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There's not a massive amount to talk about this week. My second week off mainly went as expected with plenty of Bus Driver training, daddy duties, gaming, and then three days worth of lone-parenting while my missus enjoys a hen-do in Leeds for three days.


As per usual, let's take a look at Bean Diving progress:

Start completion % = 94.89
End completion % = 93.12
Final dive % = 1.77
Current completion % = 93.78 93.89
Recovered completion % = 0.66 0.77
Achievements needed for recovery = 122 110
Total games dived = 4
It's been a slow week again besides Wednesday. Every day I pretty much just unlocked a single achievement to keep the streak alive but I had the day off training on Wednesday and the house to myself for the day so I bagged a few extra achievements.

Beat the Completion Percentage of adiash73 by 01 Jan 18
Goal progress - 44.9% 45.1%
Time progress - 17.13% 21.55%

Not made as much progress towards the goal as I would've liked. Ash has unlocked more achievements than I have this week although after having a quick look at his gamer page, he's started Crossout yesterday which would have set him back 13 achievements. At the time of writing, two of these have been unlocked.

A Completion Percentage of 94.89 by 01 Sep 17 (Time to recover the Bean Dive)
Goal progress - 36.2% 42.5%
Time progress - 53.33% 66.67%

I may as well wave the white flag for this one unless I start unlocking more achievements per day.


As expected, I'm still having a lot of fun with Warframe although I've finally hit a bit of a snag with story progress. I'm currently up to Europa and have an Assassination mission to do where I need to take out The Raptor three times. He's a pretty tough target though as he flies around to start with which has rendered my Excalibur's Blind attack useless. Sometimes I can use this attack combined with either the Exilus Blade or a "unaware" melee attack to make easy work of a target. My Exilus Blade has also been pretty useless as I struggle to hit airborne targets with the blade's projectile attack. The only thing I could do really was shoot at The Raptor with my LMG type rifle and AkLato but of course, ammo quickly became an issue for me and a random I was with.

Not only was The Raptor tough to shoot at, his attacks were very hard-hitting and constantly forced me to try and peek out of cover at awkward angles to try and get shots of peacefully. With this in mind, I couldn't do enough damage each time I tried to attack before its shields recharged! Me and a random managed to take The Raptor down once but for the second one, we were completely dry and ammo and pointlessly trying to melee attack the boss. After about 30 minutes of trying, the random quit and then shortly afterwards, I was forced to do the same.

I have an Oberon and Loki warframe but both of these still need levelling up. My Frost Prime may be able to do a better job with its Snow Globe and Freeze abilities but even then, the Mods I currently have wont do an amazing job of keeping my energy level up. Ideally, I just need to get matched up in a squad of Warframe elites who will more than likely and somehow just one-bomb each of the bosses. If I get a free stretch of time at some point this week, I may send out a call for assistance via the game's useful chat options.

Mafia III

I finally got round to checking out the Sign of the Times for Mafia III on Wednesday seeing as I was given the day off from training to due to the training coach still not being fixed. We'd been using a regular double decker but "a member of the public" had complained the learner signs on the bus weren't clear enough. My daughters were at nursery and my son had gone to his grandmas for the day so I had the day to myself. This was a perfect opportunity to finally check out the latest DLC.

I've almost finished the story of the DLC which I have to say has been quite impressive. Although, the story and cut scenes and how brutal, interesting, and emotional they can be never disappoints in Mafia III. I won't talk a whole lot about the DLC so I don't ruin it for anyone else but it's really good. Gameplay wise, everything is still the same but now can enjoy slow-mo' shooting as well as one-hit kills with the new Throwing Knives. Plus, you can still use all of the extras from the previous two DLC's as well including slow-mo' driving, the Dart Gun, and Sniper Support.

I think I'm up to the last mission in the DLC before doing whatever it is I need to do at Sammy's. I'm going to be fairly busy again this week so I might only get back into this DLC the week after.

Minecraft (Win 10)

Had to pull out a streak-keeper with this one as it was the quickest one I could use yesterday. Taken from the latest title update, it literally took me about five seconds to bag this achievement thanks to Itzz Sh0wt1m3 and his handy achievement worlds as per usual!

Minecraft (Win 10)Cheating DeathThe Cheating Death achievement in Minecraft (Win 10) worth 99 pointsUse the Totem of Undying to cheat death

I may be relying on Minecraft throughout the week as I've only got one achievement from Warframe I could possibly line up for tomorrow.


The first couple of days this week we still had to use a double decker bus for training. Even though it was better than nothing, we still could've done with the training coach back sooner. The double deckers drive much smoother, have better pedals, braking, and steering. The only thing that lets the deckers down is that they are limited to something like 50MPH so when we took a trip on the motorway on each day, it felt like we were literally crawling!

