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I really need to start updating my projects more frequently so I don't overlook anything that either may be important or interesting to you all. With that said, let's get to it.

  • Genre Project - Completing Them All

Collectable Card Game: Still on the hunt for the best candidate for this genre. My biggest hurdle is being too frugal.

Naval: Currently going through Assassin's Creed Pirates (WP). I suspect I could be done with this game by the end of this month. I'm not aggressively playing the game. Otherwise, it would be completed over the weekend.

Survival: It's just a matter of me taking the time to get through How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition and unlocking the handful of achievements that are left. I've arguably completed the most difficult achievements already, so the rest is just mop up duty. I foresee myself implementing some of those achievements in Leap Frog.

Turn Based: I have two good candidates for this one: Worms Battlegrounds & Child of Light. I've made significant progress in Worms, but Child of Light would probably be the easier of the two games to complete.


Other Sports:

- Australian Football: Need a good candidate; they're not very popular in the states.

- Badminton: I have only dived Blazing Birds and while it looks like an enjoyable game for me, it appears to be quite difficult. I'm always up for a challenge though.

- Billiards: I've started Pool Nation awhile back and never knew how difficult it would end up being. Whenever I revisit this game, I'm just going to have to put my nose to the grindstone and plug away.

- Cricket: A couple of candidates exist, but I'll probably wait for a sale.

- Cycling: The best candidate for this game would be Le Tour de France 2013 - 100th Edition. I just need to find a copy. I didn't find one when I checked Amazon the other day.

- Handball: Not much to choose from; unfortunately the latest title has an unobtainable.

- Lacrosse: The only game that exists for this genre could either have an unobtainable or a very difficult achievement to unlock. I'll continue to keep my eye on it.

- Motocross: This is the only genre I might "cheat on" and substitute another game for it. Let me explain: this genre has only one game listed as such and it has been delisted. At the moment, I have no way to get access to it. Plus, it's an underutilized genre that's probably been forgotten it exists by the staff. For example, not even the Motocross Madness game is listed as such and it's got the genre in the title! laugh

- Rollerblading: Currently, only one game fits the bill here, but has yet to be released: On a Roll.

- Skating: Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect is probably the only game I've ever gotten backlash for being naturally good at (there's a long story about that). Anyway, this one will be challenging since only three other people have completed this game. And, the last registered completion was way back in January 2014.

- Skydiving: Skydive: Proximity Flight is another game I dived and appears to be difficult to complete. We'll see. It might come natural to me.

  • Platform Completions - The 100 Club

Xbox One - 89
ID@Xbox - 52
Windows - 35

I've reached 100 completions in the other major platforms, but the Windows platform might take some time to get to and that's because of the lack of titles I have access to. Currently, I only have access to 36 titles, but actually wanting to start them all is an entirely different issue. Some could be pure crap whereas others take over 200+ hours to complete (and be pure crap). If it's not going to be fun, I don't do it. smile

I barely have enough titles for the ID@Xbox platform (59), but wanting to actually start some of them could be problematic for my goal. It's a mixed bag.

Oh, and if you're curious why I'm not including GFWL titles. Microsoft simply didn't publish enough of them. I don't know the exact count, but it was less than 100.

  • Leap Frog 2017

For starters, I'm going to give credit to JimbotUK for the Leap Frog breakdown idea.

Games Used:
Parachute Panic (WP): 1
Sally's Salon: Luxury Edition (WP): 1
Assassin's Creed Pirates (WP): 2
Age of Empires: Castle Siege (UWP): 1
Jeopardy!: 1
NCAA Football 12: 2
Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do: 1
Fighter Within: 1
Motion Explosion!: 1

Correct Ratio Bracket: (8/11)*

* I probably could have gotten them all in the same bracket, but one achievement was somewhat time sensitive. Plus, it doesn't really matter in these early stages all that much. I do foresee myself being much better about not being wasteful the deeper this contest goes on for.

Current Ambition: Day 33 - earn five achievements with a ratio of 7.4 or greater.

I should probably revisit my list of achievements for Leap Frog sooner rather than later because there are a few where my confidence of obtaining them within a certain time frame was waning. Might need to supplement some alternatives there.

  • In Other News

August is on track to be my lowest output of GS/TA yet this year and it might just end up that way. If I had to wager a guess, it's because I've been more focused on these projects of mine and trying to do some intensive cleanup. You know, dwindling down my backlog and getting my completion percentage back up. Plus, I don't invest in these quick completions some people obsessively drool over. laugh It's no secret. Those kind of games are meaningless to me and a waste of my money. My e-penis satisfies plenty.

I'm also wanting to try to reach a 2.0 ratio as well, so I have been somewhat selective with what achievements get unlocked lately. We'll see how that last goal works out. I predict not well. laugh

And, Dawn is still plugging away with my phone games. She seems to have hit a wall with Sally's Spa though. Just recently, I managed to get a perfect score in the first level of the last area and may have figured out a trick that I'll pass on to her. Basically, we weren't checking out enough people. Implementing what's called the Zen candle at the right time helps. Actually, strategically implementing all of the candles seems to be key. I'll continue to keep my fingers crossed she can actually pass the last level on Hard on her first try (or, she'll probably just let me do it). There's a nasty bug in that game that wipes your progress if you don't. Let's pray that doesn't happen.

[UPDATED: July 27, 2017]

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Posted by Mr Granstaff on 10 August 17 at 14:19
DANIELJJ14 Just any of the old Xbox 360 arcade Magic the Gathering games 2014 and previous are pretty easy completions for CCG.

Good luck with leapfrog, not sure if I'll bother going that far depends on the field, maybe try for top 50 and see how long that takes.
Posted by DANIELJJ14 on 10 Aug 17 at 15:39
Shinnizle Yeah, I tend to agree with Daniel on Magic: The Gathering yearly games. Pick which ever one you feel like doing. They're all pretty easy and a lot of fun (if you are into Magic, that is).
Posted by Shinnizle on 10 Aug 17 at 15:47
Mr Granstaff I've had my eye on the one that was GWG. Can't remember which one that was. It has DLC attached to it, which was one of the reason why I haven't committed to it yet.

It's probably tough to juggle this and GTASC, Dan. For once, I can actually focus on one event at a time. Feels relaxing.
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 10 Aug 17 at 15:54
JimbotUK If you can get hold of Bakugan Defenders that could be a good pick if you don't feel like learning the magic card game. Failing that, grow a pair and start up Lies of Astaroth 15 minutes twice a day for a year no problemo wink

Your leapfrog breakdown already looking more interesting than mine! I can see myself just using the same games over and over because they are quick and easy.
Posted by JimbotUK on 10 Aug 17 at 16:08
Mr Granstaff I'm trying to implement as many Kinect games as I can. Later down the line, I'll be relentlessly abusing Rare Replay some days. Heh.
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 10 Aug 17 at 16:20
TheDude722 if you can play PAL games, then
Posted by TheDude722 on 10 Aug 17 at 19:13
Mr Granstaff I have yet to dive into the world of region specific games. Have often thought about it for the few Kinect exclusives that are out there, but the plug remains intact. Maybe one day I'll pull it.
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 11 Aug 17 at 14:45