at 12:56
The Mascal Well done, smrnov!
Posted by The Mascal on 04 Jul 17 at 13:40
AP E JC Really awesome mark and words. Congrats.
Posted by AP E JC on 04 Jul 17 at 14:11
dropK1CK ninJA Nice work.toast
Posted by dropK1CK ninJA on 04 Jul 17 at 14:59
GamerLiveGT Congrats from brazil.
Posted by GamerLiveGT on 04 Jul 17 at 15:00
Marco DeGammo Rad
Posted by Marco DeGammo on 04 Jul 17 at 16:03
Chunkeh Munkeh Like a boss! Once again, congrats bud!
Posted by Chunkeh Munkeh on 04 Jul 17 at 16:12
wellingtonbalbo Congrats from Brazil, amazing job mate toast
Posted by wellingtonbalbo on 04 Jul 17 at 16:41
o Heres Jonny o Amazing, many congratulations, well done.
Posted by o Heres Jonny o on 04 Jul 17 at 16:45
Itzz Sh0wt1m3 Congratulations again Smrnov! Well deserved and keep completing games!

Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 04 Jul 17 at 17:01
Sgt Malarkey Br Nice one good topic
Posted by Sgt Malarkey Br on 04 Jul 17 at 17:18
Claudio 10 Juve congratulations!
keep it going
so glad that you beat stallion finally
Posted by Claudio 10 Juve on 04 Jul 17 at 17:32
NBA Kirkland Perhaps a gamertag change to smrjul is in order? Lol, maybe not.
Congrats, it's been interesting to follow this "battle" over the years.
And thanks for the shoutout. Much appreciated!
Posted by NBA Kirkland on 04 Jul 17 at 17:42
Sashamorning Classy as always. Congratulations!

My best month of all time, and you were one of only two friends that topped me... and you did most of it in the last few days. Beast.

Posted by Sashamorning on 04 Jul 17 at 18:13
Shinnizle Making Canada proud! toast
Posted by Shinnizle on 04 Jul 17 at 18:34
KriSpy CharMZ No problem buddy always here to help including Duke. We never mind playing especially since we love p[laying zombies. Congratulations on being #1 currently and hopefully for awhile since you deserve the #1 spot. Thanks again for the shout out. So whens the next session. laugh
Posted by KriSpy CharMZ on 04 Jul 17 at 18:55
CONKER1182 Congrats smrnov
Posted by CONKER1182 on 04 Jul 17 at 19:42
Chunkeh Munkeh How did I miss my shout out?! smile

