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PermalinkUHH2 recap and UHH3 predictions
So it's that time again, UHH is upon us again and I'm pretty excited. Granted I will not be making a deep run this time due to an upcoming operation that will get me eliminated but ah well. So i'll once again try to chronicle my last outing in the contest as best as I can remember it. Then I know people love a good power ranking so i'm gonna make some pre contest predictions about who's gonna go far. If you're not in the list then, well step up your game and prove me wrong. ( or I forgot your tag....yeah we'll go with that one ).

Week 1: UHH 2 match up: JamP0und32 vs Matty to tha G

So I remember being ridiculously excited about UHH2, I still think it was too soon after the first but give the people what they want and you're good. An easy list but a couple of end game achievements that I needed to get through. Playing through 2/3 of Hot Wheels was dull, getting to act 4 on Call of Juarez Bound in Blood was terrible because that game is just bad. I don't see the appeal, I much preferred the cartel which is totally backwards if you ask any fan of the series. Standard collectable in Burnout but then this:
Dead or Alive 5 Last RoundDOA5 Last Round MasterThe DOA5 Last Round Master achievement in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round worth 311 pointsUnlock all achievements.
I hate fighting games so i'm glad I got this on early.

Week 2: UHH 2 match up: JamP0und32 vs Oriole2682

I saw the name and thought I was in for a good week, nope. Ori went and pudding'd out on me. Ah well, i'll take the easy 20 again. Literally nothing of note this week, just went through the motions.

Week 3: UHH 2 match up: JamP0und32 vs Sammler 360

Another week, another pudding, giving me a triple pudding for the group stage. Set me up nicely for maximum points in the group which was genuinely all I aimed to do. Oh how wrong I was. :P Easy list once again, only long achievement here was playing through the entire Doom 3 campaign which I actually enjoyed so there's that.

Week 4: UHH 2 match up: JamP0und32 vs epic fail 1710

First knockout stage and i'd seen epic doing well in the group stage so I was a little nervous. Fortunately he wanted to play a new release half way through the week so I was in the clear, I think it was Battlefield 1? When did that come out, *shrugs. An easy list and we were neck and neck until that midnight when ( insert game name here ) came out. Finished up another 20 and I just wanted to see how many 20's I could get at this point.

Week 5: UHH 2 match up: JamP0und32 vs MueKE

I don't remember the reason but I had another easy week with them only scoring 2 achievements. Easy list as usual with the standard Cablea/Doom/pure achievements in there. Only annoying achievement in there was World of Outlaws, that's because that game is just awful. It's all brown, the mud on your screen that you have to wipe of is annoying and it just gives me a headache to play. Gross.

Week 6: UHH 2 match up: JamP0und32 vs failurewarning

Here we go, finally I got a one of my friends but it had to be someone who was good at Beijing.
Beijing 2008Long Jump LegendThe Long Jump Legend achievement in Beijing 2008 worth 58 pointsIn the Long Jump clear 8.96m.
Failure must've spent about 5 minutes on this achievement so I thought, ah cool, I guess it's not as bad as the ratio suggests. Boy was I wrong, I must've spent about 4 hours trying this stupid event nd I still hate you Failure for getting it so damn quickly. Getting 8.95 twice in a row annoyed me immensely. Once that bollocks was out of the way there was mafia posters, completing the whole dark Athena campaign and this:
Tony Hawk's Project 8Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Tony Hawk's Project 8 worth 88 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement
Now i'm pretty good at this game but this still took me a couple of hours to get. I knew I could get it but it still felt awesome to get it done. Especially when you look at the timestamps of those who have it, must be 75% got it offline because there's a glitch you can do to get it easy. Of course, that was out of the question here as it needed to be online, and i'm happy I got it properly.

Week 7: UHH 2 match up: JamP0und32 vs Deacon Vex

Another easy week, nothing of note really. Another set of collectables in Burnout Paradise, collectables in Doom and other nonsense that was easy.

Week 8: UHH 2 match up: JamP0und32 vs Ranga Dang Dang

My closes week yet, i'd seen Ranga kicking some ass so knew I was in for a tough week. Achievement wise they were easy so I knew it was a race to 20. I think my previous progress in X-Men and Jericho helped me out a lot. Other than that, some easy minecraft stuff and a fair bit of Disney Infinity.

Week 9: UHH 2 match up: JamP0und32 vs I KICKER I

This was a long list of bollocks. Annex in Gears Ultimate, 100% in GTA4, 500 kills online in Turning Point, every collectable in Batman Arkham Origins, whole campaign on Medal of Honour Airborne. Was a long week and i'm still surprised I managed the 20 here. Onto the quarters.

