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PermalinkBean Dive 2017
Sorry I put this off for so long, I had canceled my bean dive blog post because I ended my dive early but then I decided to go for it. For this blog, I'm going to give my opinion on each of the 42 games I dived in the order I dived them. If you disagree, please don't kill me I didn't play them for that long smile

Grow UpMushroom MaypoleThe Mushroom Maypole achievement in Grow Up worth 39 pointsPlant 10 Champolines on top of each other

Grow Home was... not fun. The controls just felt awful and it was nearly impossible to stack mushrooms and to climb them. I ended up spamming them in the same spot to get this. I got stuck but it worked!

Zoo TycoonEveryone's got to Start SomewhereThe Everyone's got to Start Somewhere achievement in Zoo Tycoon worth 10 pointsStart your first zoo.

I hardly played this at all, but from what I did I think it looks pretty hands-on instead of just management. I might be wrong but if I'm not that's a cool thing!

SpeedRunnersA Race against TimeThe A Race against Time achievement in SpeedRunners worth 63 pointsBeat the first Chapter in Story.

This game is great. Beats Runbow by a mile, then runs another marathon at 4 times the speed. wink I finished the story after I finished my bean dive and I've been playing it still. I'll never beat unfair difficulty though!

Microsoft Jigsaw (Win 8)ShareThe Share achievement in Microsoft Jigsaw (Win 8) worth 17 pointsCreate a custom puzzle and export it.

Not a big jigsaw fan, although there wasn't anything inherently wrong with this game. Really not much to say other then if I bother to complete it it will be pretty boring.

Microsoft Treasure Hunt (Win 8)Had to Happen SometimeThe Had to Happen Sometime achievement in Microsoft Treasure Hunt (Win 8) worth 10 pointsTrigger your first trap

I don't understand the point of this game. I just don't see how anyone finds this fun.

Pinball FX2PartyThe Party achievement in Pinball FX2 worth 55 pointsGame on! Get ten friends on a table's Friend Leaderboard in Pinball FX2 for Windows 10.

I'll never beat this, but the free table is very fun to play on. $3 a table or so seems pretty expensive to me, though. I'll wait for a good sale if there will ever be one.

Microsoft Jackpot (Win 8)Easy StreetThe Easy Street achievement in Microsoft Jackpot (Win 8) worth 5 pointsUse autoplay 10 times in a row

I thought I was on my phone for a second. This game is complete trash.

Taptiles (Win 8)NimbleThe Nimble achievement in Taptiles (Win 8) worth 11 pointsAchieve a Speed Bonus chain of 30.

This game feels like a fast-paced mahjong. It was fun, but it wasn't fantastic by any means.

Microsoft Minesweeper (Win 8)Happens to EverybodyThe Happens to Everybody achievement in Microsoft Minesweeper (Win 8) worth 5 pointsTrigger your first mine.

Minesweeper always brings back good memories. Pretty fun!

Cosmo Run (Win 10)First BloodThe First Blood achievement in Cosmo Run (Win 10) worth 10 pointsMake your first run

Again thought I was on my phone, but the "just one more play" gameplay was actually pretty good. I'm surprised this wasn't made by Ketchapp.

Microsoft Bingo (Win 10)Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Microsoft Bingo (Win 10) worth 41 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

I'm not sure why this needed to be online. If you like online bingo for some reason, this is for you.

2010 FIFA World Cup South AfricaPractice Penalty KicksThe Practice Penalty Kicks achievement in 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa worth 11 pointsScore at least 5 penalty Kicks in Penalty Shootout Practice

This game seemed pretty boring. It will be a while before I go back to this one. No point in playing it, no idea why I did.

Battlefield: Bad CompanyKiller on the looseThe Killer on the loose achievement in Battlefield: Bad Company worth 25 pointsKill 25 enemies

This was fun for a shooter, but it definitely showed its age. Characters were what stood out to me.

The Black Eyed Peas ExperienceWelcome to Area 246 TokyoThe Welcome to Area 246 Tokyo achievement in The Black Eyed Peas Experience worth 11 pointsClear any song at Area 246 Tokyo on Human difficulty


BodycountNetwork weaponThe Network weapon achievement in Bodycount worth 61 pointsSkillkill 10 enemies in a row

This was disappointing. Bad graphics and the skillkills and such felt pointless and unfun.

Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareEarn a Winged DaggerThe Earn a Winged Dagger achievement in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare worth 20 pointsComplete 'F.N.G.'

This was really fun, I'm gonna finish this one ASAP! smile I loved the training course.


This was just frustrating, but I can see the appeal. The sheep themselves felt really floaty.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD RemixPower Made FleshThe Power Made Flesh achievement in Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix worth 6 pointsPlay as Akuma in Arcade Mode (Normal or harder).

I didn't really play this at all. laugh

Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3Reckless DriverThe Reckless Driver achievement in Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 worth 26 pointsKill 40 enemies while in a vehicle.

Fun game! I really liked the colorful graphics as well.

Rocketmen: Axis of EvilMedallistThe Medallist achievement in Rocketmen: Axis of Evil worth 10 pointsGet a medal on any level

This was awful, and just the 1 level I had to beat dragged on.

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: ChinaVengeance BeginsThe Vengeance Begins achievement in Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China worth 25 pointsAssassinate Gao Feng.

