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Boosting session set up for January 5th, Rainbow Six: Vegas 16 player achievement. Also looking to boost the 2015 year sports games.

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PermalinkWhat lies ahead for CGC...
Some of you may or may not know about CGC but for those of you that read and don't know.... we're a small group of casual gamers that have gotten together and created a webspace for gamers that fit our mold. If you'd like to check it out, you're more than welcome! Just go to http://casualgaming.forumotion.com.

As part of the promotion I'll also plan on posting a weekly blog with what is coming up and what we hope to accomplish. So without further adieu... let's get this this started!

Week of 8-11-2017 to 8-19-2017

Friday, August 11th at 9pm Eastern - Rainbow Six Vegas
Goals: MP achievements, kills and terrorist hunt if there is time.

Monday, August 14th at 9pm Eastern - Halo 4
Goals: Spartan Ops, I believe we're at 3 out of 5 complete

Tuesday, August 15th at 9pm Eastern - Midnight Club Los Angeles or Madden 13
Goals: Easier MP achievements

And on a personal level, I think I've decided that rather than bounce around in games when I'm not playing with a friend that I'm going to start from the top of my game list and go down the list until I am at least 66% completion (with owned DLC). When I get to that point if the game has been fun I'll more than likely continue. If not, onto the next game.

It's Friday peeps! Y'all have a great weekend and happy gaming!

Posted by Kbeau73 on 11 August 17 at 14:30
Lord Namlig Wish I had better internet, I would jump in the Midnight Club LA session. Glad the CGC is still going strong.
Posted by Lord Namlig on 12 Aug at 04:49
Kbeau73 Thank you sir... we don't have a lot of members but we do have some quality peeps in here for sure. :)
Posted by Kbeau73 on 14 Aug at 16:53