Week 10: UHH 2 match up: Eric From Cali vs JamP0und32

Anyone who gets this far is going to be competition so I was sort of glad to see a grindy list this week because I knew I could do it. I had to get to level 45 in Forza 3 when I was about 3 when I started. That was 7 hours of driving in a circle, ughhh. The whole of Halo 5 on legendary which I had prepped a few weeks back. I had a few pre loads but I only ever pre loaded during the contest period, anything before i didn't like. 40 waves on plants vs zombies was tricky, all assault ops on Spartan Assault was shit too. The last one was the biggie:
Grand Theft Auto IVWantedThe Wanted achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV worth 156 pointsAchieve the highest personal rank in multiplayer.
Now, being able to double box was an advantage, i had about 1 million of the 5 required from previous boosting so i still had a lot to do. Luckily, you can idle this with a rubber band so it was alright, just left it doing 1 hour matches overnight. Yes this meant i had to wake up every hour to set up the next match. I was glad when this week was over so i could sleep.

Week 11: UHH 2 match up: MattiasAnderson vs JamP0und32

The semi's and i knew it would be rough. Myself and DanielJJ blew our matching games to make this happen as we agreed if the draw went my way i could win. Unfortunately, it did not and it picked, let's be honest some bullshit achievements. There's no way Saw, Steins Gate and Secret service should've come up giving the massive disparity in achievements. Stein gate i had one while he had about 40, ok then. I got all i had been preloading quick but had a doctors appointment that day anyway so probably would've lost even if i had them all ready. So after he got his 20 i just strolled along to get the rest, landing me with 220/220 achievements and top scorer for the whole contest. I'll take it.

So onto UHH3 predictions.

This is a given, even with the 10% rule i think he'll win it again. I'd be surprised if he doesn't


Mr runner up, 2 second places makes him a massive competitor. Despite what he says about being more casual i think his competitive nature won't allow him to take it easy.

Triple Triad777

Seasoned UHH competitor, i see a semi final here.

As long as he doesn't get complacent again and get knocked out by a dummy tag. :P

Other than that there are a few of the Brazilians that do well in UHH, i forget their tags. Sorry, :) Any of the other top 8 from last year will be up there as well, but lets see some new names do well too. See you all on Monday and go make some friends in the process, i know i did and that's better than going far. :)
Posted by JamP0und32 on 12 September 17 at 11:00
MADeyePadEYE mmm do I join do I not. mmmm
Posted by MADeyePadEYE on 12 Sep 17 at 11:10
JamP0und32 DO ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by JamP0und32 on 12 Sep 17 at 11:14
DANIELJJ14 Love it, should be some fun. I've taken my best scoring GTASC preloads out of my collection, plus I'm slightly apprehensive about trashing some other stuff too.
I'll probably lose if I see something that I'm uncomfortable blowing but my opponent can drop it.
If I somehow do reach the finals again wink it'll be a guaranteed second place as it's the GTASC final that week too which will be the priority.

My personal pick of a top 8/4 player is Blaizicus, has only lost to me and Mattias. He is a very strong player.
UHH 1 match up: DANIELJJ14 vs Blaizicus
Good luck to everyone, secretly wishing all my opponents lose their old save files laugh
Posted by DANIELJJ14 on 12 Sep 17 at 11:41
Quickdontdie J want to say I have a chance but odds are I'll get someone like Mattias first knockout round. I'm definitely not skilled enough to win yet lol, but I'm hoping to win at least a few rounds?
Posted by Quickdontdie on 12 Sep 17 at 11:57
JamP0und32 I did think about Blazicious and he is a strong player for sure. Quick you definitely could go far if you wanted to. Gonna be an interesting contest. :D
Posted by JamP0und32 on 12 Sep 17 at 12:15
JimbotUK I hope to see Cakau return for this one! Absolute beast has the skill to match anyone on any game. MasterJoao is another Brazilian that goes hard and fast. Never count out SherlockGecko as well! Good luck to everyone, looking forwards to watching from the sidelines!
Posted by JimbotUK on 12 Sep 17 at 12:40
ChinDocta Oof, high expectations being in a prediction, not planning on letting you down though.
Posted by ChinDocta on 12 Sep 17 at 13:06
failurewarning Thanks man, I laughed for about 2 mins solid at the Beijing thing. That must have cut you deep as you bring it up whenever you can smile

We had a good match up but I knew I was going to lose right from the start. Everything we had was on the 360 and I had little progress in mafia 2 and bioshock 2. We did boost fracture together though which was fun. Good times.

Best of luck for this year to everyone who reads this
Posted by failurewarning on 12 Sep 17 at 16:01
angelsk I had fun just watching your match ups :)
Hope to have fun again!
Good luck to all!
Hopefully I get some good matches..... JRPGs anyone? ;)
Posted by angelsk on 12 Sep 17 at 17:45
rekikire I'm a pudding this time, travelling for a month during the initial stages. So just in it for fun stage when the serious stuff starts this time.
Posted by rekikire on 12 Sep 17 at 21:20
Triple Triad777 Glad someone has faith in me! I'm hoping i manage to get into the semis, have a lot more free time this time around. Took out the glitch game that made me have an early exit (bridge constructor will always be dead to me!), so i have my eyes on a nice, long run. Working on a handful of preloads before we get into the knockout stage. I'm looking forward to some good matches!
Posted by Triple Triad777 on 13 Sep 17 at 00:37
spookyhurst We can be surgery buddies Jam! I'm having a couple hernias caused by my last surgery repaired in October cry
Posted by spookyhurst on 13 Sep 17 at 17:38