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Thinking I may do another easy week.

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PermalinkWeek of Jul 09 2017 - "Momma wants you to score!"

Achievements Earned In:
- Turning Point: Fall of Liberty
- Dead Rising 2: Case West
- Swarm

Platform: Xbox 360
Achievements unlocked: 38
Gamerscore earned: 960
Completion: 97%

I had planned to start Turning Point: Fall of Liberty for weeks now. As a couple of the achievements require six people, I'd joined Luuc's gaming session last month, but it fell through due to people dropping out last minute. We tried again this week and finally got to it. It took less than two hours to get all but the grindy achievements in multiplayer and I turned my attention to single-player most of the week, and due to being low on time it took me longer than it should have. The game is not only short but really easy on Normal. Well...for the most part. There are some parts that got a little hectic, with zero cover and enemies swarming from all sides. The checkpoints are also few and far between, so when you do die you have to make a bit of a trek back. Very annoying. I was also taking time every day to grind a bit in the multiplayer for about an hour or so. Except on the weekends when I did so for 2.5-3 hours. I'm averaging about 110 kills every 35 minutes (including setting the match back up and such), and I ended the week with about 1300 kills. So I'm making good progress and should be about done by the end of next week.

So...thoughts about the actual game: yuck. This game is no bueno. I don't usually care about stiff controls, poor graphics, and garbage design on its own, but all together? This game makes a Gamecube game like Freedom Fighters look like a modern classic. It's just not a good game and it's shockingly comical that the developers thought people would play this enough online to warrant an achievement for 2500 kills in ranked matches. While I don't think developers should aim low, in hindsight it was definitely an overestimate on their part. At the premise is kind of neat, but it's nonsensical how in just a few short days the protagonist goes from everyday New York construction worker to "the best shot in the resistance". Yeah, uh huh, ok.

Platform: Xbox 360
Achievements unlocked: 2
Gamerscore earned: 40
Completion: 100%

Electrinity and I continued playing Dead Rising 2: Case West on Sunday and Monday, knocking out the last two achievements. It only took us so long because I wanted to do my final, Survivor-focused run at least partially on video but the first one corrupted so we had to make a second one. With that done Monday night I quickly saved the last few survivors. I do miss this series. I may have to jump into the Xbox One versions soon.

I'll take the left, and right, and back, and you hide in the corner, love.I'll take the left, and right, and back, and you hide in the corner, love.

Platform: Xbox 360
Achievements unlocked: 9
Gamerscore earned: 105
Completion: 75%

I realized on Saturday that I'd have to start a new game to keep my streak going because there was no way I was going to get the final multiplayer achievement in Turning Point. I thought it was time to dip back into the well of non-backward compatible XBLA titles I still had installed on my Halo: Reach Xbox 360. I settled on Swarm, as usual a game I've tried before and just hadn't gotten around to starting yet. It's REALLY easy. I'm not sure why in the world two achievements have such high ratios as I got them on the fourth level (of a whopping 11) and it took me maybe three tries to get both. Am I just that good? Maybe. But, I managed to reach the final boss just after my midnight cutoff so I couldn't actually defeat it quite yet. It's a silly, fun little game that I recommend. Reminds me of Pikmin, except instead of little helpers they're sacrificial, easily replaceable pawns.

Don't worry, little guys. Just...look away and cower together.Don't worry, little guys. Just...look away and cower together.


Highest ratio: 4.45
Turning Point: Fall of LibertyKiller InstinctThe Killer Instinct achievement in Turning Point: Fall of Liberty worth 135 pointsGet 500 ranked match kills in any mode.

Lowest ratio: 1.00
SwarmSacrificial LambsThe Sacrificial Lambs achievement in Swarm worth 5 pointsKill 50 Swarmites

As of 11:04 CDT, Jul 16 2017


Stats for the week:
- 49 achievements (23,416)
- 1105 Gamerscore (550,985)
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AngryKamehameha All boosting for Turning Point?
Posted by AngryKamehameha on 16 Jul 17 at 18:04
Fire Hawk D Alt boosting? Of course.
Posted by Fire Hawk D on 16 Jul 17 at 18:15
Eliphelet77 Really impressed at how you finish everything you play. I seem to skip about even when I don't mean to!
Posted by Eliphelet77 on 16 Jul 17 at 20:37
Fire Hawk D I just can't help it. I need them completions.
Posted by Fire Hawk D on 16 Jul 17 at 23:03