After sadly taking the day off Wednesday, we got back to business on the Thursday. The emergency door at the back of the coach was constantly going on and off and making a warning sound in the drivers cab. This became so annoying after about four hours and it was caused due to the detector on the door not sitting comfortably with the connecting sensor on the coach. We got it fixed at dinner and cracked on as normal. The day went well and then we did the same again on Friday.

Friday was a bit of a rougher day for both us. During my driving, I didn't notice a branch sticking out from above a bus stop. It knocked my mirror down and the instructor's mirror up. If this was to happen on an actual test, I'd be marked down for a serious error and the test would be terminated as the examiner wouldn't have a mirror to use cry Besides this though, the rest of the drive went really well. My fellow trainees drive was shocking! He as constantly making mistake after mistake and just didn't seem himself at all. His driving was so bad, the instructor even had to have a little "chat" with him when we stopped for a smoke break. His head was a bit all over the place understandably. He'd had his car smashed into and kept having to make and take calls regarding his insurance, the offender's insurance and a courtesy car, his missus was apparently on bad terms with him, he'd lost his theory test certificates which he needs for the practical test, he was tired and he also wanted to go out yesterday but the instructor was heavily advising him to come in and do some more training. I can completely relate to having a cabbaged head at work but there's not a lot that effects my actual driving to be fair. I even said to him that he's just got to fully concentrate on what's going on around him, so much, that other worries shouldn't even come into his mind. Plus, if we're both hoping to be bus drivers, we're going to be working seven-nine hour days at time driving all day, not taking it in turns like we have been doing!

Following his terrible drive, I drove the last hour of the day and even though it was a good drive again, I fucked up majorly at a junction that joined a high speed main road. The give way was at a slant, so much that it should've just been treated like joining a motorway with the only difference being I'd have to come to a complete stop if cars were coming. As I was technically going left, I put on my left indicator which of course, was wrong as I should've been indicating right to join the main road. The instructor didn't notice at first and then asked me which way I was indicating in which I told him left. He was pretty shocked and then it was made worse by the cars behind me pulling out to go around me thinking I'd parked up. This would've also been another Serious fault on the driving test so I was pretty embarrassed redface. I tried making excuses like I'd overthought about it but I honestly thought I was right. Of course, I don't signal left when I'm joining a motorway but that particular give way is the only one I can think of that's like that. I've never took that route in Kirkham in my car but if I did, I probably just wouldn't indicate to be honest as there's only one way to go plus I'd have a lot more kick to join the road quicker. The important thing is, two lessons have been learned: Be more cautious around bushes and indicate the right way that particular junction!

My test is booked in for Tuesday at 12:55pm and my fellow trainees test is at 8:55am on the same day. I would've rather had the morning slot to be honest then I could get it out of the way and head home for some sleep. I've got the kids all day today as my missus is enjoying the back-end of a hen-do she's on, I may get some sleep before work tonight but it depends what time she's back. Then, I've got half a day or so of bus training on the Monday, then I'll go to sleep, go to work, then go and support my fellow trainee with his test on the Tuesday. Hopefully, I'll be able to fit a bit more training in before my test but I do feel confident. I just need to make sure nerves don't get the better of me on test day!


I haven't had much time to watch any form of the TV this week, besides Paw Patrol constantly as my daughters love it. I did go on a bit of a YouTube binge on Thursday night though as I was so tired after training and went to bed at 7:30! I didn't get to sleep for about six hours though and during they time, I just ended up watching several episodes of King of the Hill and various YouTube vids. One of these vids, was a Hot 97 interview with former NBA player Kenyon Martin.

I wasn't a fan so to speak of Kenyon but I didn't dislike him either. Of course, being a follower of the NBA, I know plenty about him. In this interview he speaks on the Big 3 league which he's a part of, the NBA, and plenty more. It's his brutal honesty that I enjoyed the most in this video. Unlike a lot of well-known superstars, Kenyon's not afraid to say what he feels. Maybe he wouldn't have been so open if he was still in the NBA, as this could lead to situations not worth getting into but still, it's a great watch if you follow the NBA or Ice Cube's Big 3 league:

Now, if only I had a way to keep up with the Big 3!


This is the only new clip I've recorded this week, for Mafia III. I recorded it and posted it in a solution for the Pop, Pop achievement where I needed to get for kills in slow-mo ten different times.


I'm still finding it hard to stop repeating Royce Da 5'9's Bar Exam 4 mixtape. One particular song I didn't take to straight away was "Wait a Minute (Freestlye)". I didn't like the beat at first but now it's grown on me quite a bit. Not to mention, the bars as per usual, are off the charts. Take a listen:

Get your copy of the Bar Exam 4 for free via DatPiff.


As I had plenty of time to check out Mafia III's DLC, I thought I my as well stream it too.

That's all for this week chaps. I may not be around next weekend as I'll be at a wedding and probably very hungover the next day. We'll see how I feel. For now, it's entertaining the kids all day and then back to work tonight. Later guys! wave

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