Really appreciate it!
Posted by Chunkeh Munkeh on 04 Jul 17 at 19:56
Just AmazN Congrats!
Posted by Just AmazN on 04 Jul 17 at 19:57
smrnov Thanks everyone for the kind words. No one got the bonus points for picking up on the reference the blog title makes.
Posted by smrnov on 04 Jul 17 at 20:13
Matt DB87 Congrats!!! I got a package with 2 Rugby, Cricket, and MotoGP games with your name on it! wink
Posted by Matt DB87 on 04 Jul 17 at 20:56
Woestynvos Didn't know there was such a battle. Congratulations, sir,
Posted by Woestynvos on 04 Jul 17 at 20:59
capicawl Congrats from the other side the lake. :)
Posted by capicawl on 04 Jul 17 at 21:17
YOOPER 906 Congrats.
Posted by YOOPER 906 on 04 Jul 17 at 21:25
LifeExpectancy Well done mate. Whether it is short lived or not, it is still impressive that you snagged top spot while juggling a job and kids on top of that. Always a class act and a humble guy!
Posted by LifeExpectancy on 04 Jul 17 at 21:32
alanp9 Many congratulations on your impressive (ahem) achievement. Although I've never had the pleasure of playing anything with you, I've heard nothing but good things over the years. Keep up the great work!
Posted by alanp9 on 04 Jul 17 at 21:32
Vex Twilley No matter if you say you have a fulfilling life including family and a full time job, people are still gonna come out and say you live in your mom's basement and have nothing better to do. I personally work from 5 am to 6 pm at 2 different jobs on weekdays, then the gym and whatever else I might have going on for that particular day but still like to find at lease a little time for gaming. Amazing accomplishment to put in this kind of time into something you really enjoy.
Posted by Vex Twilley on 04 Jul 17 at 21:46
PhoenixKurogane I like the title of this blog, "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" perhaps?
Posted by PhoenixKurogane on 04 Jul 17 at 22:48
xLsWx Congratulations dude
Posted by xLsWx on 04 Jul 17 at 22:49
Mistwalker45 Awesome Stuff Congrats toast Absolutely insane Dedication smile
Posted by Mistwalker45 on 04 Jul 17 at 23:02
supadryz Well played Smirnov, you and have been teasing for months on end on taking #1 spot and finally you pushed on with a few easy 1000GS games.
Posted by supadryz on 04 Jul 17 at 23:05
Lucky32468 Congrats from New Jersey!!
Posted by Lucky32468 on 04 Jul 17 at 23:28
smrnov @PhoenixKurogane ding ding ding, we have a winner! I'm actually re-reading the series right now. That quote always stuck out to me.
Posted by smrnov on 04 Jul 17 at 23:30
D1SCO Well done, such an impressive achievement. I've always been rooting for you to someday manage it.
Posted by D1SCO on 04 Jul 17 at 23:53
Ace Phoenyx Huge congratulations smrnov! Canada! Canada! Canada!
Posted by Ace Phoenyx on 05 Jul 17 at 00:22
PhoenixKurogane @smrnov I don't have the book, but I do have the audio series on my iPod. It's a great listen.
Posted by PhoenixKurogane on 05 Jul 17 at 00:46
CoolKidJoe Thanks for the mention and a well deserved congratulations again! Hopefully we'll get to hang again at some gaming convention whether it be a PAX, E3 or something else. Enjoy it, while you can, I'm sure it'll be a fight to keep it.
Posted by CoolKidJoe on 05 Jul 17 at 01:06
OldMan Kaens Congrats on achieving the top spot, and double congrats for doing it your way. Thanks for the shout out, and I haven't been to AF yet either, so the year you decide to go, let me know and I'll get the table next to you! We can reminisce about our EQ days.
Posted by OldMan Kaens on 05 Jul 17 at 03:15
lucas1987 I still think 1700 completions is better than #1 in gamerscore. It is an added bonus tho
Posted by lucas1987 on 05 Jul 17 at 03:28
Fire Hawk D As a fellow completionist, congrats!
Posted by Fire Hawk D on 05 Jul 17 at 03:42
flyingmario5404 Nice job smrnov
Posted by flyingmario5404 on 05 Jul 17 at 03:48
Apocalypse Kane Good job, congratulations!!
Posted by Apocalypse Kane on 05 Jul 17 at 07:59
J4M35 Congratulations!!
Posted by J4M35 on 05 Jul 17 at 12:33
Buckswana Congratulations, and always happy to help! smile
Posted by Buckswana on 05 Jul 17 at 14:49
SandMan NL1 Awesome! Congrats smrnov! Well deserved!
Posted by SandMan NL1 on 05 Jul 17 at 15:19
NJDuke007 Congrats buddy! Its amazing that you manage time for work and family and still accomplish so much gaming. You have completed a crazy number of games and many of them are not short or easy.

I think its especially impressive to complete a grind like quake 4 for your 1000th completion and not only still hold the spot for most completions...but to accidently stumble into #1 for score in spite of time spent on massive grinds like that.

You are a great person, great friend, great gamer and family man and a heck of a role model for everyone in the gaming community. You are humble and modest hold your own in everything i have ever played with you! A true beast and a true gaming legend!

Cheers! [Toast]
Posted by NJDuke007 on 05 Jul 17 at 15:36
Wiku Congrats again, really well deserved.
Posted by Wiku on 05 Jul 17 at 16:35
Kung Fu Riki Great job!! All the top GS players are the nicest people.
Posted by Kung Fu Riki on 05 Jul 17 at 17:05
MysticWeirdo Congrats!
Posted by MysticWeirdo on 05 Jul 17 at 17:48
mayoman69 Congrats!!! Hopefully the Leafs can bring it home too!!! Can't believe the completed games! Way to go!
Posted by mayoman69 on 05 Jul 17 at 20:57
Silicon Iceman clap

(I can't believe no one has posted the clapping, smiley-faced emoji yet. Because you totally deserve a clapping, smiley-faced emoji.)
Posted by Silicon Iceman on 05 Jul 17 at 21:23
Ryuukishi634 Great job man, congrats.
Posted by Ryuukishi634 on 05 Jul 17 at 23:17
Clever Jake Congrats man, I'll probably never catch you up now...

Posted by Clever Jake on 06 Jul 17 at 07:45
Legohead 1977 Congratulations, very impressive indeed.
Posted by Legohead 1977 on 06 Jul 17 at 13:48
IRISH PATRIOT x That's awesome, congrats!
Posted by IRISH PATRIOT x on 06 Jul 17 at 18:35
Nabster Inc Congrats dude!
Posted by Nabster Inc on 07 Jul 17 at 06:45
Evenger Ostro I called this years ago when I made the tracking site laugh
Posted by Evenger Ostro on 12 Jul 17 at 10:38
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