This is a really fun stealth game. I failed completely, but I loved it!

Medal of Honor: AirborneGo Go Go!The Go Go Go! achievement in Medal of Honor: Airborne worth 5 pointsGet pushed out of the plane in any mission

This felt more dated than Battlefield: Bad Company. Not looking forward to playing it more.

Viva PiñataPiñata Name CallerThe Piñata Name Caller achievement in Viva Piñata worth 22 pointsNamed a Piñata

Probably more of a game for kids, although if I have nothing to do I might try it.

Far Cry 3 Blood DragonSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon worth 10 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

I didn't really like the atmosphere, although I think it'll grow on me. I hope so!

Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox 360)Spatial AwarenessThe Spatial Awareness achievement in Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox 360) worth 10 pointsKill your first enemy in the Call of Duty® Ghosts campaign.

I liked the story, up until the "10 years later." Nope! Screw that!

Sniper Elite 4The Nutcracker - Sweet!The The Nutcracker - Sweet! achievement in Sniper Elite 4 worth 15 pointsIncapacitate an enemy, then shoot them in the testicles

This felt exactly the same as Sniper Elite 3. Why is this 60 dollars?

CrackdownTake Me To Your Supply PointThe Take Me To Your Supply Point achievement in Crackdown worth 10 pointsUnlock your first Supply Point

The graphics felt off, although the gameplay was pretty fun. It felt like the enemies were bullet sponges though.

LIMBO (Xbox 360)Wrong WayThe Wrong Way achievement in LIMBO (Xbox 360) worth 5 pointsThat's not right

I played a little after the achievement and died 5 times on the first jump smile
Great atmosphere!

Forza Motorsport 3Bottomed OutThe Bottomed Out achievement in Forza Motorsport 3 worth 5 pointsJump five feet.

This felt almost exactly the same as FM4, although that isn't a bad thing!

SEGA Rally RevoSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in SEGA Rally Revo worth 21 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

A true arcade rally game? Sign me up! Looked and played fantastic.

10 Second Ninja XSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in 10 Second Ninja X worth 30 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

I didn't use any guides, so I failed completely. This took me a while!

Dragon BrosThe ReaperThe The Reaper achievement in Dragon Bros worth 85 pointsDefeat 1000 enemies

I don't like this game much, although the pixel art has a lot to do with that. Gameplay was pretty slow too.

Space ChimpsBring the PainThe Bring the Pain achievement in Space Chimps worth 21 pointsDefeat all the enemies in a mission

The first level gave me nausea. What the hell are those graphics?

Test Drive UnlimitedINSTANT CHALLENGE VICTORIESThe INSTANT CHALLENGE VICTORIES achievement in Test Drive Unlimited worth 16 pointsTake 5 victories in Instant Challenges.

I really like how this handles, but the graphics are dated and have the weird constant motion blur feel I don't know how to explain. (See Just Cause 1)

Trials EvolutionNo ProblemoThe No Problemo achievement in Trials Evolution worth 10 pointsPass the D License Test and get your first bike.

Fantastic! It will take me a little bit to get used to it though.

Need for Speed: CarbonKnockout FeverThe Knockout Fever achievement in Need for Speed: Carbon worth 22 pointsCatch Knockout Fever by playing an Online Pursuit Knockout race with an infected player

I beat this way back when on PS2, really fun
Thanks Dkill1 for the help!

Indianapolis 500 EvolutionParticipation TrophyThe Participation Trophy achievement in Indianapolis 500 Evolution worth 11 pointsComplete your first race (Single Player)

This game and its 10+ minute races can go die a slow death...

Madden NFL 06Complete an Offline GameThe Complete an Offline Game achievement in Madden NFL 06 worth 30 pointsSuccessfully complete an offline game

Looked surprisingly good for 2005. Will be an easy completion!!

Every Extend Extra Extreme (E4)Hide And SeekThe Hide And Seek achievement in Every Extend Extra Extreme (E4) worth 18 pointsStay alive for 60 seconds without a shield in E4, The Game Unlimited mode.

I didn't really like how this played, and not an easy completion either.

PeggleCatch the FeverThe Catch the Fever achievement in Peggle worth 5 pointsCure your need for fever with an Extreme Fever. (Except Duel)

Good ol Peggle. So much fun!!

Geometry Wars³: DimensionsMillionaireThe Millionaire achievement in Geometry Wars³: Dimensions worth 15 pointsScore at least 1 million points on any level in Adventure Mode

I love this game so much, although I suck at it! I already had a few hours in it.

Well there you go! I'll get a real blog post in a few days or so. Thanks for reading!
Posted by Quickdontdie on 17 July 17 at 20:06
JimbotUK Unfair difficulty is definitely doable although it does take a bit of practice for sure. Actually turns out the bots are pretty slow once you figure out just how fast you can go on some sections.


This video helped me a lot with understanding the mechanics of how to go fast. Also worth checking out some of his other videos, very entertaining because of just how insane he is at the game!!
Posted by JimbotUK on 17 Jul 17 at 20:19
Quickdontdie Thanks for the tip! I gave him a sub. I'll try it later!
Posted by Quickdontdie on 17 Jul 17 at 20:21
PARAcain I liked treasure hunt ^^
Posted by PARAcain on 18 Jul 17 at 06:16