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AI can be very predictable in video games. Take Fighters Uncaged for example, a game I played over the weekend. Your opponent always retaliates right after you take the offensive. Since I'm actually a counter puncher in real life, the gameplay just catered to me. I would bait them into attacking me, dodge/block afterwards and basically countered them at will. That doesn't mean there wasn't a learning curve involved, but at the end of the day, I'm at a spot in the game that less than 2.25% of people on True Achievements have reached. If we're talking about the entire world, that number drops all the way down to 0.59%. If that's not impressive, I don't know what is. It's a testament to my willpower, my drive, and skill level.

Hold on. Let me toot this horn real quick. laugh

I kid, I kid.

I am surprised I'm not nearly as sore as I probably should be right now. It's like I've told others: I can box all day long. It's when you add in grappling is when that stamina gets sapped right out of you. Fighters Uncaged is all about striking, so I suppose that fact held true with me and why I'm really not all that fatigued.

Then again, I probably didn't need to exert that much wasted energy since I was able to manipulate the opponents so easily, which helped me anticipate their actions beforehand. My manipulation capabilities will never be as good as they were when I casually made someone I knew into making a ton of regretful purchases towards videos games just to bump up their score higher than mine. Without even lifting a finger, I'm sure they're constantly looking over their shoulder and stressing out over something I could care less about; so trivial. Pretty talented, eh? I need to pat myself on the shoulder for that one. wink

Bah. Let's not dwell on this; there's bigger fish to fry. My faith in humanity takes a hit when that shell of a man gets brought up and I'm trying to limit my negativity here. Heh.

  • What's the deal with Crowns?

In Ages of Empire: Castle Siege, you should know that gathering crowns can be a big deal to some. I'm closing in on 2,000 crowns myself -- less than 200 to go -- so that will be a huge achievement scratched off the list in that game. Everything else will essentially be a waiting game. A looong waiting game. Regardless, I'm still loving every second of it and plan on gaming long after I get all of the achievements. It's a fun distraction while at work.

Plus, it's enjoyable to manipulate my attackers into deploying their troops to where my traps are, mostly due to my current layout. You'd think humans would be trickier to manipulate due to all of the variables, but it's not. As I brought up briefly before, some are so weak-minded that it's almost effortless to get them to react how you want them to.

It did come as a small surprise to me that Fighters Uncaged rewards you with crowns as well. That's how you advance in the League system they have implemented. Thought it was a neat coincidence that two entirely different games uses crowns as bragging rights. Crazy, huh? Fortunately, for this Kinect title, there's not nearly as much waiting involved to obtain crowns as there is in AoE.

  • On the Menu

- Fighters Uncaged

At the moment, I'm wanting to see this game through and complete it at some point during this week. The only reason it's not completed already is due to time restraints: gym, job, etc. The point where I'm at in this game is essentially a grind. Arguably, the most difficult achievement in the game is already unlocked, this 9.99 ratio one:

Fighters UncagedCombo expertMr GranstaffThe Combo expert achievement in Fighters Uncaged worth 150 pointsPerform all combos

Of course, there's three other achievements I'll have to be a little mindful of, but nothing I won't be able to handle. From here on out, I just need to beat each opponent 20 more times in the Open League and another Kinect completion will be under wraps.

- Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Planning on going through the Halo 2 story campaign with my buddy, Brian. That should help with my Bean Dive recovery immensely - might even help me recover completely. Achievements are aplenty in that game, that's for sure. Heh.

And, with that, "People are so touchy on words." - Conor McGregor

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Posted by Mr Granstaff on 17 July 17 at 18:13
NightHawk673 Oh you need another partner for halo when you hit odst, halo 3 and halo 4? There's some thing I need to mop up on those campaigns along with the mp achievos
Posted by NightHawk673 on 17 Jul 17 at 18:18
Mr Granstaff Absolutely! Would love to schedule out something. As far as I know, we're just casually playing through it at the moment. I'll torture myself with those speed runs at a later date. :)

And, yes - I need to start on those MP achievements as well.
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 17 Jul 17 at 18:24
Jblacq I've got a ton of MCC achievements to go through so if you're looking for someone else to fill a spot, please keep me in mind! toast
Posted by Jblacq on 17 Jul 17 at 18:59
Mr Granstaff Heck yeah. No immediate plans at the moment, but will probably look forward to cleaning up those achievements soon.
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 17 Jul 17 at 19:15
UndyingFaith13 I'm also available for MCC grinding. I'm playing through them currently on normal just to learn the campaign and then will go back on harder difficulties. So also let me know if you want an extra hand!
Posted by UndyingFaith13 on 20 Jul 17 at 18:31
Mr Granstaff Will do! I'm currently on Halo 2 campaign and plugging away on that. Should probably work on those online achievements soon.
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 20 Jul 17 at 18:45
Jblacq Better do them soon! I bet they're going to shut online down soon. You know... after making them all backwards compatible. They must be short on money now that the DLC's are free... laugh
Posted by Jblacq on 20 Jul 17 at 18:58
Mr Granstaff It's a shame about Halo Reach with its discontinued achievement though. Apparently, it's still obtainable through a very set of rare circumstances, but we'll see.

But, yeah - can't tell if you're poking fun at me or not. laugh
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 20 Jul 17 at 19:53